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8 October 2015

Event: Guinness Anchor Berhad's (GAB) Oktoberfest 2015

It's that time of the year to imbibe more beer!

Doesn't matter if it's a Bavarian celebration because we are all international citizens of the world brought closer together by global trade and the internet! Is it any surprise that GAB is down with this? Of course not!

From left, Tai See Wai (Head of Trade Marketing), Bruce Dallas (Marketing Director), Hans Essaadi (Managing Director), Thum Chee Yuen (Sales Director) and Shereen Teh (Trade Marketing Manager) from Guinness Anchor Berhad at the launch of this year’s Oktoberfest celebration. (Image: GAB)

As usual, GAB will be organising roving Oktoberfest parties at selected outlets across country for the whole month. Catch the parties to grab your limited edition 2015 steins and be entertained by Oompah band performances, games and special beer promotions at:
  • 8 October 2015: Souled Out, Sri Hartamas, KL
  • 10 October 2015: Geoventure, Puchong
  • 11 October 2015: Geoventure, Johor Bahru
  • 13 October 2015: Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara
  • 14 October 2015: Salt Lick, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL
  • 15 October 2015: The Patio Bar and Lounge, Resorts World Genting, Pahang
  • 23 October 2015: The Bank, Penang
  • 24 October 2015: Zenzi, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL
If you head to the outlets a week before the actual event date, you can even pre-book your very own personalised stein!

The new 2015 edition steins which you can personalise. (Image: Oktoberfest FB Page)

Fear not, even if you can't participate in the roving parties, you'll still be able to get your hands on the 2 new 2015 edition steins at participating outlets in the links below:
Apart from just collecting them for bragging rights, why not join a simple contest where you will be guaranteed to win a free night stay in Genting?

Everyone wins in this #‎HuntSnapWin‬ contest. EVERYONE! (Image: Oktoberfest FB Page)

All you have to do is:
1. Find a participating Oktoberfest outlet & coaster with the QR code (see image above).
2. Scan the QR Code - this will lead you to the contest page.
3. Snap a photo with the stein & upload it onto the contest page.
4. Fill in your necessary contact details.

Bonus: The top 10 entries will also win a spot at a private party on 14 November 2015 with 10 friends at GAB's famed in-house bar, The Tavern, where you get to enjoy freshly brewed and pulled beers all night long!

Double fist your beers.

So what are you waiting for? DRINK ALL THE BEERS! PROST!

For more:
Last year's Oktoberfest 2014

5 October 2015

Insta Weekly: Kirin Beer Garden - GAB Oktoberfest 2015 - Free Whisky @ The Bar - Happy 3rd Birthday A&L

1. Kirin Ichiban Beer Pop Up Bar from 1 Oct to 10 Oct at @ Solaris, Publika.

I've mentioned this quite a few times on my FB, instagram and have even blogged about it already, haha. So why haven't you check it out with your friends and gotten hold of your own mini "slurpee" machine already? Hehe.

2. GAB Oktoberfest 2015 begins.

GAB will be starting their roving Oktoberfest parties from 8 October onwards. Enjoy the party, beer promotions, collect the 2015 edition steins, join a contest and win prizes! Details on my blog before the end of the week. Meanwhile, find out what they are up to here:

3. Free Shot Whisky @ The Bar (by Sam) Kinugawa 
This cozy Japanese-concept bar at Empire Damansara is 1 year old! To celebrate this feat, they've offered a free shot from the very hard-to-attain & only available in Japanese airports - Nikka Gold & Gold Blended Whisky. All you need to do is like them on instagram, show up & take a selfie with the bottle and voila! Free shot on the house and bragging rights! While you are there already, why not get Sam to whip you up an awesome life changing cocktail and be enthralled by how he works behind the bar.

Now I've been wanting to blog about this place for sometime now. There is a lot to say about this place and I don't want to just focus on just their cocktails. They put in a lot of emphasise in trying to perfect everything they do - which is a default Japanese thing I suppose - from the tools, to freezing their spirits, using crystal glssware and even down to making their own crystal clear ice. I promise I will write about it soon enough. But there are quite a few reviews out there already raving about his cocktails - so you know it's legit. Meanwhile, you can check out their facebook  &instagram for updates:

4. Happy 3rd anniversary Ales & Lagers!

This craft beer shop (the tiny space was not meant to be a bar! Customers were supposed to buy the bottle and go, LOL.) was just supposed to be opened for 3 months.... and look what happened? Not only are they 3 years old, it's even got a sibling branch, The Great Beer Bar opened this year!

Anyway, in conjunction with their anniversary, get hold of this nifty beer sommelier glass with every RM150 purchase in a single receipt, while stocks last!

Follow them on their facebook & instagram, but only if you can resist dropping everything you're doing at the moment to head over to the bar to grab a bottle of whatever they've posted: &

Until next week, drink safe!

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4 October 2015

Event: Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden @ Solaris, Publika

A few of us were invited for a media preview of Kirin's little pop up beer garden in The Square, Solaris Publika.

Welcome to the Ichiban Bar (Image: Kirin)

The pop up bar serves 2 types of Kirin pours: Kirin Ichiban Draught and Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer.

Pretty Kirin girls in a row waiting to welcome you  (Image: Kirin)

It's called frozen beer but technically, it's the foam that freezes at -5ÂșC with their very own customised slurpee-like machine. The frozen foam "caps" the beer to trap the bubbles (so that the beer doesn't get flat too fast) and keep it chilled for a little longer.

Ben Ng explaining how the bubbles are trapped underneath the frozen foam. Bubbles bubbles bubbles. My bubbles! (Right image: Kirin)

Inside the bar, you'll even get to make our own frozen beer!

