Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The IBA Project: Bacardi

The Bacardi Cocktail
The Grandfather Story:
The cocktail has been around since 1917 and made popular in the USA. The Daiquiri was actually the original Bacardi cocktail which became popular after Prohibition. But when bars ran out of Bacardi, bartenders made the cocktail with whatever rum they had in store. 

This displeases Bacardi a whole lot. So Bacardi said, enough is enough, and took matters to court. In 1936, the Bacardi cocktail was copyrighted. The ruling states that an authentic Bacardi cocktail must be made with using only Bacardi rum. Bacardi then decided to shake things up a little by modifying the original daiquiri recipe by adding some Grenadine to make it THE Bacardi cocktail just to differentiate it.

Fun fact: Bacardi is Cuban by birth, but it is not longer considered "Cuban" rum as it's not found in Cuba anymore as it moved its operation out in 1960 (this in itself, is a history lesson). Did you know that the Bacardi brand has been around since 1862? Well, now you do!

It's exactly like the daiquiri, except it's pink from the grenadine syrup. Not strong, and easy drinking. Again, gotta drink this fast. Tastes better cold.

IBA standard recipe & method: 
4.5 cl Bacardi Rum White
2 cl Fresh lime juice
1 cl Grenadine 

Pour all ingredients into shaker with ice cubes, shake well, strain into chilled cocktail glass.

You need to strain it, strain it.
  • Many recipes calls for LOADS of Bacardi - 2 shots!
  • Most recipes also hails for equal parts of Grenadine and Lime juice - this also featured on the Bacardi website.
  • You may add sugar syrup to offset the tartiness, depending on how sweet/sour your Grenadine syrup is.

Thoughts & Observations:
  • IBA's version is too sour, not pleasant, very thin mouthfeel. 
  • I did some research on Grenadine and apparently making your own would taste better than anything store bought. Firstly, Grenadine is basically French for pomegranate. So, it's essentially syrup made with pomegranate juice. Be forewarned that a lot of store bought "grenadines" are not necessarily made out of pomegranate. Some mix it about with other "berry" flavours. Most are made of artificial flavours. You can easily make it on your own by mixing (just shake it hard) equal parts of fresh pomegranate juice with sugar. No boiling required. This website has what seems like a legit method. I used this recipe for my own homemade grenadine. Tastes much better than the crappy store bought one I have by a mile. You could however, make it 1:2 (sugar), making the syrup more sweet to your liking. YMMV.

Pink gets me high as a kite.
My Preference: 
I liked the recipe from Difford's Guide (link below) but modified it slightly to make it easier to measure with a jigger. I mean, it's quite hard to measure 7.5 ml or 3.75 ml with a 45 ml jigger loh.

6 cl Bacardi Superior
1.5 cl Fresh lime juice
1 cl Grenadine syrup (homemade, 1:1)
0.5 cl Sugar syrup (1:2 sugar)

You will need to shake it quite a bit to lose the "spirit-y" taste of the Bacardi. But otherwise, this recipe should give you a fuller/thicker mouthfeel, and the tart is more subdued with the additional sugar syrup. 

Sources & for more :
If you insist on buying your grenadine, this website has some Grenadine brand reviews: http://www.artofdrink.com/2007/10/grenadine-reviews.php
The Bacardi history lesson: http://mixology.eu/rum_und_cachaca/history-bacardi-roots-bacardi-family-part-1/ (it has 3 parts to it!)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Launch: Affligem is Here!

Selamat datang, Affligem.

Kudos to GAB for bringing in a new beer, yeay! It's so nice to see them venture out of their Guinness and Tiger comfort zone. :p

Affligem is brought in by Heineken, which is part of GAB in Malaysia. Heineken actually has a slew of international and regional brands under its umbrella. Don't believe me? Check it out on wikipedia. Don't believe wikipedia? How about verifying it on the official Heineken international website.

(LH): Affligem's got good head. (RH): Affligem girls ready to ply you with Affligem 

So back to how Affligem is here.

