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19 September 2016

Upcoming Event: Toast the Macallan

What is it?
Finally coming to our shores after dropping by Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand, Toast the Macallan is a pop-up experiential event by The Macallan to showcase their range of whiskies & history through an exhibition & tasting session; hosted by The Macallan Brand Trainer, Keith Nair and Brand Advocate, Randall Tan.

The Macallan will also be unveiling its newest series, the Trilogy, which consists of:
  • The Macallan Fine Oak 12 Years Old,
  • The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 Years Old &
  • The Macallan Double Cask 12 Years Old.

The Macallan's Trilogy can't wait to meet you.

What's in it for you?
At merely RM50 nett per pax , you'll be getting:
  • a whisky tasting flight of the Trilogy
  • an entry pass to the exhibition area of The Macallan range display
  • 2 whisky (The Macallan based, of course) cocktails
  • A miniature bottle door gift

26th of September to the 1st of October 201 @ the Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Purchase your tickets at:
Keith Nair & Randall Tan can't wait to meet you either.

So see you then!

Images by Edrington

7 July 2016

What You Should Know About Absinthe

New age brains don't read articles unless they are in some form of a list, right?

Well then, since I'm at your brain's mercy - here is a listicle on 5 things about Absinthe you might not already know:

1. Drinking absinthe can make you go crazy or kill you.

No entirely true. Absinthe once upon a time gained a bad rep when it was banned internationally (from misinformation and mass hysteria) after a man allegedly killed his entire family from drinking absinthe. But people always leave out the part about 1) him being an alcoholic 2) how much alcohol he was actually drinking (it was evidently, ALL DAY for a FEW DAYS in a row).

But you CAN die from it if you :
1) drink cheap imitation stuff (from methanol)
2) drink too much of it (from alcohol poisoning)

Now is probably the time to tell you that absinthe's ABV can range from 45% to over 80%. FYI - cask strength whisky can NEVER get that high.

2. Drinking absinthe makes you hallucinate.

So you think after drinking copious amounts of absinthe you'll hallucinate & see the green fairy like this infamous scene from Moulin Rouge (in the form of Kylie Minogue no less)? :

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no.

Frankly, drinking a lot of anything that has a high percentage of alcohol (45% and above) gets you high and drunk. It didn't help that absinthe was so popular with the Bohemians (who were usually the creative & artistic sort) who can't help but took creative licenses when explaining their drunken state upon consuming one too many glasses of the stuff.

3. It's made with herbs - so it must be healthy for you.

Image: Huffington

Among other herbs, what gives absinthe its distinct medicinally flavours are essentially:
  • Wormwood - The oiliness that coats your tongue and mouth is caused by this. Supposedly good for digestion.
  • Anise - The liquorice (think Hacks sweets) flavour comes from this. Both wormwood and anise is supposed to help stimulate the appetite
  • Fennel - Lends some sweetness to the mix, balancing out the bitter flavours. Also known in ancient times for its medicinal properties.
Absinthe is still quite popular aperitif in Europe - but is it really healthy for you? I guess the only way to find out is try... in moderate amounts.

4. The only right way to drink absinthe is with a sugar cube on fire.

Absinthe Tasting

Nah, it's just ONE of 3 ways - also this burning sugar cube thing is not the traditional method. This method became popular mainly because of its cool (hot) flashy factor.

Traditionally, absinthe is drank 2 ways:
1. Just with water, with sugar added to taste (aka the Swiss way).
2. Dripping water over a lump of sugar into a glass of absinthe (aka the French way).

However you drink it - with fire, water or sugar - perhaps best NOT to drink it neat, or as shots.

5. It's related to Pastis.

Pernod Ricard pastis Image: Telegraph

Kinda. Absinthe is popularly known to be the granddaddy of a pastis, a type of anise-flavoured liqueur.

At locations where absinthe was banned (eg, France..), pastis became an acceptable herbal-ly alternative over a decade later because of its familiar anise flavour.

You might think you've never heard of pastis before.. but have you heard of Pernod? Or Ricard? Well, Pernod was originally an absinthe producer, before switching over to pastis when absinthe got banned, AFTER Ricard made it popular in France. Both Pernod and Ricard merged into 1 company - and are now known as this huge monster which owns umpteen spirit labels under its umbrella.

