Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Plaza Premium Lounge (PPL) has everything you need to live in an airport.

(Note: Plaza Premium Lounge kindly allowed a group of us to experience all their amenities mentioned below without charge.)

The terminal, starring Tom Hanks. One of my favouritest movies.
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Do you remember the movie The Terminal starring Tom Hanks? Man, I loved it so much I must've watched it a hundred times. It's a story of this guy who was stuck living in the airport for a while because his country was at war and his passport wasn't recognised. It looked like he was having a good time living in the airport, making friends with everyone who worked in the airport. And he even managed to get part time job in there... albeit he was roughing it out a little. I've always wondered what that felt like, seemed fun! 

What a treat it was that we kind of did get that experience...  Except we didn't  have to rough it out in the airport like Tom's character did with Plaza Premium Lounge being around. They fed us, quenched our thirst, and after all that, even gave us a comfortable night's stay at KLIA 2 just before our insane 6am early morning flight to Siam Reap the next day. Since this is (mostly) a booze blog, I'm going to spend a little more time sharing with you about the liquid side of things, and then quickly touching base on the other services and facilities.

The Bar.

Bars maketh me happy!

It's a cute little bar smack in the middle of nowhere. Cozy, contemporary setting - feels like a little pop up bar.

Very decent prices for an airport bar. You may cringe a little but won't cough blood when you pay.

Heineken and Tiger on tap (RM26-37), more options in bottles (RM26 - 32) - it's a GAB outlet by the way. Straight liquor available by shots, the usual from a combination of MHD and PRM standard offerings, but there is the standard Nikka available though. Spirits are priced between RM21-37 per glass. Red & white wines from RM21-32. There's a selection of cocktails for RM30, if you're not into the hard stuff.

Can't a girl just camwhore in peace without her bloody friends photobombing the picture with EVEN MORE BOOZE?

Lights snacks available (RM18-38) too, and for those not wishing to imbibe - don't worry, fresh fruit juices available (RM12.50)

Mezzanine Level, International Departure of KLIA 2. Open 5am - 12mn everyday.

Oh, there's also a Wellness Spa right opposite, but we didn't get to try that out from the lack of time.

Lounge & Sleeping Suites.

The entrance to the lounge looks a little like a hotel. 

The lounge is basically a place for you to chill, eat & drink to your heart's content, charge your electronics, work and even shower. Especially handy if you're a frequent business flyer who finds him/herself willing for the hours to go by in-between flights.

And yes, the lounge has an unlimited serving of ice cold beer with ice cold glasses at the lounge - it was the first thing I checked. :)


Prices are charged by a block of few hours and starts from RM138 for 2 hours to RM208 for 10 hours. But, I believe if you have the right premium credit card, you'll be able to use it for free or a nominal sum - just check with your credit card provider. If you want to have a standalone shower, it's sold separately, seriously, at RM32 (amenities provided).

Level 2, Satellite Building, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (near Gate C11-17)
Level 2, International Departure Level, klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (next to Gate L8)
Also at KLIA: Level 2, Satellite Building, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (near Gate C11-17)

Mum and I feeling cozy in our double bunk beds. Really wide and comfy. Is loves.

They even have rooms that cater to singles, 2 pax and 4 pax. While the rooms are small and cozy, the single beds were really comfy and rather spacious. Charges are based on blocks of hours and start from RM188 for 3 hours for a single room right up to a family suite (for 4) for 5 hours at RM458. Includes all amenities at the lounge + shower.

Level 2, Gateway@klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The Green Market.

Hello The Green Market!
Serves up a nice good mix of food - Japanese, Korean and Malaysia cuisine meal sets. They are very proud of their signature rotisserie chicken and it's not hard to see why - it's juicy and delicious. Also salad choices are available for those in the want. Food was scrumptious and in generous portions. Prices weren't half bad either, from RM20 - RM40 (chicken can go up to RM70 for a whole bird). No alcohol served here though, just soft & hot drinks and juices.

All the beautiful food we got too much to eat of. OM nom nom nom.

Departure Level, Public Concourse, klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Thanks for the warm hospitality, Plaza Premium Lounge KLIA2. We had an excellent time!