At 6.8% it's not something you should chug down like your average lager (because it's not). It's a beer which you need to slowly drink and savour its flavour. The aroma and flavours come out better when served slightly less than icy cold. However, it can be a little pricey. The good news is that all (good) imported beers are already priced around the RM20++ anyways so we should be used to it by now, eh?

Ben Ng, showing us how to pour an Affligem
Very quickly, some info which I know you're dying to know.

What is it?
Affligem is a Belgian Abbey beer founded around 1074 by 6 knights who were done with the war, decided to become monks and brew beer. The recipe has supposedly been unchanged since 1074.

Fun fact: There are only 22 certified Abbey beers in the world today and Affligem is one of them.

The Range
Affligem actually has a few variations under its label:
Affligem Blonde - a Pale Ale at 6.8%
Affligem Dubbel -  a Dubbel at 7% ABV
Affligem Tripel - a Tripel at 9.5% ABV
Affligem Patersvat - a Belgian Ale at 6.8% ABV
Affligem Noel - a seasonal Christmas ale at 9% ABV
It's supposed to be available in both bottle and draught versions but for our Malaysia market, we'll only be introduced to the bottled Blond, for now. Why? I don't know either, but let's hope the rest will come in soon!

The dashing Will Quah was the emcee at the event & talented Poova entertained us with her lovely singing.

Summarised from its official website:
Aroma: Fresh bread, banana, spice, citrus and hints of vanilla.
Taste: Malty, nutty, tropical fruit, dry light bitterness.
Mouth-feel: medium-bodied, smooth, round.
Finish: banana, yeasty spice, hoppy aroma.
If you ask me, I can only tell you that it tastes nice and that I liked it. It has a lot of weight and character. Though some may find it heavy, especially those not used to drinking beer.

There is a technique to this: tilt the glass 45 degrees and pour it out at a certain distance to get sufficient head (bubbles) - while you are pouring slowly tilt the glass upright. Towards the end of the bottle, you MUST swirl the bottle vigorously to dislodge the yeast before pouring the last bits out. This makes a difference to the taste of your drink.

Double Fermentation
If you look closely at its label, Affligem prides themselves of their double fermentation process. Now, the double fermentation process is usually done in champagne whereby after the liquid is bottled, additional sugar and yeast is added into the bottle itself. Why? To create even more gas, taste and ABV.

This process is rarely done in beers today, which is why Affligem is proud of it, and proudly displays it on their label.

Where can I buy it?
Should be made available in selected dining places, bars, grocers and convenience stores nationwide from October 2014.

For more:

Images with thanks from: Suanie.net & GAB

Friday, 10 October 2014

Kirin Glamping Post-Event Report

(Warning, this is a picture heavy post. With loads of horribly taken pictures.)

Kirin ran a promotion through the month of September whereby with any purchase of their beer, you get a chance to participate in something called "Glamping" on 3 October.

Drink more Kirin.

If you're not too familiar with what Glamping means, it's actually a marriage of 2 words - glamorous and camping. So it's a form of camping where you spend some time away from the comforts of your own home in a sort of a retreat (mostly in the forest or nature reserve, like camping lah), but you don't forgo any luxuries like electricity, plumbing, the internet. etc (hence, glamorous).

What that in mind, I actually was expecting an overnight experience and was looking forward to it. But Kirin clarified that it was just going to be an event lasting a few hours with fun "camping" activities and food - ie, more like a party without any of the hassle of needing to stay the night. Fine by me! A party by any name, is still a party! But I was intrigued... what in the world will they be doing to make it seem like one is on a Glamping trip?

Firstly before we even talk about the event proper - the invite was couriered over. COURIERED. Check out the pearly thick paper that was used for the invite! How much thought was put into that man? LOADS!

I am so suakoo. Invite card also take picture.

Before we entered into the event hall, we were given a bunch of paints and brushes to decorate our own Japanese lanterns, which was hung at the entrance of the event hall.

Lanterns. Lanterns everywhere!