Sources for items 1-5 : The internet

So where can you get them in Malaysia? Well, it's quite a standard stock to have at the back of any reputable cocktail bar - especially the ones specialised in classic cocktails.

Absinthe Tasting

But if you're interested to get a full bottle, it is available at selected supermarkets like Jaya Grocer, Tong Woh Retail @ PJ State & Eau De Vie @ Nexus (which is both a bar and a retail shop). The specific brands I'm familiar with are the ones distributed by Tong Woh and they are priced as follows:

Angelique Verte Suisse @ 68% ABV, 70cl (RM300 RM330), 20cl (RM100 to RM130)
La Clandestine @ 53% ABV, 70cl (RM255 - RM285), 20cl (RM88 to RM110)
Butterfly “Boston 1902” @ 65% ABV, 20cl (RM105 to RM135)

Should you get a bottle? It's probably a good idea to keep 1 at home if you're a fan of the Sazarec or a Corpse Reviver... or just simply want to transport yourself to Europe by having a swig of it (with water!) to whet your appetite before a meal.

This post was inpsired by Tong Woh Enterprise x PS150KL's 
"The Secret Door Fairyland" Absinthe Event held on 5 May 2016.

20 June 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Kanpai with Sake Masters at Kampachi Plaza33

It's back! OMG it's back!!! For its 3rd consecutive year - Kampachi's annual KANPAI! with Sake Masters from Japan is BACK!!!

Kanpai promotional poster lifted off from

It's one of the most awesome sake & buffet dinner session you'll ever get to experience in Malaysia, IMHO. I had the utmost pleasure of attending last year's session and loved every second of it - you bet your liver I won't miss this year's for the world.

If you are still in two minds about going, well, here are 5 reasons why you should NOT miss it (largely based on my previous experience, which should be similar to the upcoming one):

1. It's Kampachi.

Also borrowed from

Do a quick Google Search and you'll come across umpteen write-ups singing praises of Kampachi's quality, fresh seafood, legendary weekend buffets, how it's one of the best Japanese restaurants in town and how it has won years and years of awards.

I'm sure you don't need me to ply you on with any more annoying hyperlinks because I totally could, as there are MORE reviews easily available online. :)

2. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT Japanese food buffet.

A mere FRACTION of what we got to stuff our face with last year. 

You've heard of their legendary Sunday buffet, yes? Well, this Thursday's session will be a buffet session too - which means, you get to eat ALL the sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, soups, noodles, oden, bbqs, cold cuts, dessert that you can stomach! BONUS - the sake masters may even bring special delicacies from their OWN hometowns to pair with their respective sake labels.

3. ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK Junmai sake.

From last year's Kanpai session. It's like I died and went to sake heaven.

Kampachi is famed for its largest array of Junmai sakes (sake made with just 3 basic ingredients, with no added alcohol) compared to any other Japanese restaurants in Malaysia. For this upcoming Kanpai session, they'll be featuring 3 labels - Fusozuru, Taketsuru & Asahigiku. Each label will be showcasing 3 variants each, so we're looking at a being able to try 9 different types of sake!

4. You don't need to go Japan to meet ACTUAL Sake masters...

Last year's Kanpai featured (from L to R): Izumibashi's Yuichi Hashiba,  Kazuyoshi Sato of Abe Kameji, Benten Musume sake's Shotaro Ota, Tomohiko Ohata, owner of Ohata brewery & sake sommelier Shigeyuki Masaki.

.. because Kampachi flew them all HERE just so you can meet them in person, ask them all you want about sakes in general and about their own sake labels. They are super accommodating, are such sweet guys and love nothing more than to see you enjoy their sake and learn about it. This year, you'll be meeting:
1. Tomohiko Ohata, 4th generation owner of Ohata  (since 1903).
2. Toshio Taketsuru, 14th generation owner of Taketsuru (since 1733 - yes, the same family that founded Nikka - but they made sake first).
3. Noriaji Harada, 4th generation owner of Asahigiku (since 1900)
4. Shigeyuki Masaki, a licensed sake Sommelier 

    5. Value for Money

    ALL the sake from last year's Kanpai. It was madness.

    So you think RM320 is a little steep? It really isn't. Let me break it down for you.