More info:
KLIA contact: +(603) 8787 2323
KLIA 2 contact: +(603) 4065 0161

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Insta Weekly - Canadian Club Old Fashioned, Cheap Singha Beer, Singha Soda Water, Nikka in the Fridge, Auchentoshan 16 Years, Glenffidich #ValleyOfTheDeer, Whistling Duck Wine

Oh my goodness. I'm still not used to the idea of 2015 yet and June is coming (tiny GoT reference, anyone?). What on earth? Does time go by faster with each year with age? Or is it because of those dratted technological advances that makes us forget to slow down and enjoy the time we have on earth? 

I find myself spending too much being "connected". It is a terrible habit really, how the internet and technology has taken over our lives. At first I thought it was just a younger generation thing but no - the older folks (ie my parents) have now picked up the habit of constantly having their noses buried into their phones. For me, it's gotten so bad that now, I can't sleep if I don't spend at least an hour surfing on the net for pointless mindless entertainment to unwind. Sometimes I wonder if Wall-E wasn't a bit of a prophecy - human kind being too dependent on technology to the point we even forget how to WALK. Scary thought for me.

Which is why, since last year, I've been making resolutions to get disconnected more. I've taken myself out of chat groups, muted a lot of apps, and really trying very hard to be in the NOW. I have to admit, it takes a lot of effort to do this. More often than not, I find myself being drawn to the damn phone. I must make this habit stop. How bad is your tech habit? Do you even have one?

Slightly ironic that I'm talking about my bad tech habit on my blog, haha. Well, on to my favourite habit - talking about booze:

1. Canadian Club Old Fashioned

The Canadian Club Original 1858 is the closest rye whisky equivalent we can get in Malaysia. On its own with some ice and water it's a smooth, sweet drink, thanks to the rye. It's also stupid cheap in KLIA. In an old fashioned, I'll need to cut down on the sugar as the rye already imparts sweetness on its own. Rye whisky is also traditionally used in Sazarecs and Manhattans too. I learnt very recently (when I posted this picture up actually) that Canadian Club is featured heavily on Mad Men - shocking. Since back in those days, I'd assume that bourbons would be the bigger thing vs canadian whiskies, but what do I know about their history and culture. :P

That all said, in the picture above - the reason for that dark maraschino cherry (which you should NEVER see in an old fashioned) is because this silly fella (me) mixed the drink all ready to be served, only to realise that there were no oranges at home. So,  not wanting to leave it bare, I popped a cherry (haha) in it. While it does looks pretty in picture, it does nothing to add to the taste. The lack of one orange peel makes such a difference to a drink, man. I'll get me some oranges soon and make right what has been wronged. I will.

2. 5 Bottle of Singhas for RM58 @ Surisit Thai Kopitiam Paramount.

Truly my favourite beer in Thailand. So cheap and thirst quenching under the hot afternoon sun. I daresay it tastes better than some locally brewed beer even. I'm not sure if this is a promotional price, but dang it if a bucket of 5 Singha bottles for RM58 isn't cheap enough for you, I don't know what is (just don't go comparing it with how cheap you can get it in Thailand because I'm not in Thailand right now!). You can find it at this outlet:

On the food, I'll reserve my comments. I was expecting the same menu like their original branch in TTDI, except when we were there, they had just changed their menu the day before. And unlike the usual dish offerings (the ones you eat with rice) the current menu is more street food, set rice, appetizer sort, but with very limited options. I wasn't too crazy about it but the Singha beer redeemed everything.

3. Singha Soda Water 

For years now I've been told how awesome the Singha Soda Water was. I'm thinking, but it's just water, with C02, how different can one brand be to another, right? Then again, so many people saying the same thing really piqued my curiosity.

So when I saw this bottle available at Surisit (mentioned just above) I had to grab one (not cheap -rm3.50 for one). The talk was true. It's cleaner, crispier, has more bite, and even bubblier than the local ones I've tried. I don't understand it. :/

4. Nikka Whisky in the Fridge.

Sorry, it's not a new Nikka expression, lol. Just wanted to try how chilling the bottle in the fridge would affect the taste of my favourite Nikka.

It still smells and tastes sweet, with a syrupy mouthfeel, and the peat is more subdued. However, that spice and burn from the 51.4% ABV is still right there and have no plans of going away, haha.