After the first task was done, you were lead to the event hall by hot Kirin chicks.

Tall Hot Kirin Chicks. Tall Hot Kirin Chicks everywhere!

And you'll instantly feel like you've been transported into an ACTUAL camping ground.Why? There was grass. Lots and lots of grass! The entire event hall was filled with fake grass! Even the lighting is dimmed to make you feel like you're being in the dark outdoors.... but you're actually indoors! What sorcery!

Grass. Grass everywhere!

Not forgetting nice little cute white tents all over the place and activity booths! Those were so cozy you could just lay down and zzzz.....


The place was filled with hot Kirin chicks in really short Kimonos who keep plying you with ice cold Kirin beer. If you were a guy, this is one version of heaven on earth.

Would you like another beer? YES. TWO DAMNIT!

There were also fierce looking Kabuki dancers lurking around too, hoping to be asked for a selfie. Yes they may look frightening on the outside, but inside, they are just insecure little demons who love taking selfies, just like we do.

Kabuki dancers. Kabuki dancers everywhere.

We were given the chance to play with something called Kendama which looked like a simple silly wooden child's toy - NOT. Getting that darn wooden ball to balance on the wooden stick is almost as hard as algebra. Okay, maybe not as hard as algebra, but it was HARD.

This is how the Japanese play with their balls.

We even got to made our own campfire chairs out of cardboard! This has got to be the most original thing I've ever seen in awhile (I haven't been out much, I guess)! I thought it was so awesome I wanted to bring back the whole lot! And it was sturdy as anything man! Even a baby elephant could stand on that thing! Just look at how excited I still am with every sentence in this paragraph being punctuated with an exclamation point!

Box seats. Box seats everywhere

We get to silk-screen our own recyclable bags to take home. Seriously just can't get enough of awesome free stuff.


Then, we get to create our own bento box meal. Kirin made sure we had plenty of food because there were also servers walking around the camping site with what seemed like a never-ending flow of sushi. An event that makes sure you're always fed and quenched is an event that is deserving of a lot of love. <3

Sempat to camwhore before shoving the food down my mouth.

After we've completed all our activities (lantern paining, silk screening, making our own bento) we get to collect a 4-pack Kirin beer to tarpau home! Kirin, you're seriously too much!
Deep of thirstyblogger.my said his arse was feeling cold.

And what's a fake glamour-camping, without some huge arse fake bonfire?

I can't even begin to describe how starstruck I was when I realised that Deborah Henry was the host of the event. She has got to be one of the hottest Miss Malaysia I've ever met, and crazily intelligent. Not to mention terribly lovely too. Swoon.

Woman, you make me feel like a man.

We were entertained by a live DJ set, live band and a (quite odd) dancing number by the Kabuki dancers (which, in all honesty, wasn't at all an actual Kabuki dance, more like.. spasmic breakdancing. But it was still quite entertaining nevertheless). Which was all great when you have had copious amounts of Kirin beer served by hot Kirin chicks. In short, short kimonos. No, I can't really get over how short the kimonos were.

Entertainment. Entertainment everywhere.

There was a surprise giveaway that night - ONE chosen winner (drawn randomly from a form we had to submit at the beginning of the event) gets to go to an all-expense paid trip to Japan for 5 days for 2 pax. I was gutted that it wasn't me. So gutted that I didn't even want to take pictures of the winner. So HMPH.

No lucky winner pictures. But here are some good advice on some random pillars by the folks at Kirin.

It's not too late though. Because from now till mid-November 2014, if you buy any Kirin, make sure you get a scratch card with it because you'll stand a chance to win a trip to Japan. For more on that check out kirinichiban.com.my/japantrip

Now what is the point of this post anyway? It's so you know that you've missed out on one helluva awesome party. Then next time, when Kirin says that they wanna give you some awesome free stuff, you'll BELIEVE IT.

Thanks for the awesome party Kirin! Please invite me for the next one. Better yet, why don't you just send me straight to Japan? Domo arigatou!

