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2 May 2016

Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort

A glass Jacob's Creek Reeves Point Chardonnay + chilling at Saujana Resort = Bliss.

There's a trend that's taking over wine makers by storm - going rogue and breaking all the rules with new grape varieties, wacky names, edgy copy-writing and eye-catching label designs.

Sweet bitch. Fat Bastard. Bulls Blood. Gnarly Head. Fish Eye. Hocus Pocus. Bitch. Frog's Piss. Elephant on a Tightrope. No, I'm not making up rude words - these are ACTUAL wine brand names.

With an encouraging price tag (RM50ish), I have to admit that it's quite fun to play around with them. But it's almost like Russian Roulette - sometimes they turn out okay. Other times, they were so horrible I wish I was dead.

On days when I don't feel like placing a bet and just want to HAVE decent wine - I go back to the trusted, classic names. For me, that translates to the handful of the Australian wine labels that I'm familiar with. I'm no wine snob and I like my easy drinking, uncomplicated, not overly complex, new world wines which usually comes with an attractive price point (yes, i'm also quite cost sensitive).

The other thing is this - Australian wines were the first wines I was exposed & learned to enjoy back in my Sydney University days - so I guess you could say that I always go back to Australian wines because of nostalgia and misplaced loyalty. :)

So it was a nice surprise when an invite from Pernod Ricard Malaysia (PRM) came for a Jacob’s Creek wine tasting & dinner pairing session at @ Saujana Resort recently.

Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort
Drink us. DRINK US!

Pernod Ricard Winemakers – Wine Ambassador, Jenny Rothenberg, took us through the 4 labels under the Heritage Wine Collection:
  • Reeves Point Chardonnay - oh man, I really enjoyed this bubbly. Not too sweet, not too sour, just right. Call me Goldilocks anytime you want, just keep my glass filled with this beautiful stuff okay?
  • Centenary Hill Shiraz - Soft with not much tannin or acidity which Shiraz's are known for. This is one of the rare Shiraz I enjoy a lot.
  • Steingarten Riesling - flowery & fruity in the nose.. with a peculiar mineral-ly finish.
  • Johann Shiraz Cabernet - dark. heavy. tannin is very prevalent in this one.
And with a name like "Heritage Wine Collection" it's no less than a premium-level stuff, with an accompanying premium price tag to boot (will provide prices range when I have it).

Thanks for having us, PRM!


20 April 2016

News Flash: Malaysian Wins Heineken Global Bartender 2016 Championship

(29.4.16- edited to include more details + image)

Eddy Jay Jaimin of The Beer Factory Express is very happy. (Image: Heineken)

Eddy Jay Jaimin from The Beer Factory, Setiawalk (Puchong) put Malaysia on the map yesterday by being crowned the Heineken's Global Bartender 2016 Championship winner!

This global competition is participated by top bartenders all over the world and are judged on their Heineken pouring (aka the Heineken Star Serve) ritual which involves 5 steps - rinse, pour, skim, check and serve. Apart from mastering the ritual bartenders will also need to have that extra something something to wow the judges over.

Eddy's journey was not an easy one.

First, he had to overcome over 1200 people from across Malaysia to earn a spot at the annual  GABPS Academy National Finals.

Then, he had to beat 7 other National Finalist to bag the GABPS Hero of the Year, thus, earning himself the right to represent Malaysia at the Heineken Global Bartender Championship in Amsterdam.

Finally, he had to compete against 16 top bartenders from all over the world to bag the Championship title.

The only other Malaysian that came close was Jimmy Goh, who was the world's No. 2 back in 2013.

ARAIMATI to you Eddy! 

Now go forth and do great things!

18 April 2016

I'm Back & Plans Moving Forward

Hie! I'm back!

Lots to catch up on, I know!

Well, not really. I've still been quite active on Facebook and Instagram. Just didn't have the energy to put in additional effort to curate blog posts which usually takes more brain cells. 

See what I mean:

Instagram: Post a pic. Spend 10 -15 mins to curate a caption. Publish.

FB: Post a link / share instagram pic + write a paragraph of stuff = max 15 mins. Publish.

Blog: Choose 5 decent quality pics from the 65 I took + edit those pics = 60 minutes. Research subject matter = 45-60 minutes. Blog = 45 minutes. Edit = 45 minutes. Publish. Read whole post again = 15 mins. Re-edit because I always miss stuff the first round = 30 minutes. Publish. Edit 2-3x more. Publish again.


