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21 August 2017

Diageo Classic Malts Tasting Session

Diageo recently held a tasting session featuring some of its Classic Malts collection which include Clynelish 14 Year Old, Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old, Oban 14 Year Old.

The highlight of the evening was the Benrinnes 21 Year Old from Diageo’s Casks of Distinction.

What is “Diageo’s Casks of Distinction”? It is a limited program where customers can purchase the entire casks from selected distilleries, and then choose to either bottle it or continue ageing it for bottling at a later date.

Here is some of Diageo's official nose and tasting profile of the whiskies we tried that night:

Clynelish 14 Year Old: A Highland malt with sugary and faint floral fragrance with a creamy mouthfeel when it is served neat. Starting from RM 350.

Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old: This Speyside has a honey sweetness and vanilla followed by deep citrus flavour. Available in Malaysia starting from RM300.

Oban 14 Year Old: Another Highland malt which combines sweetness and rich fruity notes of oranges, lemons and pears, with a smoky dryness and appetizing spice. Dried figs and honey-sweet spices with its smooth sweet finish of oakwood, and it is available here starting from RM 310. 

Benrinnes 21 Year Old ‘Cask of Distinction’: This Speyside has nose of strawberries, toasted caramel, a little melon musk. On the palate, melons with raisins and hints of molasses, with big fruit notes along with a slightly musty funk that mingles well with the malt. Briefly salty and savoury, with a big, mouth-filling of sweet and spicy nature. At 56.9%, a little water cuts down on the astringency and the spiciness making the Benrinnes a bit sweeter. There are only 550 bottles worldwide, and 262 bottles of this rare malt are available in Malaysia starting from RM 3,000.

If you’d like to own one these babies, contact for purchase & queries
And once you get it, don't forget to jio me for a dram.

- Jon

16 August 2017

Know about your wine before you drink it - Vivino

Note: This is not paid nor sponsored post, but we really wished it was. :)

Source: Sotheby's
Wine has always been my Achilles heel. Not because I don’t like it, but it is so vast in variety and so subjective. What I can tell is if a wine is bad (which really just means, I don't like it) or no good. And then there are wines which are just absolutely divine in the mouth. Both I'll only know once I have the wine with me, and it's opened, and the liquid's in the mouth.

What I really can't gauge is wine prices or possibly what we should be expecting from it just based on the bottle itself. So this is where this little app on my phone is very helpful - Vivino.

Source: Vivino's LinkedIn Page.
It's absolutely brilliant. Why? Coz with just a snap of a wine label, it's able to tell you the rating of the wine, expected tasting profile, other users' review, estimated price (in RM too!) and even sometimes if you're lucky, where it's distributed too.

How does it work? It's as easy as just opening up the app, and taking a picture of the wine label.

So, come next Christmas and when that loud obnoxious uncle of yours tries to pawn off a bottle of his scoggy wine as ‘very expensive’ or ‘verrrryy good’ - just Vivino the damn thing and you'll know for sure!

That being said, don't be shy to jio us for wines though. FireAngel and I have much to learn!

- Jon

13 August 2017

Angeltini reviews… Caught on Video

So we're gonna be trying to do some casual vblogs.

The stuff reviewed will be random and unadulterated and possibly (no, will be!) NSFW from a verbal point of view.

The products featured will be random items we either have in hand or recently bought to try.

It's an honest review from FA, unscripted, one take and full of imperfections.

This one's on 2 types of Guinness 0% ABV which was purchased from a nearby Hero supermarket at the soft drinks section, priced at RM3.50 each. One looks like an "original" version and the other is called a 'Ginseng zesty lime".


- Jon

27 July 2017

Locker & Loft's Shake and Take

At one point of his life, Deepak of The Thirsty Blogger told himself, “I’ve had enough of this nonsense” - alcohol prices were going off the charts in prices (no thanks to imposed taxes) which led to too many unscrupulous players in the industry, "cheating" customers.

Then Deepak said FTS and went on to open a bar with his business partner - giving birth to Locker and Loft.

The man himself, Deepak.
Locker and Loft has been the talk of town ever since it opened - no surprises why. A casual chilled out place with well-priced cocktails, bites and even beer on tap. For music aficionados, the establishment runs Bluesy and Alternative Rock Nights on Tuesdays as well House Sessions on Friday nights, featuring local deejays such as Blastique.

The outlet is dog-friendly every Sunday, where the animals can relax in the terrace. On the first Sunday of the month, a fun BBQ in the Balcony happens. From 1pm to 5pm, a cookout takes place, with specially-priced cold beers and meats awaiting guests. It is so well-loved that after just over a year of operations it has even also been nominated by Timeout magazine for the neighbourhood bar category this year.

One of Locker & Loft's friendly neighbourhood bartender
True to its philosophy of ''Making cocktails accessible and fun!", Locker and Loft has lately introduced a hands-on cocktail making session called the "The Shake and Take", which works this way:

1. Tell the friendly mixologist how you’d like your drink, what tastes you prefer, how your day was, the name of your pet and if you’re adventurous; your phone number (preferably ladies only please), etc etc..