Double fisting your beer is  highly recommended.
#KirinMY # KirinGlamping

Thursday, 2 October 2014

The IBA Project: Gin Fizz

A  happy glass of  Gin Fizz
The Grandfather Story:
One of the oldest classic drinks originating from the late 1800s. A Fizz is pretty much a cocktail (the base spirit could be a gin, whiskey, brandy or vodka) which contains carbonated water and citrus. The Gin Fizz is actually a variation of the John Collins (also an IBA cocktail) - the only difference between these two cocktails is that John Collins is served in a highball glass with ice, and the Ginz Fizz is served in a chilled tumbler ( a smaller glass than a highball), without ice.

Not strong. Sour and carbonated, it actually tastes like lemonade ... with alcohol.

IBA standard recipe & method: 
4.5 cl Gin
3 cl Fresh lemon juice
1 cl Sugar syrup
8 cl Soda water

Shake all ingredients with ice cubes, except soda water. Pour into tumbler (whiskey glass). Top up with soda water. Garnish with lemon slice.

Someone's gotta taste this.
  • Many recipes calls for 2 shots of gin (60ml)
  • Some recipes puts in more sugar and cuts down on the lemon. I prefer this.
  • No lemon? You could try using lime. Lime and gin go together like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
  • The original recipe uses superfine sugar, instead of syrup... you just gotta shake it harder.
  • Apparently, the ORIGINAL recipe from the 1800s calls for Genever gin. Not impossible to attain, just quite freaking difficult. So a normal London Dry will do.
  • Include an egg white and it's called a Silver Fizz
  • Include an egg yolk and it's a Gold Fizz
  • Royal Fizz = whole egg included
  • Diamond Fizz is when you replace soda with champaign.
  • Add a dash of green mint creme and you get a Green Fizz

Thoughts & Observations:
  • IBA's version, too little gin. Can't get the taste of gin as the citrus completely overpowers it. Either that or I'm just an alkie who likes her drinks strong, hehe. I mean, what's the point of drinking a cocktail if I can't taste the spirit? Might as well just have a packet of juice, right?
  • Also their version makes it too lemony. Less tart and a bit more sugar preferred
  • Using a chilled tumbler keeps the drink for cooler slightly longer. It also makes your first few sip damn awesome on a hot sweaty day when the ice cold glass touches your lips. 
  • Drink it fast, otherwise the Malaysian heat melts it away and the gas will escape and all you're left with is a flat, sour, lukewarm drink which is blah.

For shizzle, mah fizzle.

My Preference: 
6 cl Gin (I used Gordon's, which is a london dry)
3 cl Fresh lemon juice
1.5 cl Sugar syrup
Top up with Soda water
Served in chilled glass with some cubes of large ice.

Sources & for more :

Click me for the list of drinks I've covered in the IBA Project

Monday, 29 September 2014

The 2014 Oktoberfest Is Upon Us!

More Yums!
What is Oktoberfest? It's technically a 16-day festival running from end September to early October. Historically, it originated as a celebration of the wedding between King Ludwig 1 and Princess Therese of Saxony back in 1810 in Munich, Bavaria.

Fastforward to today and what does that mean to us?  We're in Malaysia and that's thousands of miles away from Germany! Well, really, it's just an awesome nearly-month-long excuse to drink and party with awesome German beer and food. :)

You know Oktoberfest is upon us whenever the big beer boys, GAB & Carlsberg, start running huge arse parties. It's like, Chinese New Year is coming whenever you see the McD's Prosperity Burger ad on. Or Raya is near when Yusof Taiyoob's dates ads are blasted all over the radio. But I digress, as usual.

