Thursday, 2 April 2015

Launch: FiftySix Degrees Whisky - A Malaysian Brand

Hello FiftySix Degrees!
Well, let me qualify the post title - it's not actually made in Malaysia. (edit: changed the title a bit so that it's less ambiguous lol) 

Launched barely a month ago (12 March 2015), the whisky is actually from Scotland, but the brand and bottling is Malaysian. And as true Malaysians, as long as there's a certain % that's made in Malaysia, idiotic nationalists like me will unabashedly proclaim it MADE IN MALAYSIA! :P

You definitely won't find it anywhere else yet though. It's currently only available in Malaysia, so don't bother looking for online reviews on it.... For now.  :)

Happy to bring you the 56 Degrees whisky are:
(L) Jonathan Scott - Senior Representative of Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd &
(R) Kristine Goh - Founder and CEO of 56 Degrees Marketing  (photo credit: 56degrees)

So I guess I'm stuck with you and your blog then. Tell me, what kind of a whisky is this? 
It's basically a blended scotch whisky.

Er.... can you like, give me more info? Blended with what, for example?
Well, the liquid is actually a blend of whiskies by the Ian Macleod Distillers. If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, they are the same guys who bring you Glengoyne, and Smokehead whiskies, to name a few.

Why FiftySix Degrees? I'm kinda used to names like Jim, Johnnie, Glen something or other.
They say that the name pays homage to the Scottish Highlands. So being the curious cat, I went and looked for some GPS coordinates ... lo and behold! I found out that it's actually the latitude of where Ian Macleod's distillery is! I'm sure that's no coincidence. :)

The pin marks the spot.

Who in Malaysia was given the privilege to bottle this whisky?
Carlbeck Bottlers, who have apparently been here for yonks. But weirdly, I can't find ANY online trace on them, eventhough the brand name is proudly stamped on the bottle. THIS was the ONLY online reference to them that I can find. Know them or their history? Please share in the comments section kindly.

Proudly brought to you by Ian Macleod and Carldbeck Bottlers - it says so on the bottle!
What is it supposed to taste like?
Quoting its official website:

Attractive and soft, with very slight citrus top notes, a richly malty heart with some fudge, and is slightly syrupy with good balance.

Fresh and creamy, nicely vibrant without prickle with a pleasant mouth-coating fruitiness developing with time.

oft and balanced, with a mature and smooth finish.

For a noob like me, I can only tell you that it's sweet upfront, and goes down really easy for a blended. Almost like water. I didn't need to mix it with soda, or coke or anything else. Neat or with a couple of ice cubes was fine. I had copious amounts of it at the launch event and didn't even realise that I drank it like water. I kept drinking and drinking and drinking ... then before I knew it. BAM. High!

Sorry, I think I was high by this shot.
(photo credit: 56 degrees) 
Hahahaha. you lightweight!
Yes, yes I have to admit that I am. But, like most scotch whiskies, It's bottled at 40% ABV. So imagine downing copious amounts of that really fast and NEAT.

Whatever you say. I'm not gonna take your word for it. where can I try some for myself and proof you wrong? 
It's currently available at selected bars and restaurants in the Bangsar, Damansara and Hartamas area which includes The Roulette Restaurant Bar, Naughty Nuri’s, Piggy Tail, Sid’s Pub, Chapter One Bar & Bistro, Hour Place Restaurant, Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG), and Castell Gastrobar.

If you ask me, I personally think that this will be that whisky to have a good, boisterous, all-out party with. If the price is right, it should take over all the hottest clubs or night spots in town - IF the price is right, of course. I guess only time will tell. I'm really curious what this brand will grow up to be! :)

For more:

On a parting note - 56 degrees whisky sure knows how to throw an AWESOME launch party. (photo credit: 56 degrees) 

Friday, 20 March 2015

Tiger Beer Vs Tiger Radler: What's the Difference?

Hello Tiger Radler

I feel like this post needs to be written up because until today I still find people getting confused over what Tiger Radler really is. Allow me to try and clear up that confusion for you once and for all.

To put it simply,

 Tiger Beer + Lemon Juice = Tiger Radler

To put it lengthily, read on. :)

Firstly, why is it called a Radler? 
Radler is just another type of shandy. Shandy's a mixture of beer and some flavoured carbonated soda (usually citrus, fruits, ginger beer). The term "radler" is popularly used in Germany where they mix part beer with part sparkling lemonade (or Sprite or 7-Up as we know it in Malaysia).

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Bee's Heart of the Run Whisky Festival Post-Event Report

One of The Bee's event posters which I thought was cute and deserved a repost. :D

The Bee held (what was probably) the first (and biggest) whisky fair in Malaysia just last Sunday, 8 March 2015 at their Solaris Publika outlet.