2. The very-friendly house mixologist will then guide you as you Shake your own drink.

3. Pay the price of your cocktail and Take it.

4. If your creation is awesome, it'll even be included into their menu!

Trying my hand at cocktail making - I look like a pro!
Bonus: Creative guests that concoct memorable cocktails will be shortlisted for The LnL Amateur Bartender Challenge happening in September. The winning prize is a whopping RM1,000 with bragging rights.

Fireangel doing the thing she loves the moves - shaking and drinking.
The Shake and Take takes place every Thursdays from 8pm onwards.

So… don’t say I Bojio ah. Sau lu ahhhhh!

- Jon

23 July 2017

About Jon," The Bodyguard".

So Fireangel/FA/Ah Fa has been inundated with her offline obligations and I've decided (on her behalf) that it's time to dust off the cobwebs on this blog and bring it to life again.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I started off being known just as… "The Bodyguard", which was before I became "the boyfriend" to which then blossomed into "the Fiance".

Today, I go by different monikers namely "the ex boyfriend" or her "ol man", and "grumpy ol man" (depending on my mood).

My past resume reads like this: 1. Accompany FA to events and prevent her from getting herself drunk.

Yup, actually just ONE job, really.

Apparently I have done a decent enough job and now she trusts me enough with her blog to provide research and creative content for

So for any posts with my input, I'll be signing it off with "Jon'".

Or you could also call me “O ghost who writes"


- Jon

P/S:  FA is still very active (perhaps too active1) on Boozy updates (#angeltini) will be interspersed with her daily shenanigans too. If you'd like to take a peak into her life, go ahead and follow her now!

K1664's “Pause for Le Moment!”

When in France drink as the french do, which we’d probably think; wine right? But the French also have their own beer too - the Kronenbourg 1664 - which you'll also see Parisians enjoying in their little cafes in the heart of a city on a hot summer's day.

K1664 showing you how to chill correctly.
There are actually 2 types of Kronenbourg, but we only have the Blanc version here. Just in case you didn't already know, Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc is a cloudy fruity wheat beer at 5.0% with a citrusy finish. Easily chugged down as it tastes like fizzy lemonade - dangerous on a hot day.

Drink more Kronenbourg

These guys threw a party on the 14th & 15th in conjunction with Bastille day, urging Malaysians to enjoy the "French Way of Life" by taking the time eat and drink, enjoying the company of loved ones and just live the moment.

Lots of pretty Kronenbourg everywhere - happy to ply you with more beer.
Kronenbourg 1664 converted Publika’s The Square into a French-like carnival of sorts which was open to the public, featuring loads of food (Kronenbourg-infused sorbet and macarons!), entertainment (a cancan performance, 9Lives jazz band, mime, street magicians, lots of photo opportunities with "French landmarks") and most of all, Kronenbourg 1664 bottles on promotion.

Kronenbourg-infused macarons and sorbet, WHAT!

We had plenty of food and drinks - a great way to spend the weekend with friends and loved ones.

Entertainment for the night.

Thanks for the jio, guys.

- Jon

11 July 2017

Win: Probably the Best Brewery Tour by Carlsberg

Probably the best brewery tour

I used to live just a mere 3km from a beer brewery and now after moving in (to, what seems like, another "continent") with my old man, I live 7km away from another. I’ve been to both countless of times but never have had the participate on a brewery tour... until recently.

I was super stoked when Carlsberg Malaysia Sdn Bhd invited ME as a VIP to a rare brewery tour and sensory experience.

Probably the best brewery tour
Happy 170th birthday, Carlsberg!
And in conjunction with their 170th anniversary, Carlsberg is now giving you an opportunity to visit its mother ship in Copenhagen, Denmark for “probably the best brewery tour" of ‘’probably the best beer’.

Yup, Carlsberg was born in 1847, by JC Jacobson, by the way.

Probably the best brewery tour
All the brands under the Carlsberg brand
How do you win this all-expense trip to Denmark with a friend? Simple: From now till the 31st of July:

1) drink copious amount of Carsberg (640ml Carlsberg  or 580ml Carlsberg Smooth Draught), and remind the serving lengchai (or lenglui) to give you the bottle cap which needs to have the winning designs on the rubber bit or

Probably the best brewery tour
FRESH BEERS on tap in the brewery's bar!

2) spend a min RM30 on a Carlsberg or Carlsberg Smooth Draught in a single receipt at participating bars, supermarkets or grocery stores.

Probably the best brewery tour
tap your own beer in the brewery!
Even if you don't win a grand prize (10 chances to win!), there's still 300 chances to go on an exclusive VIP Carlsberg Malaysia brewery tour with 5 friends!

Probably the best brewery tour
Sneak peek of the brewery

For more details, terms & conditions, click here:
Collect & Win
Snap & Win

So if you win, don’t forget to jio me ah!


6 December 2016

Updatus Interruptus.


This is an automated reply.

The author has been very involved with getting used to many new aspects of her offline life and as a result, blog posts have been sparing. She feels sorry for this and promises to get on track as soon as she is able.