Tried get buy a new bottle at Tong Woh with this one halfway done, only to observe that some kiasu fellas were already there to buy CARTONS of it. Just so you know, it is currently out of stock. Grrrr.

5. Auchentoshan 16 years - kingsbury private bottling.

This Auchentoshan was 50 shades of YUM. My friend bought this bottle in Japan (apparently only place where Kingsbury is available) when he was there and boy did he get himself a good one. Smells like cookie caramel batter and tastes creamy with a syrupy feel but none of that grassiness I'd come to expect with a Lowland. That 53.5% didn't even bother me. So so so so good. Anddddddd it's all gone now. :(

6. Glenfiddich's #Valleyofthedeer is HERE. 

Wahey! I've gotten my invite to the whisky event of the year! I'm pimping this out nearly every week now aren't I? I've mentioned before that I will always have a soft spot for Glenfiddich because it's the first ever single malt whisky I've ever tried and fell in love with.

So I'll say it again, this week, these guys are replicating their distillery in KL and running tours with a whisky sampling session to boot. Tickets are still available for Friday and Saturday (Wed & Thurs tickets are all gone nowt!) and it comes with a bottle of your choice. Just click on the link to get it right now:

6. Whistling Duck Australian Shiraz Cabernet.

On with our quest to get kitschy sounding labels under RM50 - this one's called Whistling Duck, hehe, how cute! This Australian one went well with the lamb chop we had for dinner. On its own it was perfectly fine too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Ozzies sure like to mix their grapes don't they? Will buy again. Not sure where else you can get it, but we got it from here:

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my  account under the hastag #angeltini. Feel free to click on the link if you think you might enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1964: Bottle 3/100 For Auction in Malaysia & How-To

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1964 Bottle No.3 is in Malaysia
The Glenlivet's first collection of 50 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky, Vintage 1964, has landed in Malaysia.

Released at 42.3% ABV, this is bottle No. 3 of 100. Yes, there are only 100 bottles available on earth.

Having gone through 7 master distillers, it takes its name from the current master distiller, Alan Winchester, making it the first of the many Glenlivet Winchester collection expressions to come. The next vintage will be a 1966, which will be released in a ........ make a wild guess? Uh huh, 2 years time. :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Insta Weekly: Valley of the Deer, Benromach, Marini's New Menu, Kaku Highball, Nikka Taketsuru 21 & Mizuwari

I went for something called "Glamping" last weekend. It's an interesting concept, where you take a holiday in a remote location (usually a jungle of sorts) with some comforts of luxuries you don't usually find when you're camping (eg: toilet, bed, shower...). Usually no forms of entertainment are provided though, so you have to find ways to entertain yourself. We read , drank a lot of wine and beer, and caugh a movie marathon on the laptop.

Why didn't we go outside to enjoy the pretty cool jungle air, sights and sounds? Well, the weird thing is that the location of this place is actually on a building site., and it seems it's a work-in-process. So a lot of the natural beauty of the place have been already hacked off and basically, it's just a mess with nothing much to see. But the night sounds of the jungle nearby was a nice change, as sleeping in a tent with the rain hitting on the canvas, and the freezing ice cold water from the showers because there was no heater provided.

The 3 things I always try to take on a holiday to make sure I have a good time 1) expect the worst 2) bring your own entertainment 3) and lots of booze. Share with me your tips for a good holiday while we get on with what happened on my instagram shall we:

Monday, 11 May 2015

Insta Weekly - Jura Whisky Highball, Hendrick's Booklet, Glenfarclas Tasting, The Bar @ Empire Damansara, Nobu KL's Cocktails & Chillean wine

It was a lovely 4-day weekend in Malaysia wasn't it? Didn't you wished every week was a 4-day work week with a long 4 day weekend? Well, I do. I think a long weekend is just about enough time to really recuperate from the office, spend time on your own personal projects to improve and learn, chores (yuck!) your friends, your family, and with sufficient time to rest. 

One can dream, I suppose. Or quit the corporate life and get your own thing going - which actually could be a worse option because you never sign out of your "office". Oh well! One can't have everything, but one can grab a quick drink and relax....and wait for the next long weekend holiday that's coming up soon! Yippee! 

Made a Jura whisky highball. Drinkable.... but maybe I'm not doing it right.

