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23 July 2017

About Jon," The Bodyguard".

So Fireangel/FA/Ah Fa has been inundated with her offline obligations and I've decided (on her behalf) that it's time to dust off the cobwebs on this blog and bring it to life again.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I started off being known just as… "The Bodyguard", which was before I became "the boyfriend" to which then blossomed into "the Fiance".

Today, I go by different monikers namely "the ex boyfriend" or her "ol man", and "grumpy ol man" (depending on my mood).

My past resume reads like this: 1. Accompany FA to events and prevent her from getting herself drunk.

Yup, actually just ONE job, really.

Apparently I have done a decent enough job and now she trusts me enough with her blog to provide research and creative content for

So for any posts with my input, I'll be signing it off with "Jon'".

Or you could also call me “O ghost who writes"


- Jon

P/S:  FA is still very active (perhaps too active1) on Boozy updates (#angeltini) will be interspersed with her daily shenanigans too. If you'd like to take a peak into her life, go ahead and follow her now!

K1664's “Pause for Le Moment!”

When in France drink as the french do, which we’d probably think; wine right? But the French also have their own beer too - the Kronenbourg 1664 - which you'll also see Parisians enjoying in their little cafes in the heart of a city on a hot summer's day.

K1664 showing you how to chill correctly.
There are actually 2 types of Kronenbourg, but we only have the Blanc version here. Just in case you didn't already know, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a cloudy fruity wheat beer at 5.0% with a citrusy finish. Easily chugged down as it tastes like fizzy lemonade - dangerous on a hot day.

Drink more Kronenbourg

These guys threw a party on the 14th & 15th in conjunction with Bastille day, urging Malaysians to enjoy the "French Way of Life" by taking the time eat and drink, enjoying the company of loved ones and just live the moment.

Lots of pretty Kronenbourg everywhere - happy to ply you with more beer.
Kronenbourg 1664 converted Publika’s The Square into a French-like carnival of sorts which was open to the public, featuring loads of food (Kronenbourg-infused sorbet and macarons!), entertainment (a cancan performance, 9Lives jazz band, mime, street magicians, lots of photo opportunities with "French landmarks") and most of all, Kronenbourg 1664 bottles on promotion.

Kronenbourg-infused macarons and sorbet, WHAT!

We had plenty of food and drinks - a great way to spend the weekend with friends and loved ones.

Entertainment for the night.

Thanks for the jio, guys.

- Jon

11 July 2017

Win: Probably the Best Brewery Tour by Carlsberg

Probably the best brewery tour

I used to live just a mere 3km from a beer brewery and now after moving in (to, what seems like, another "continent") with my old man, I live 7km away from another. I’ve been to both countless of times but never have had the participate on a brewery tour... until recently.

I was super stoked when Carlsberg Malaysia Sdn Bhd invited ME as a VIP to a rare brewery tour and sensory experience.

Probably the best brewery tour
Happy 170th birthday, Carlsberg!
And in conjunction with their 170th anniversary, Carlsberg is now giving you an opportunity to visit its mother ship in Copenhagen, Denmark for “probably the best brewery tour" of ‘’probably the best beer’.

Yup, Carlsberg was born in 1847, by JC Jacobson, by the way.

Probably the best brewery tour
All the brands under the Carlsberg brand
How do you win this all-expense trip to Denmark with a friend? Simple: From now till the 31st of July:

1) drink copious amount of Carsberg (640ml Carlsberg  or 580ml Carlsberg Smooth Draught), and remind the serving lengchai (or lenglui) to give you the bottle cap which needs to have the winning designs on the rubber bit or

Probably the best brewery tour
FRESH BEERS on tap in the brewery's bar!

2) spend a min RM30 on a Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught in a single receipt at participating bars, supermarkets or grocery stores.

Probably the best brewery tour
tap your own beer in the brewery!
Even if you don't win a grand prize (10 chances to win!), there's still 300 chances to go on an exclusive VIP Carlsberg Malaysia brewery tour with 5 friends!

Probably the best brewery tour
Sneak peek of the brewery

For more details, terms & conditions, click here:
Collect & Win
Snap & Win

So if you win, don’t forget to jio me ah!