Anyway. This blog definitely needs to be updated more often. I realise that the reason I'm feeling blog-fatigue (totally made up word) is because I already spend a lot of time on Instagram & Facebook,  leaving me with not much desire / energy to spend any more time on the blog to basically say the same things, just with more words. It kinda feels redundant. It's actually to starting to feel like... work. Which was not supposed to be the point of this blog!

So this means I need to re-think my social media strategy, or maybe more specifically, my blogging strategy. It's going to take a while for me figure it out (because I'm a slow thinker), but the plan is simply this - some posts will be more succinct, less personal even, allowing room and energy for (hopefully) more personal opinion pieces. 

I believe most people are already on instagram and Facebook anyway for current updates, while blogs have turned into a secondary reference point, or a result of a Google search. But I could be wrong - let me know your thoughts! 

Meanwhile, thanks for watching this space. Regular programming will be back after this.:)


15 April 2016

AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting @ SkyBar, Traders Hotel KL

All the AIX Rosé you can drink.

Provence, France is birthplace of rosé wines - just like the AIX Rosé.

It's produced by Maison Saint AIX winery, that only makes 1 wine - the AIX.

AIX is made from a blend of Grenache (60%), Syrah (20%) and Cinsault (20%) grapes.

AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting SkyBarTraders Hotel KL Provence France angeltini blog alcohol booze malaysia pool
A glass Rosé with a view. Life is good.

It's fresh, fruity (citrus! berries! mango!) and not too sweet. I could drink this all night - and we did! This has easily became one of my favourite Rosés.

AIX Rosé is distributed by The Straits Wine Company and retails around RM2XX a bottle. You'll can get it directly from distributor (The Straits Wine Company), or at Traders Hotel KL, Babe, No Black Tie, Havana, Bistro a’table, Ploy, Pinch & Troika, among other outlets.

AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting SkyBarTraders Hotel KL Provence France angeltini blog alcohol booze malaysia jonathan ee laine
Here's a couple of jokers that tried to selfie with the AIX to win a 1.5L bottle home. They lost.


18 January 2016

Insta Weekly: Whiskies, Spirits & Bars

Hi readers!

Updates will be sporadic for the next 2 months until April. Not only will I be too caught up with my offline commitments, but I will also have to majorly cut down on leisurely drinking (TEMPORARILY ONLY, DON'T PANIC).... unless it's in an event, which I won't say not to, hehe. Meanwhile, feel free to get quite frequent updates from my Instagram (lots of of silly daily shenanigans) and Facebook page. Happy chinese new year, happy chah goh mei and happy valentines in advance!

Old Parr is all the rage.
Evidently an underground popular whisky, my uncle introduced it to me 2 years ago... and then I hear it get mentioned more and more. It's a legit scotch, no doubt - 1 of Diageo's many, many brands. If you can get your hands on it for a good price, it's a very decent house pour.

Ril's Bar, Bangsar
One of the earliest cocktail joints in Bangsar, it's currently helmed by 2 new imported bartenders, Zach & Mat, who are quite cocktail geeks. I haven't been back for over a year but with these new guys around, am looking forward to trying more of their signatures and interpretation of the classics. Prices start from RM42 and up. I've been planning to do up a list for cocktail bars I've visited - it will happen in 2016!

Omakase + Appreciate
Giving a little shout out to their snack menu. Not a wide range (just 3 options) but tasty enough to satisfy your alcohol-induced munchies.

Hello Wholly Spirits!
There's a new distributor in town which focuses on fairly uncommon stuff which are quite sought after by bartenders and spirits aficionados alike. Check them out at

The Macallan Edition No.1
Seems like Macallan is embarking on a new expression. Thanks for this cute little sampling set, folks! Let's see how tasting it will be like....

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my with the hashtag #angeltini. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

11 January 2016

Insta Weekly: Cocktails drank, Places Visited & Chinese New Year is coming!

Spirit of choice + limes + sugar + ice = easy homemade cocktail
Caipirinha is just the above with cachaca. You can also try it with any other white spirit.

Brasserie Enfin by James Won 
Did you cry when they closed up in Ara Damansara? Dry your tears - it merely moved to Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur. More:

Arthur's Bar & Grill @ Shangri-la, Kuala Lumpur
Came for the happy hour, stayed for the surprisingly huge portions of (well-priced) grub.

Carlsberg kicked off their Chinese New Year 2016 campaign
.. with an awesomely clever tagline. More in a separate post.

Seagram's Extra Dry Gin
This american gin is surprisingly sweet neat. Not bad at all in a traditional gin & tonic.

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my with the hashtag #angeltini. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

6 January 2016

Launch: Tiger White Ale Wheat Beer

Tiger launched this new beer just last November 2015 at Black Box, Publika - 2 years after the launch of Tiger Radler (a shandy variant).