A highball is actually any spirit mixed with a mixer served in a tall glass. This is me experimenting with a whisky highball - using Jura & soda. A bit of a mistake going with the Jura as it's a little peaty. In fact, I shouldn't even be using single malts for this :p

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Launch: Aka Chochin Izakaya @ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur

Aka Cochin wishes you Irasshaimase!

An Izakaya is a Japanese version of what we know as a pub or bar which has a decent accompanying food or snack menu. 

Izakaya literally translates as "to stay (in a) sake shop". It's historically derived from when the Japanese bought and drank their sake inside the sake shop. Today, this has become the Japanese version of a pub where people hang out after work to drink and unwind with food to snack in-between. 

Aka Chochin means "red lantern" - which is usually found outside an Izakaya.

Put these 2 words together and you have the name of the (relatively) new Japanese outlet in Pavillion, KL. Located at where Circus used to be, it's not too hard to find if you're familiar with Pavillion. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Insta Weekly 3.5.2015

Last week was a relatively quiet week. Nice change actually. Too much imbibing feels a little... indulgent and unhealthy. So when my body nudges me to take a break, I do take it. :)

Chum Churum soju by Lotte - do you like this stuff? I don't know how to.
I've never liked Soju. Tried it again last week and I find that..... I still don't like it. It's basically a Korean version of vodka, usually distilled from grains or starch with some sweetener added into the final product and Koreans drink it like their lives depended on it. HOWEVER - when soju is mixed is baekseju to become osipseju it is a whole different drink together and I LOVE IT. I wrote about this mix 2 years ago here and I highly recommend you to try it the next time you have Korean food. Take care though, the end product is a total of 2 x 360ml bottles so best to share among 3 or more pax. Definitely NOT for the weak hearted. :)

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Insta Weekly 26.4.2015

Apologies for the tardiness! I was away in Penang for the weekend and back only yesterday. Let's quickly get on with last week's recap:

Homemade Moscow Mule with Russian Standard & Smirnoff vodka
I continue with my Moscow Mule madness from the previous week - trying it with the different types of vodka I have at home - this time with Russian Standard and Smirnoff. It all works for me, at least with ginger ale it does. I just found out that there's nothing russian about Moscow mule except its name. The cocktail was actually created by a Smirnoff distributor in America, who was trying to boost sales. Yes, the copper mug guy was in on the marketing scheme too. :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Insta Weekly 19.4.2015

Hi! Sorry about the silence. Lots been happening lately and I find myself updating my other social media platforms more frequently than the blog. By other social media platforms, I mean my personal Instagram and Facebook Page. It's filled with booze-reated stuff, so feel free to follow them (just click on the links) if you're inclined to that sort of thing. :)

I really love updating stuff with these 2 platforms. You see, with instagram, I get to grab a quick picture of what I'm doing/where I am, and write a short explanation of what's going on. With Facebook, it's pretty much the same but instead of just personal experiences, I use it to update whatever booze-related stories I come across at a click of a button and a few type-written lines on my phone.. and it's out there. It's so fast how I can churn stuff out.

With the blog however, as much as I still enjoy it, takes more time. The crafting of copy, the editing of pictures, the re-editing of the entire post, and actually having to type in coherent, as-grammatically-correct-as-possible content. It's definitely not something I have the luxury of time to commit to on a frequent basis - though I still aspire to update it at LEAST once a week.

What I'm trying to say is this - I intend to do a weekly updates of what I've posted on Instagram. My gut feeling (haha) tells me that there are more people on the internet universe than there are on Insta (and even Facebook), so summarising the week on my blog makes sense (to me). It also makes my experiences more permanent and accessible to everyone else not on Instagram.

So, say hello to Insta Weekly posts!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Launch: FiftySix Degrees Whisky - A Malaysian Brand

Hello FiftySix Degrees!
Well, let me qualify the post title - it's not actually made in Malaysia. (edit: changed the title a bit so that it's less ambiguous lol)

Launched barely a month ago (12 March 2015), the whisky is actually from Scotland, but the brand and bottling is Malaysian. And as true Malaysians, as long as there's a certain % that's made in Malaysia, idiotic nationalists like me will unabashedly proclaim it MADE IN MALAYSIA! :P

You definitely won't find it anywhere else yet though. It's currently only available in Malaysia, so don't bother looking for online reviews on it.... For now.  :)