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05 September 2021

Dictador's Rums and Gins Now Available in Malaysia

Based in Cartagena (Colombia), Dictador is a long-established rum producer that started in 1913 as DestilerĂ­a Colombiana. It was founded by a descendant of Severo Arango y Ferro -- nicknamed 'El Dictador' -- a Spanish official who took to liking rums when he visited the coastal town of Cartagena during the 1700s.

What sets Dictador's rums apart is the use of fermented sugar cane honey (sugar cane juice that has been partially evaporated) as a base ingredient, as opposed to the more commonly used molasses (which is a by-product of refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar). Also, Dictador’s rums have no added sugar, which means that the sweetness of the rums are purely from the rum-making process.