Yup, I spilled myself. Really, it's harder than it looks. (image:

Bonus: Kirin's also giving out a made in Japan mini frozen beer machine with every purchase of 10 beers. Now you get the chance to own your very own nifty mini "slurpee" machine!

I'm so cute! How can you resist from taking me home? (Image: Kirin)

The Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden will be opened from 5pm -12mn from 1 - 10 October 2015, at The Square, Publika.

Kampai! (image:

Check it out soon before it packs up and leave!

For more updates on Kirin:
or look out for #KirinMY on various social media platforms.

2 October 2015

Launch: Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky in Malaysia

Monkey Shoulder has officially arrived in Malaysia, YEAY!

Selamat datang Monkey Shoulder!

....but boo, because I wanted to keep it all to myself :(

29 September 2015

Insta Weekly: Umeshu - Stoked - Villa Danieli Wine Dating - Kampachi Sake Appreciation

Oh dang it. Lost track of time. It's late and I'm typing this while I'm running on fumes. Gotta make this as short as I can before I fall aslee.......

1. Homemade Umeshu @ Kinme

25 September 2015

Launch: Nikka Coffey Series in Malaysia

If you're into whisky, I'm pretty sure you're aware about (and contribute to) the hype on the sudden and terrible shortage of Japanese aged whiskies.

Nikka has been in the limelight quite recently for this reason too. Hearts were broken as selected Taketsuru, Yoichi and Miyagikyo expressions were phased out (and prices increased by a gazillion percent). While these are stuff of legend, what really set Nikka apart from the rest of the clutter (for me at least) is not their aged single malts (because everyone and their grandmother makes single malts), but their NAS blended and grains.

If you follow me at all, you'll know that I've professed my love for the Nikka From the Barrel, Taketsuru 12 and Nikka Coffey Grain.

22 September 2015

Insta Weekly: Kaffir Limes - Glenglassaugh Launch - TDH Live @ Oasis - 44 bar feat. Chester Low - Paired @ Sheraton KL - Oktoberfest @ Brotzeit - ASEAN Jazz & Percussion Festival

Weirdest thing happened to me some time back which I can't figure out. Maybe you can help me?

I was with a group of people, enjoying ourselves at a bar when we were all hankering for a bit more to drink before leaving. Suddenly one of the guys insisted that I chose the next drink - specifically a bottle of whisky. Now I don't know this guy very well, but he was part of the group and we had just met that day. Further, this bar isn't particularly known as a whisky bar, so you can imagine the whisky options were rather sparse.. and even if they had any single malts, they were entry level whiskys.

I couldn't make myself to choose anything that I was willing to drink and pay a ridiculous sum for, and asked someone else to do it instead. However, this guy was insistent that *I* chose a bottle. I insisted that I couldn't. This went back and forth for awhile until I literally forced someone else to choose. Later that night, the guy who insisted I chose a bottle suddenly showed me his phone to reveal my blog on his screen.

I'm not sure what that was about. Until today, it still boggles my mind. It was all very odd, I thought. How would you have managed that situation?

Anyway - a lot happened last week!

1. Kaffir limes

14 September 2015

Pavilion KL's #JourneyOfTaste & L'Officiel Launch - Guinness Malaysia is 50 - Imperial by Zouk

Not much updates from me last week as I was called away to "balik kampung" on a family obligation... Also - that haze man. It's getting terrible by the day isn't it? My eyes are already stinging, my nose is full of gunk and I'm getting constant headaches from it already. :/ Please take care of yourselves, drink plenty of water, take the medications you need to take and if you must stay outdoors, mask on ya! 

1. L'Officiel Launch & Pavilion KL's #JourneyOfTaste 

Was at Pavilion KL for the launch of the L'officiel magazine in Malaysia. Supposedly the oldest one around, this 94 year old fashion luxury magazine from Paris has finally made its way to Malaysia and will feature localised contents. I'm not the most fashionable person, but the invite was not wasted on me because I sure know how to enjoy a good party, especially one which has free flow sparkling wines and cocktails made with Absolut vodka and Martell (from Pernod Ricard). More about the magazine: and

8 September 2015

Insta Weekly : Happy 58 Years old, Malaysia - Keep Your Peels - Arran Whisky Fling - Junior @ #tikitakeover44 - Taps' Better Beer Festival

Long post ahead! So no need for a filler introduction! Just go go go!

1. Jungle Bird for Merdeka #58

I've made the Jungle Bird quite a few times already just to practice. Practice practice practice makes perfect! If you're a true blue Malaysian  then this is one cocktail you should learn to make (and perhaps an Old Fashioned) to impress guests or a date, because if there are only 2 things that we are all unitedly proud of, it's our F(ood) and our B(everage).

4 September 2015

Post-event Report: 44 Bar & Taps Beer Bar Presents Beer Bourbon Bacon!

10 August 2015 was the Beer Bourbon Bacon event jointly brought to us by 44 Bar and Taps Beer Bar, held at Tap's Mont Kiara branch.


Sorry about the caps, but this kind of collaboration hardly ever happens in this market, if ever. If you can name me 3 - you win liao loh! But as far as I can remember, ZILCH.  But I digress, as usual.

Anyway, using extensive research methods (Googling), I deduced that this event is inspired by annual festivals of the same name held all over America. Imagine a giant pesta with loads of craft beers, bourbons and all kinds of food with pork.

If you were thinking - Ya right, no way an event where you need to pay RM88 would draw any crowd, it's sooooo expensive. Well, I hate to say this but you're wrong from the sheer fact that Taps Mont Kiara was maximum packed (which is unusual for a Sunday afternoon) with locals and mat sallehs alike. Even the floor upstairs was opened and the seats were filled up!

So what went down that day? Read on!