    The usual Kampachi's legendary Sunday (and public holidays) buffet costs you RM148, which leaves you with a RM172 cost for the sake tasting portion.

    The sakes featured are on the average, no less than RM200 (based on last year's Kanpai line-up,it's between RM180 to RM300++) per 720ml bottle (that's about 20 standard pours) = RM5.50 / shot.

    Say you suck at drinking so much that you can only manage 5 shots per label  - because you'd want to try each with the different types of Japanese food, ie - 1) oden / soupy stuff 2) sashimi / cold cuts 3) teppanyaki / bbq / cooked stuff  4) stuff with carbs like noodles & rice 5)  dessert.

    Then you're looking at trying NINE bottles (by the way, they are usually around 15-20% ABV - just slightly higher than wines, which means, it's deceptively SO EASY TO DRINK).

    So = 5 x 9 = 40 shots.
    40 x RM5.50 = RM220
    RM220 >> RM172 
    = YOU WIN (QED)

    And there you have it. 5 reasons why you SHOULD Kanpai with the Sake Masters at Kampachi Plaza33 this Thursday. As if you need any more reasons, there will also be fun & games, giftaways and promotional prices on sake bottle purchases.

    But you'll need to RSVP very quickly because it's by reservations only and places get snapped up too fast. So don't say I #bojio!

    KANPAI! with Sake Masters from Japan 2016 details:
    23 June 2016 (Thursday)
    Kampachi Plaza33 
    RM320 nett
    For reservations, call +603 7931 6938 


    1 June 2016

    Diageo World Class South East Asia Finals 2016: Meet our Malaysian Representatives!

    The Diageo World Class Malaysia 2016 took place recently (2-3 May, to be exact) at the KL Journal.

    After 2 days & 4 grueling challenges later, 4 local bartenders were chosen to represent Malaysia in the Southeast Asian World Class Finals 2016 - happening right now in Bali.

    Meet the 4 Malaysian representatives for the Diageo World Class South East Asia Finals 2016: (L tp R:) Joel John Timmis, Osmund Bernard, Jeffri Sulaiman & Boy Labib

    I've googled and googled but couldn't find much info about our heroes. Which is why I've decided to put on my spy glasses, hunt them down, pose them a few questions, then get their background out here so that they have some form of a digital footprint on the interweb.


    Boy Labib (Tate, The Intermark)

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016

    Hailing from Pahang, this shy ex-barista of 6 years probably wouldn't have ventured into bartending if it wasn't for a chance job opening with the Big Group. He hopped on board the drinks slinging ship and never looked back. Boy has been slinging drinks with Tate for about 5 years now.

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016
    Boy's Bees Knees, Tanqueray G&T, Hibiscus Spank & Uluwathu Sunset.

    Jeffri Sulaiman (Enfin by James Won)

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016

    Jeffri knew he was passionate about the F&B industry at the tender age of 15. This Klang boy went on to pursue his hospitality degree, majoring in Culinary (against his parents' wishes to pursue engineering!) before officially starting off his career in TGI Fridays. He has been with Ten Japanese Fine Dining, then worked towards becoming Big Group's beverage operations manager, before currently settling down at Enfin by James Won as the resident beverage manager.

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016
    Jeffri's The Happle, Pick Me Up and Fly Me to Miami and his 6 speed challenge cocktails.

    Osmund Bernard (Ikki, TREC KL)

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016

    Armed with a Mechanical Engineering degree, this Sabahan lad moved from KK to KL in search of a job. While job hunting, he casually worked behind a bar for a couple of months to make ends meet. Those 2 months of dabbling behind the bar stretched into 7 years! This self-professed "Drinks Engineer" has worked across the entire Soul Society Group (Souled Out, WiP, 7ateNine now Tujo, Sky Lounge) & is currently residing at Ikki Bar as their Head Bartender / Beverage Manager.

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016
    Osmund's Sunny Honey, Bali Dreams, Tanqueray GnT and Last Word.

    Joel John Timis (Sparrow, Kota Damansara)

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016

    Joel started off his bartending career in 2008. Having worked in Skybar (Trader's Hotel), Elixir Bar and Arthur's Bar (Shangri-La), he went on to become the pioneer team (and then later, head mixologist) of View Rooftop Bar @ GTower. This Sabahan has bagged umpteen local, regional & even international accolades in the past 8 years of his colorful bartending career. 