I'm sure you're dying to know where the parties are, and how you can get your hands on a collectible beer stein. Nah:

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB)
The giant record-breaking GAB stein. Me for scale. 
The boys at GAB unveiled a giant beer stein  (It's Malaysia's biggest mug! Certified by Malaysian Book of Records! Seriously!) which will be on tour around the nation. You will find the usual German food, loads of beers, fun & games wherever the stein visits these places:

2 Oct: Festival Walk, Ipoh
3 & 4 Oct: Setia Walk, Puchong and Auto City, Penang
10 & 11 Oct: Scott Garden, PJ and Upper Penang Road
16 Oct: Desa Sri Hartamas
17 & 18 Oct: Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jonker Street, Malacca
24 & 25 Oct : Sunway Giza, PJ and Sutera Mall, Johor Bharu

The actual sized GAB stein.
Bonus: Guess how many litres can the giant stein hold and the top 5 closest guesses wins a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Tiger. 365 days of free beer! Drink until pengsan loh! You don't want? Give me lah!

Collecting the limited edition Oktoberfest mugs (like I do)? Get hold of the 2014 GAB Oktoberfest mugs by buying 4 pints or 2 jugs or 2 buckets of selected GAB beers.

More: www.Facebook.com/oktoberfestMY

The Oompah band, freshly flown in from Germany and hot Carlsberg chicks. Yup, Carlsberg sure knows how to party.

Definitely not to be outdone, the Carlsberg boys created their own Malaysia Record with the country's first ever Oktoberfest Bier Bike. So apart from your usual sinful Deutsche beers, grub, entertainment, fun & games, the 6-pedallist bike will be riding (sorry) to the following locations:

24 Sept: RP Saujana Hotel, Subang
25 Sept: Berjaya Time Square, KL
26 Sept: Brussels, Setia Walk, Puchong
27 Sept: I Beam, Batu Pahat, Johor
1 Oct: Deutsches Gasthaus, Kepong
2 Oct: Hakka Restaurant, KL
3 Oct: Movida, Sunway Giza, PJ
4 Oct: Euro Deli, Penang
8 Oct: Royal Selangor Golf Club (for members and invited guests only)
10-12 Oct: 1 Utama, Old Wing Car Park, PJ (GRAND FINALE - read it as: HUGE PARTY)

Getting hold of the limited edition 1 Litre Carslberg stein would be slightly tougher, though. You'll need to:
Look at my big jugs!

1. Show up at the 1 Utama event , take a selfie with any Carlsberg branded stuff.

2. Tag #CarlsbergMalaysiaOktoberfest (longest hashtag ever?)

3.  Load it up to your Instagram or Twitter.

4. Show it to the organisers.

5. Hope you're the first 50 loaders

6. Get mug.

7. Alternatively, you can try your luck at: www.Facebook.com/CarlsbergMalaysiaOktoberfest

You're welcome.
Now go forth and party! Prost!

Saturday, 27 September 2014


Sailor Jerry's New Look.
Source: www.thedrinksreport.com
Not to worry, the Hawaiian girl's still in tact. It's so minor you won't even notice it, did you? So, instead of one single label, it's been split into 2. Just thought you should know so you don't suspect that it's fake when it's finally release in this market. Should be available from this month onwards.

Funny thing is that it's so new, that even their own website is still featuring the old label, lol.

Absolut Andy Warhol.
Source: http://www.absolut.com/us/andywarhol/

Yup. It's yet another Absolut Limited Edition Bottle. Same ol' liquid, different clothes. But you just gotta get them all, right? I'm curious how you die-hard Absolut bottle collectors manage to keep up with the designs. Please, if you are one of them, I'm dying to know how your collection looks like. Hit me up!

Maker's Mark Cask Strength
Source: www.drinkspirits.com 
I'm a fan of Maker's Mark. More often than not, I reach out for it whenever an recipe calls out for Bourbon. If there is only one basic bourbon you should have in your home bar, it is this. Not only does it taste yum, it is not too painful in the wallet. The cask strength is at an ABV of 56.6% and I would love to get my hands on this but unfortunately it's only released in small quantities and in the US... and apparently only in its hometown, Kentcuky. Not cool, Maker's Mark. Not cool at all. Sigh x 10000.