However, she is still quite active on Facebook and Instagram. So feel free to stalk her on those channels for updates on events, promotions, her homemade cocktail shenanigans and other boozy misadventures. Links are on the sidebar - - - - - >

Please stay tuned. Regular programming shall resume.

Until then, drink safely.


10 October 2016

Event: Malaysia Wine Fiesta 2016

WOOT! 5 pairs of entry tickets up for grabs! Read till the end of the post for more.

What is it:
A wine fair that lets you taste, learn about (from 15 visiting winemakers) & buy (at a promo rate) over 60 types of wines from France, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, USA and even China. Ideal for wine noobs to connoisseurs of all (legal drinking) ages!

As a prelude to the main event, there’s also a Wine Makers’ Night - a private dinner with the winemakers featuring a 10-course meal paired with 12 wines!

Wine Fiesta 2016:
From TicketPro or Jenna from Straits Wines @ 016 2282084 before event: RM108 nett
Walk-in: RM120 nett
*GrabCar discounts to and from (RM15 off each way) event for debit & credit transactions.
Promo code: winefiesta

Wine Makers’ Night:
RSVP through Jenna @ 016 228 2084: RM268++

When & Where:
Wine Fiesta 2016:
29 October 2016
11am – 7pm
APW Bangsar, 29 Jalan Riong 59100 KL

Wine Makers’ Night:
28 October 2016
7pm onwards
Babe, Clearwater, Jalan Changkat Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More info:
FB: Straits Wine Company Malaysia, Malaysia Wine Fiesta 2016


Thanks to the folks at Straits Wines, you could win a PAIR of tickets for the event & try ALL the wine you want at the event for FREE! Simply follow these steps for a chance to win:

On Instagram:
1. Like my Instagram page (if you haven’t already!)
2. Repost my Instagram Wine Fiesta post on your instagram timeline
3. Leave a comment on my Instagram page.

On Facebook:
1. Like my Facebook page (if you haven’t already!)
2. Share my FB Wine Fiesta post on your Facebook timeline
3. Leave a comment on my Facebook page.

Yes you can participate on BOTH channels. It’ll increase your chances to win – but you’ll only be eligible to win 1 pair of tickets per person okay? Other T&C apply (basically I have final say in everything la hehe).

Contest ends at the end of the week - 16 October 2016Winners will be PM-ed for personal details – so make sure your Instagram/Facebook pages are accessible for me to PM you!

4 October 2016

Event: The Whisky Society 2016 - Win Tickets!

TLDR: 2 pairs of The Whisky Society event tickets worth RM229 each up for grabs. Find out how to win them at the end of this post.

What is this?
Back for its second year, The Whisky Society is a mini Malaysian whisky tasting festival which is especially ideal for people who want try a whole bunch of whiskies but don't really want to  commit to full bottles of too many different expressions.

Confirmed participating brands so far (....with MORE coming!):
  • The Balvenie (12, 14, 17)
  • Bruichladdich (Laddie, Port Charlotte, OCTOMORE!!)
  • Chivas (Extra, 12, 18)
  • Glenfiddich (12,15, 18)
  • Johnnie Walker (GREEN LABEL!!!)
  • Kavalan (concertmaster, ex-bourbon, podium)
  • Monkey Shoulder 
  • Nikka (Coffey Grain & Malt)
  • Paul John (Brilliance & Edited. It's the "new" SMW from India!)
  • The Singleton (Signature)
  • Tomintoul (Peaty Tang, 14, 16)
Simple - the price of the ticket allows you to sample as many whiskies & as many times as you'd like (or for as long as your liver can stand it). Canapes included & you get a 2016 Whisky Society lapel pin as a souvenir. Plus: other fun activities like VR tours of selected distilleries!

Price & Purchase:
Standard tickets priced at RM229 - buy it from:
For DRAMFULL members only at RM199 - ASK ME HOW!

It's not evident in the ticket site, but there's something else called Under the Dram too. These are selected whiskies which you will also get to try with an additional fee via token purchase (minimum purchase of RM50 for 2 tokens) at the event. You buy as many as you want as 1 token gets you a shot of any of the following:
  • Balvenie 21 
  • Glenfiddich 21 
  • Diageo Classic Malts (think Talisker, Oban etc.. etc..)
  • Kavalan Solist Sherry / Port
  • Mortlach, 
  • Nikka Yoichi / Miyagikyo 

Ruyi & Lyn, Level 4 Bangsar Shopping Centre KL

22 October 2016, 6pm-10pm


More info: or


Thanks to the folks at The Whisky Society, I've got 2 pairs of tickets (yes, 2 + 2 tickets) worth RM229 EACH to be given away to 2 lucky winners.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:
1. LIKE the Whisky Society FB page.
2. SHARE the Whisky Society FB page on YOUR OWN FB timeline.
3. TELL me (either on my FB page or in the comments below) which whisky you're looking forward to trying & why. :)

This contest will end at the end of the week - 9 October 2016.  I'll contact the 2 winners via email right after - so please make sure you're contactable either via email or Facebook, okay? Terms & conditions etc. apply.