    Malaysia Diageo World Class 2016

    Joel's Miami Fizz, Bali Club & his 6 speed challenge cocktails.

    Boy Labib, Jeffri Sulaiman, Osmund Bernard & Joel John Timmis are currently competing alongside participants from Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand & Vietnam. 

    Today (2 June 2016), one of them will be chosen (there will be 1 rept from each country) to represent Malaysia at the Global Finals in Miami this coming September.

    So come on boys, show the world what you're made of! Go #TeamMalaysia! 

    Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!

    All photos courtesy of MHDM.


    3.6.2016 Update :........  And it's Osmund!!! Congratulations!!!! Make us proud in Miami! 

    19 May 2016

    The Macallan: Edition No.1 Sample & Rare Cask Malaysia Launch

    Macallan has been actively moving away from age-statements and are now putting all their focus on wood.

    So expect to see new NAS bottlings and even more geekery about their casks.

    I'll be featuring 2 of them in this post, as they were all shared with me during my hiatus back in January - but better late than never eh?


    The Macallan: Edition No.1 & Rare Cask

    Was contacted to be 1 of 25 people chosen to try a sample - thank you for the honour, Edrington.

    This new Macallan is the first release of their new annual limited releases to come. So we can expect a new one every year!

    The Edition No. 1 is matured in 8 unique European & American oak cask styles selected by master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno. Of 8, 7 are sherry, 1 is American oak. It's a mix of liquid aged between 11 to 25 years.

    I get the dry sherry. Spices. And with a few drops of water = more fruits come out for me. But in subsequent tasting, there seems to be some strong sulphur scent going on there. Hmm.

    At 48% ABV, it's priced at around RM4XX (at selected liquour shops & supermarket) up to RM8XX at outlets. Distribution is very limited but you can try your luck at Enfin by James Won, HYDE at 53M, 81 Monarchy, Italian Wine Shop, The Whisky Bar and Tong Woh Retail shop... IF they still have it.



    The Macallan: Edition No.1 & Rare Cask

    The name may seem a little misleading as it's actually made from a blend of 16 different CASKS. The claim is that some these emptied casks will not be re-used - thus, making those liquid rare.

    The liquid is a combination of Spanish & American sherry oak casks, mostly first fill.

    I got vanilla on the nose, woody spices in the mouth, warm finish down to the throat.

    At 43% ABV, it's available at selected outlets like The Penthouse, Hyde53M, Monarchy 61, H20, Merchant Pub, Club De-Royale, Ojos Bar, Zouk, Avalon & Meja and Brussels Beer Café at about RM2k. Supermarkets at about RM1.6k.


    For more:

    16 May 2016

    Launch: Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer in Malaysia - first in the world!

    That's right! We're the first in 140 Carlsberg markets in the world to have this!

    Officially launched end of April, the intention of this new version is to provide the "freshly tapped beer" experience at outlets that typically have no access to draught beer. We're looking at coffee shops, food courts, hawker centres, chinese restaurants & some supermarkets (ie, your home).

    So, this version is supposed to be smoother, easier to drink with a nicer carbonation, (which they claim is) like "freshly tapped beer". This is achieved by Carlsberg Smooth Draught's slightly different brew techniques from the Carlsberg Green Label:
    - double the maturation cycle
    - uses cold hopping technique (...but Googling provides me with no explanations)

    Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Launch Malaysia
    Big smiles by Henrik Juel Andersen, the outgoing Managing Director of Carlsberg
    (Image: Carlsberg Malaysia)

    It's currently available only in the big 580ml bottle now and should be priced similarly to the green label. However, at 4.8% ABV, it's 0.2% less ABV than the original - which probably contributes to the "smoothness".

    I find it very agreeable. It really does feel easier going down, and it has none of that usual bitter / metallic finish (unlike the Green Label). I could even detect some malt on the nose. When you're in a hot stuffy coffee shop or in need of a quick, cold, fix at home, a chilled bottle would be hard to beat.

    Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Launch Malaysia
    Carlsberg Malaysia re-enacted a hawker centre in the brewery for the launch. MANY JOYS
    (Image: Carlsberg Malaysia)

    This launch event also marks the current Marketing Director's impending departure and warmly welcomes the new MD, Lars Lehmann (above picture, 5th from left). A warm selamat datang to you sir!

    For more:

    12 May 2016

    (Re)Launch: Johnnie Walker Green Label Datang Lagi!

    Johnnie Walker Green Label is back!

    Heart were broken, (manly) tears were shed, shelves were emptied and basements were filled up with green boxes (YOU BLOODY HOARDERS) when Diageo decided to discontinue selling the Green Label back in 2012 (except in Taiwan, because you know, where, instead of oxygen, they inhale single malt whiskies) to introduce the Gold Label and Platinum Label.

    Then in 2015, cheeky Diageo teased selected countries (North America..& Australia too I think... But not Malaysia I believe ) with a limited time offering of it which was in conjunction with their 10th anniversary.

    Johnnie Walker Green Label Launch Malaysia
    Happy people: Georgie Bell, global whisky expert from Diageo & Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director for Diageo Brands - Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia (Image: MHDM)

    This year, Diageo finally decided to bring the prodigal 15 year old back for good.

    Like the old (pre-2012) version, this 40% ABV blended malt is made with the combination of the following 4 single malts (which we got to taste individually ... except for the Linkwood, sniff.):

    Talisker (Skye) - spice, smoke & the sea
    Linkwood (Speyside)
    Cragganmore (Speyside) - fruity, malty sweetness
    Caol Ila (Islay) - sweet peat. peat. peat.

    Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Relaunch Malaysia

    The combined end product was sweet upfront, oaky & a little spicy in the mouth with a faint malty (like horlicks!) finish. But the mouthfeel not as dense as I've hoped though.

    Now to keep a look out for how much it'll be. Do drop me a note if you've already seen it on shelves, k? It's about RM550 on retail, and will be available at selected upscale hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars and high-end grocers.

    In the meantime - if you're thinking of getting rid of your old Green Label stocks (the ones pre-2012), give me a holler! I need them. You know, for research purposes, like side by side tasting and all. It's work. No, really. ;)

    johnnie walker green label relaunch malaysia
    Party people united - with Angel Ng (PS150), Junior (Marini's 57), 
    Kenny (MHDM), Shawn (Omakase)


    9 May 2016

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 Launch

    Hennessy VSOP has some dazzling new clothes made by Peter Saville, an English graphic designer, and some of us were invited to check it out.

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 by Peter Saville (Image: MHDM)

    This would be their 2nd collaboration while limited editions have been released yearly since 2010. 

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 TREC KL food cocktail pairing hacha mecha japanese fusion angeltini blog booze alcohol malaysia
    Hacha Mecha grub waiting to be eaten. (Image: MHDM)

    We got to taste a few cocktails made with the cognac, paired with food by Hacha Mecha @ TREC KL.

    Hennessy V.S.O.P cocktails
    3 Hennessy VSOP cocktails and on the rocks. (cocktails images: MHDM)

    Horse’s Neck (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Ginger Ale, Angostura Bitters and Lemon Wedges)
    A nice starter drink with ginger flavours that wasn't overpowering. Like teh halia. Except hold the tea and substitute with it Henessy. :)

    Side Car (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Triple Sec and Lemon Juice)
    A classic brandy sour cocktail. Birthed during (likely) the pre-prohibition, the beauty of this drink is in its simplicity. I love this.

    Mint Julep (Hennessy V.S.O.P, Angostura Bitters, Mint Leaves)
    Traditionally made with bourbon, good if you have a sweet tooth (I don't) and prefer a light-tasting, minty drink which doesn't taste strong.

    Hennessy on the rocks - there's really no better way than to enjoy a good cognac except neat or on the rocks. 

    Ikki Hennessy Signature Cocktails
    New Ikki Hennessy Signatures (On left: MHDM)

    We were also introduced to 2 IKKI signatures created by the Lead Bartender, Osmund Bernard.
    • The French Summer - Osmund's tribute to summer in France and a nod to Hennessy's birth country.
    • A Letter from Mr. Ikki - strong flavours of oak and coffee. Also available on menu at IKKI. 
    Age caught up to us and we had to leave before the REAL party started at Avalon, LiveHouse and Zouk Club KL. :(

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 6 TREC KL IKKI Bar Cocktails Osmund  angeltini blog booze alcohol malaysia deepak thirstblogger brian martin the star
    (Having a good time with Deepak (ThirstyBlogger, Locker & Loft) 
    Brian Martin (The Star) Image: MHDM)

    Thanks very much for having us, MHD!