Killer Queen Vodka.
Source: http://www.killerqueenvodka.com/
This is basically a vodka released by Queen (the band, not the monarch) as a tribute to their late lead singer, Freddie, who really enjoyed his vodka... and to celebrate the band's hit single of the same name - Killer Queen.

The Killer Queen Vodka is produced by Stoli, so you know it won't suck. I feel like getting one. Just because it's Queen... and because I'm a little bit of a sucker for the cool packaging... and it's because it's Queen! Check it out: http://www.killerqueenvodka.com/

Glenmorangie Taghta
Image: Glenmorangie.com
This "so-called" crowd-sourcing whisky will be ONLY at selected countries... and NOT available via online purchase in Malaysia. Is that a bummer or what? If you ask me, it is a HUGE bummer. Vexed does not even describe how I feel about this. And I say "so-called" because apparently "members" of the public tested and voted for this whisky... but if you go to their website from Malaysia, there is no way you can sign up to be any part of this "club". Yes, I am being VERY upset and vindictive. And also quite high from my overly strongly made White Russian (I used 2 shots vodka, 1 shot Kahlua... I was asking for it)

Seriously, they unapologetically INFORM you that they don't have it "TO YOUR MARKET": https://glenmorangie.com/en/caskmasters

Glenmorangie, you snub Malaysia? I AM VERY ANGRY AT YOU. And if I find out that you are available for online purchase at Singapore, I would be even MORE ANGRY at you.

Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye
Source: www.drinkspirits.com 
There is just not enough Rye whiskies in the market, IMHO. The closest one can get to Rye Whiskey in Malaysia is probably the Canadian Club (which evidently uses a whole lot of rye in their blending).

While not usually something you'd drink straight, it's the main ingredients for 3 classic cocktails - Manhattan, Sazarec, Old Fashioned (Mad Men, anyone?).

Unfortunately, we will not be to get our hands on it....because it's irritatingly only available in the US and in limited quantities. RAWR! SO ANGRY! WHY WHY WHY!

For more: http://www.jackdaniels.com/whiskey/rested-rye

And that's a wrap! Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


1. Glenlivet Brings You Even More Nadurra.
Image source: TheGlenlivet.com
I'm a big fan of Speysides and Glenlivet is one of them labels I personally enjoy. I've had a tiny taste of Nadurra a few years ago and loved it (I think it was a 16 year old one) - but back then it was only released in batches as limited editions (please correct me if I'm wrong, but you can check out Master of Malt and see if my understanding is wrong). But now Glenlivet will be making it a permanent offering.

So, Nadurra means "natural" in Gaelic. It's named so because expressions in this range are non-chilled filtered whisky (hence, most "natural" as it goes through less processing). It will also feature a higher-than-average ABV of 48% and above (single malts are usually bottled at 40-43%).

2 permanent expressions were launched this year. First it was the the Nadurra Oloroso in April, and the second, recently launched in September, is the Nadurra First Fill Selection. Both are No Aged Statements whisky. You can readm about them at The Glenlivet website.

With these, it seems like they may be phasing out the age-statement bottles. ARRGHRGRH! Quick! Get your grubby hands on the 16 year olds before they are gone! Or better yet, DON'T so I can get my grubby hands on them!

2. Guinness Launches 2 New Porters in Dublin.
Image source: MSN
From Diageo's press release:
"Guinness announces the release of two brand new beers - Guinness Dublin Porter and Guinness West Indies Porter. Inspired by authentic recipes, whose origins lie in the historic Guinness’ brewers’ diaries from the late 1700s and early 1800s, the new beers will be available in selected pubs and retailers from mid-September."
Of course when it says that it is available, it is only available in the UK. It is super odd that I can't find any info about it on its Great Britain website. But there are some mention of it on its Twitter acount via its #thebrewersproject hashtag. Hmm, interesting. I wonder if it'll ever reach our shores?

3. Burts Guinness-Flavoured Chips.
Image source: www.neogaf.com
Well, if you're sore that the 2 Guinness porters are not in Malaysia (yet?), here's a consolation prize.

