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20 April 2016

News Flash: Malaysian Wins Heineken Global Bartender 2016 Championship

(29.4.16- edited to include more details + image)

Eddy Jay Jaimin of The Beer Factory Express is very happy. (Image: Heineken)

Eddy Jay Jaimin from The Beer Factory, Setiawalk (Puchong) put Malaysia on the map yesterday by being crowned the Heineken's Global Bartender 2016 Championship winner!

This global competition is participated by top bartenders all over the world and are judged on their Heineken pouring (aka the Heineken Star Serve) ritual which involves 5 steps - rinse, pour, skim, check and serve. Apart from mastering the ritual bartenders will also need to have that extra something something to wow the judges over.

Eddy's journey was not an easy one.

First, he had to overcome over 1200 people from across Malaysia to earn a spot at the annual  GABPS Academy National Finals.

Then, he had to beat 7 other National Finalist to bag the GABPS Hero of the Year, thus, earning himself the right to represent Malaysia at the Heineken Global Bartender Championship in Amsterdam.

Finally, he had to compete against 16 top bartenders from all over the world to bag the Championship title.

The only other Malaysian that came close was Jimmy Goh, who was the world's No. 2 back in 2013.

ARAIMATI to you Eddy! 

Now go forth and do great things!

18 April 2016

I'm Back & Plans Moving Forward

Hie! I'm back!

Lots to catch up on, I know!

Well, not really. I've still been quite active on Facebook and Instagram. Just didn't have the energy to put in additional effort to curate blog posts which usually takes more brain cells. 

See what I mean:

Instagram: Post a pic. Spend 10 -15 mins to curate a caption. Publish.

FB: Post a link / share instagram pic + write a paragraph of stuff = max 15 mins. Publish.

Blog: Choose 5 decent quality pics from the 65 I took + edit those pics = 60 minutes. Research subject matter = 45-60 minutes. Blog = 45 minutes. Edit = 45 minutes. Publish. Read whole post again = 15 mins. Re-edit because I always miss stuff the first round = 30 minutes. Publish. Edit 2-3x more. Publish again.


Anyway. This blog definitely needs to be updated more often. I realise that the reason I'm feeling blog-fatigue (totally made up word) is because I already spend a lot of time on Instagram & Facebook,  leaving me with not much desire / energy to spend any more time on the blog to basically say the same things, just with more words. It kinda feels redundant. It's actually to starting to feel like... work. Which was not supposed to be the point of this blog!

So this means I need to re-think my social media strategy, or maybe more specifically, my blogging strategy. It's going to take a while for me figure it out (because I'm a slow thinker), but the plan is simply this - some posts will be more succinct, less personal even, allowing room and energy for (hopefully) more personal opinion pieces. 

I believe most people are already on instagram and Facebook anyway for current updates, while blogs have turned into a secondary reference point, or a result of a Google search. But I could be wrong - let me know your thoughts! 

Meanwhile, thanks for watching this space. Regular programming will be back after this.:)