    Facebook : Hennessy Malaysia
    Instagram : #HennessyMY

    5 May 2016

    AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting @ SkyBar, Traders Hotel KL

    All the AIX Rosé you can drink.

    Provence, France is the birthplace of rosé wines - just like the AIX Rosé, which was officially launched last month. 

    It's produced by Maison Saint AIX winery that only produces 1 wine - the AIX.

    AIX is made from a blend of Grenache (60%), Syrah (20%) and Cinsault (20%) grapes.

    AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting SkyBarTraders Hotel KL Provence France angeltini blog alcohol booze malaysia pool
    A glass Rosé with a view. Life is good.

    It's fresh, fruity (citrus! berries! mango!) and not too sweet. I could drink this all night - and we did! This has easily became one of my favourite Rosés.

    AIX Rosé is distributed by The Straits Wine Company and retails around RM2XX a bottle.

    You can get it directly from distributor (The Straits Wine Company), or at Traders Hotel KL, Babe, No Black Tie, Havana, Bistro a’table, Ploy, Pinch & Troika, among other outlets.

    AIX Rosé Wine Media Tasting SkyBarTraders Hotel KL Provence France angeltini blog alcohol booze malaysia jonathan ee laine
    Here's a couple of jokers that tried to selfie with the AIX to win a 1.5L bottle home. They lost.


    2 May 2016

    Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort

    Jacob's Creek Reeves Point Chardonnay + chilling at Saujana Resort = Bliss.

    There's a trend that's taking over wine makers by storm - going rogue and breaking all the rules with new grape varieties, wacky names, edgy copy-writing and eye-catching label designs.

    Sweet bitch. Fat Bastard. Bulls Blood. Gnarly Head. Fish Eye. Hocus Pocus. Bitch. Frog's Piss. Elephant on a Tightrope. No, I'm not making up rude words - these are ACTUAL wine brand names.

    With an encouraging price tag (RM50ish), I have to admit that it's quite fun to play around with them. But it's almost like Russian Roulette - sometimes they turn out okay. Other times, they were so horrible I wish I was dead.

    On days when I don't feel like placing a bet and just want to HAVE decent wine - I go back to the trusted, classic names. For me, that translates to a handful of Australian wine labels that I'm familiar with. I'm no wine snob and I like my easy drinking, uncomplicated, new world wines which usually comes with an attractive price point (i'm also quite cost sensitive).

    The other thing is this - Australian wines were the first wines I was exposed & learned to enjoy back in my Sydney University days - so I guess you could say that I always go back to Australian wines because of nostalgia and misplaced loyalty. :)

    So it was a nice surprise when an invite from Pernod Ricard Malaysia (PRM) came for a Jacob’s Creek wine tasting & dinner pairing session at @ Saujana Resort recently.

    Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort
    Drink us. DRINK US!

    Pernod Ricard Winemakers Wine Ambassador, Jenny Rothenberg, took us through the 4 labels under the Heritage Wine Collection (and my thoughts below):
    • Reeves Point Chardonnay - oh man, I really enjoyed this bubbly. Not too sweet, not too sour, just right. Call me Goldilocks anytime you want, just keep my glass filled with this beautiful stuff okay?
    • Centenary Hill Shiraz - Soft with not much tannin or acidity which Shiraz's are known for. This is one of the rare Shiraz I enjoy a lot.
    • Steingarten Riesling - flowery & fruity in the nose.. with a peculiar mineral-ly finish.
    • Johann Shiraz Cabernet - dark. heavy. tannin is prevalent in this one.
    And with a name like "Heritage Wine Collection" it's definitely your premium-level stuff. 

    Update: We're looking at a lower RM2XX for the Chardonnay and Riesling, mid RM2XX for the Shiraz and lower RM3XX for the Cab. Only available at hotels for now, and Saujana is definitely one of them.

    Thanks for having us, PRM!