If you had any interest in whisky at all and weren't there (without a good reason), kindly proceed to give yourself a nice good kick in the behind. And then read on while I explain to you WHY you deserved that nice good kick.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The IBA Project: Cuba Libre

Everything you need for a Cuba Libre. I had of course, finished the Coke only to remember that I haven't taken a picture.

The Grandfather Story:
The recipe of this cocktail might have originated from Cuba around the late 1800s. The original drink was said to have been made with cuban rum and a dark syrup mixture of kola nuts & coca.

The name apparently came about when an American captain proposed a toast with the drink (which became rum, coke and a squeeze of lime) around 1900 in a Havana bar filled with American soliders - "Por Cuba Libre", they would cheer, and cuba libre means "free cuba". This was just after cuba's war of independence with the Spanish.

This very disputed story was re-told by a famous rum company. There is a comprehensive article which disputes this, and yet another article which refutes this dispute, lol.

Well, whatever the story, the cocktail's yummy. :)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Taste: Taiwanese Pride - Kavalan Single Malt Whisky

That movie reference
If you're old enough (like me) , you might remember this movie called "Armageddon". In that movie, a Russian astronaut exclaimed this rather infamous line:

"Components? American components, Russian components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!"

It's true innit? Everything CAN be made in Taiwan. Even Single Malt Whisky.

That's right. Just in case you've been living under a rock these past few years, Taiwan now has its own single malt whisky brand -  Kavalan.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) Wants Make Your Chinese New Year a Merrier one.

This happy lion just wants you to pet it for luck.

Chinese New Year is around the corner and GAB wants to be right there to celebrate it with you.

So if you're enjoying your spot of dinner or supper at your favourite neighbourhood food court, don't be surprised to suddenly find yourself in a GAB party with loads of entertainment.. and even the obligatory Choi San Yeh visit to rub on some new year luck to you.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

GAB Professional Solutions (GABPS) Academy National Finals

Yes, that's a LOT of words on the post title..... So let me try and break it down for you.

Firstly, a TLDR: A competition for Malaysian bartenders to pour the perfect pint of Heineken happened 2 weeks ago. The winner will represent Malaysia to compete against the rest of the world to be the best.. in the world.

Read on for the longer version! Give face la, I spent a lot of time typing this post up leh! :(

The stage at the event looked like it was setup for a huge concert and the contenders were the super Kpop stars. Nice.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Launch: Ippudo (yes that yummy ramen shop!) Bar @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Firstly, let me get this out of the way - I LOVE Ippudo ramen. It is the best after-drinks food EVER. Nothing beats a pipping hot bowl of noodles swimming in a pool of delicious broth of pork after you're high from slightly over-imbibing. So what I'm going to say after this may be SIGHTLY biased. :P

I was so excited to find out that Ippudo launched a new bar in BSC last week - especially since it's going to be a full-fledged Japanese concept bar.

Sure you say, BSC is FILLED with bars. Do you really need ANOTHER bar?

Yes I say. Hell YES. A million times YES.

Some psychedelic lighting was happening at the launch party - but we were assured that on normal non-event days, it will be cosy & non-intrusive.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Martell Celebrates its 300th Birthday.

Born 1715, Martell is 300 years old this year.

Of course a huge fabulous party was thrown, if I lived to 1/3 of that, I would too!

Just to put things into perspective for you, the (recorded) oldest human being that ever lived was 122 years old.

This means that Martell lasted at least 3 (human) generations!

Elegantology all decked up with exclusive limited edition martell bottles for the party. Did you know that Martell is the patron for Elegantology? Read it up here! (Picture credit: Martell)

Friday, 23 January 2015

Carlsberg 2015 CNY Celebration - A Smooth Sailing In the Year of the Sheep

5  clear signs that Chinese New Year is upon us:

1. McDonald's Prosperity burger set is available
2. Eu Yan Sang runs their cheesy hamper radio ads
3. Banks start giving out empty angpow packets
4. Malls put up loud red decorations and/or loud chinese new year songs
5. Beer boys organise Chinese New Year parties and start dropping prices of their 24-can packs in hypermarkets, coupled with chinese new year themed gifts.

Item #2 is what we're going to talk about today....... No I kid. of course I meant #5. Surprise surprise. It's the only sort of thing I'll ever talk about, on this blog, anyway. So let's go go go!

Did you know that Carlsberg was born in the year of the sheep waaaayyy back in 1847? Well, this 168 year old young man brand celebrated its zodiac-versary, with a HUGE party. And by huge, I mean, a 18 ft Chinese ship (sheep, ship, lol) in the middle of Ara Damansara Oasis HUGE.

See how BIG the ship was. I placed the entire Carlsberg management team, 2 lion dancers, 7 chinese drummer boys and 8 gods of prosperity there just for scale..