Introducing the awesome got-money-also-cannot-buy (unless you're in UK, or crazy enough to order it through Amazon) Burts chips in Guinness flavour!

To be horribly honest, these chips tastes nothing like Guinness... though I can't really explain how it tastes like on its own because I inhaled the whole packet in drunken hunger.

But just think about the novelty of having one of these babies! For FREE (well, FREE if you purchase a certain number of pints... tee hee)! It should be available in any outlet that sells Guinness. I believe there's also a promotion running for a bulk order of Guinness too so don't forget to ask for your pack!

4. Stoli Has A New Ad Campaign.
Image Source: facebook.com/stoli
Don't worry. It's the same old vodka, just with a bright new.... marketing gimmick to commemorate their 80th birthday.

It's basically a reminder to you, dear alcoholic, that Stoli is still a very relevant, very young-at-heart, old man.

If you're bored, hop on over to their Youtube channel and check out their 2 really odd, kitschy ads.

Or you could just hop on to their very eye-catching website at  http://www.stoli.com/

5. Finally to End This Post - A Funny Wine Ad Poking Fun at Wine Snobs.
Check out this freaking silly and hilarious ad about wine snobs who act as if they know everything that is to know about wine, enjoy spitting out random "wine technicalities (aka random rubbish)" all over the place and think that everyone else who doesn't know anything about wine is beneath them. Do you personally know someone like that (not exclusively to wine snobs, but snobs of any other subject matter)? Don't you sometimes wish you could high five them.... in their face....with a chair? Hehe.

Anyway, always feel free to taste (or bond with) your own tipple in your own special way. It's a free world after all... as long as you don't mine me making fun of you!

I hope these ads made you smile. Have a great week ahead!

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The IBA Project: Daiquiri

The Daiquiri
The Grandfather Story:
Supposedly created by an American engineer in the late 1800s and named after a beach near Santiago, Cuba. The original recipe specifically calls for BACARDI rum and recipe is as follows (for 6 pax):
juice of 6 lemons
6 teaspoons of sugar
6 Bacardi cups
2 small cups of water
plenty of crushed ice
Yes, those Tex-Mex ice blended, sickly sweet (more like diabetes inducing!), fruity versions which we are all too familiar with are basically bastardisations variations of the original recipe.

This is Hemingway's favourite drink. Legend has it that he goes through 12 glasses in a sitting (citation required). He liked it so much he created his own version aptly named after himself which has added maraschino and grapefruit juice, and even more rum (because he was a known alcoholic), with no sugar (because he was diabetic).

It does not taste strong at all, and great for someone who's never had a cocktail before. Very easy to drink but on the sour side. Everyone should love this, unless they absolutely detest sour-tasting stuff.

Key ingredients = Light rum + lime
IBA standard recipe & method: 
4.5 cl White rum
2.5 cl Fresh lime juice
1.5 cl Sugar syrup

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice cubes, shake & strain into chilled cocktail glass. 

  • Most recipes call for a lot of lime juice - which suggests that it's meant to be more sour. But there are some which calls for equal amount of sugar and lime, which I prefer.
  • If you're concerned about holding a martini glass (so silly lah you), it's perfectly acceptable to have it served in an old-fashioned (aka whisky) glass. 

Thoughts & Observations:
  • While I have a natural preference for sour-tasting stuff, the IBA recipe is t0o hardcore sour for me. I needed to cut down on the lime juice amount by a little bit.
  • It must be made super, super cold and consumed super cold (and fast before it becomes warm). So shake harder & a little longer, and use straight-out-of-the-freezer ice (not the melting ones).
  • Definitely not something to have when you're hungry, on an empty stomach or prone to gastric. If you're running a snack business, targeting outlets that serve sour drinks like the daiquiri will make you rich beyond your dreams (I may exaggerate a little).
  • A perfect thirst-quenching summer drink especially when you're hot, sweaty and thirsty.

Drink up!
My Preference: 
4.5 cl White rum
1.5 cl Fresh lime juice
1.5 cl Sugar syrup

Sources & More Reading :