Tiger White Wheat Beer Launch 2015

This cloudy, locally brewed wheat bear is made with clove, coriander, and orange peel.

It's no surprise if this sounds and tastes familiar to the other popular imported wheat beers widely available in Malaysia - it's meant to be competing in the same category, at a different price point.

Tiger White Wheat Beer Launch 2015
And then there were 3. 

At 5% ABV, I've seen it at a kopitiam recently selling for RM9 for a small bottle, just a few ringgit more than the usual Tiger Beer. At some kopitiams I've visited, it's even priced the same (maybe as an introductory offer)!

Fun fact: Malaysia (and Singapore) will be the first countries to have this new variant. Something to brag about, perhaps?

Tiger White Wheat Beer Launch 2015
Guinness Anchor Berhad managing director Mr Hans Essaadi (4th from left), Heineken Asia Pacific Region president Mr Frans Eusman (4th from right), GAB’s sales director Mr Thum Chee Yuen (2nd from left), chairman Datuk Seri Saw Choo Boon (3rd from left), marketing director Mr Bruce Dallas (3rd from right) and Tiger Beer marketing manager Ms Jessie Chuah (2nd from right).

Like Tiger Radler, I would have it ice cold. It's very easy to drink.

You'll be able to find Tiger White in bars and stores across the country.
Give it a go and let me know what you think about it.

For more:

4 January 2016

Insta Weekly: Stuff to Try & Places to Check Out.

Give the Hoegaarden ice-cream @ Rekindle ss2 Cafe a go
Sounds a strange but not a bad experience at all.

Check out Restoran Zhing Kong @ KL .... not for its food.
But for beers & local firewater at lunch time.

44 Bar is no longer at Dr Inc Bangsar
Many sad face. You'll only be able to find it as a pop up bar at selected events from now on :(

NEW: PS150 Bar @ KL
Located at 150, Petaling Street, say hello to yet another new cocktail bar in town!

Suntory Whisky White Label (Shirofuda) is Yummy!
Claimed to be the FIRST Japanese whisky (since 1929). Very easy drinking everyday whisky. Wish we could easily get hold of them (only available in Japan, I believe).

Richfield SS3 for RM60 Guinness & Kilkenny 3-pint set
If you're in PJ and hankering for a regular beer, you've found it right here.

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my with the hashtag #angeltini. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

28 December 2015

Insta Weekly: All the Whiskies I've Tried and Probably Can't Buy :(

December's usually quiet, and last week was no exception. Haven't had the inspiration to mix drinks lately. However, I did have all the luck to try Other People's Stash of whiskies. <3

Trying something new this week. Let's see if embedding my Instagram pictures directly onto my blog works for you - please let me know if you can't see any of the images below?

Note to self, BUY THESE:

1. The National Trust for Scotland Glen Garioch Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (43% ABV)

2. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 35.132 Mellifluous munificence (56.1% ABV)

3. Kavalan Solist Horizontal Tasting - Ex-bourbon , Vinho Barrique, Sherry.

4. Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky PX Cask Triple Matured 48% (travel retail exclusive)

And I hope you had a Beer-ry Christmas! Wishing you a very happy new year!

A photo posted by Fireangel (@fireangel80) on

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my with the hashtag #angeltini. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

27 December 2015

Post Event Report: Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTiger Bites Finale

For 2 months, Tiger ran a #MyTigerBites campaign that encourages foodies to create a street food trail across Malaysia with the promise of exciting prizes and a grand prize of an all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for two.

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale

The campaign ended in early November with a huge street food festival atop Avenue K's rooftop featuring a whole slew of hawker stalls, games, beer cocktails, and of course ice cold Tiger Beer.

Have a peek at the fun, and then try to figure out how they managed to get not 1, but 2 (!!!) lok lok trucks on the rooftop!

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale
It really felt like an ACTUAL food court, EXCEPT you're on the roof!
The row of shoplots in the background are NOT real and were built just for the festival, wow! 

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale
There were about 10 stalls, and 2 loklok trucks. Queues were a common sight - just like an actual food court. 

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale
Just half of the food available that night. There were even 2 Tiger beer cocktails. 

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale
I love how Tiger put in so much effort into this - they even re-created street signs! <3

Tiger Bites Street Food Festival aka #MyTigerBites Finale
L: Poking 4 fishballs into a stick was no easy feat! R: free flowing ice cold cans of Tiger beer. 

Thanks for having me, Tiger!  

Lots of food + free flowing ice cold beer = many happies.

For more, check out: