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31 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Maruhi Sakaba - The Great Beer Bar - #MyTigerBites - 44 Bar Promos - Neroteca Brunch - DIY Old Fashioned

Last weekend, a good friend proposed that I should consider migrating from blogspot to wordpress, because it's more flexible and the layout allows me to come up with a very sleek, magazine-like feel.

He showed me a test site, which I really like. But I'm not sure if I have the time/energy/intelligence to toggle around with the coding. Wordpress, while is infinitely more moudable than Blogger, requires quite a bit of HTML knowledge to mess around with. I find myself not having enough time to even update this blog more than once a week (which I should because I have quite a few feature posts in the back burner argh!).

But I know that with Wordpress, readers would enjoy my blog more simply because it will look better, plus there are even more awesome, cooler usable widgets that comes with it. Oh man. How do I account for the opportunity cost of time vs traffic?

Let me mull over it for a bit more. I'm a really slow thinker. Meanwhile, here, the weekly update which I make myself to commit to (at least!):

1. Maruhi Sakaba - an Iazakaya that doesn't break the bank. 

I haven't professed my love for this place on the blog yet have I? I do know that I have multiple mentions of it on my instagram though, coz  I always go back there whenever I feel like a good, simple, satisfying meal with drinks (which isn't too insanely expensive) that kinda transport you to Japan.

It's a simple little casual izakaya (Japanese drinking and yakitori place) tucked away in Taman Desa owned by the same guy behind Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ (where you DIY BBQ your own meat). While Gerai Makan has the coldest bottled beer I've had in a hawker place, I like Maruhi just a bit more than Gerai Makan simply because they cook the stuff for you almost always perfectly. Even their non-bbq items like the salads and soups are delicious. Lots of review of it online, just Google it up.

There are also quite a few choices of beer, sake, sochu to go with the yummy food. Pictured here, the ice cold One Cup Ozeki sake is my staple order whenever we visit. It was RM15 (180ml, 15% ABV) once upon a time. Prices of everything has increased when we visited it last week, and I found my sake priced at RM17 now, sigh. That ain't gonna stop me from coming back. <3

Address: 6A, Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

2. Visited The Great Beer Bar, again.

Wanted to go to a place for a quiet drink on the way home to unwind. I discovered that this is actually not a bad place to hang out on your own - spacious and comfortable enough for you to ignore people, and there are seats that faces the wall to completely block out everyone else, if you so wish.

Opened since early this year (May 2015), it's already got its slew of regulars. That shouldn't be a surprise since this shop is pretty much the ONLY place in PJ that offers a wide selection of craft beer (next closest place would be in Taps, Mont Kiara) - bottled, canned or on tap. The food, by 2 different providers (Curbside Cantina and the Coolinary Ronins) also changes periodically. On days when the kitchen is closed, TGBB encourages you to bring your own food to pair with their ever-changing craft beer menu.

Craft beers start from rm20 up. Food from rm5-rm15.

Find out what they are up to on a regular basis here:

3. More about Tiger Beer's #MyTigerBites

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned in passing about this new campaign that Tiger beer might be running - now I'm confirming it, they ARE running something!

I found out that if you participated in this #MyTigerBites campaign, you can win prizes and even possibly an awesome all-expense paid trip to Taiwan for 2! Plus, there are also prizes for the best street food post on Instagram.

To participate, you'll need to sign up on their microsite. By doing so you could even get exclusive invites for an upcoming street food festival (with lots of beer of course).

For more & to join:

4. 44 Bar's various promotions.

I've gone back to 44 Bar a couple of times to try to beat the jam and learnt about these few promos that they run to help you.. well.. beat the jam:
  • Gintoxicated Happy Hour Promo (5-8pm): Buy 2 Free 1 ( = Rm80 for 3) - 8 gins to choose from, accompanied by its various garnishes then topped up with a full mini bottle of Fentimans (LOVE!). Gins available for happy hour are: Greenhook Ginsmith, Tanqueray No.10, No 3 London Dry, Botanist, Hendrick's, Williams Chase, Martin Miller's and Monkey 47. These stuff are the good high-end stuff, man. In fact, Monkey 47 is so premium that there's a place that actually charged RM100 for a GnT with it, I kid you not! If you're not a regular drinker, I would highly suggest that you share the 3 drinks with a friend or two. While they are delicious and go down easily, they are deceptively strong - you can't taste how strong it is truly until you fall flat on your face trying to navigate down the steps, hehe.
  • Tiki Takeover - So every Thursday is Tiki nights at 44 bar. Tiki drinks came from when the Polynesian-inspired F&B concept became wildly popular in the States. Think outlets decorated with Tiki god masks & carvings, grass clothes, torches, bamboo, lava, hula girl, palm trees....etc.... A tiki drink is generally made with rum, fruits & bitters and usually served in cute little polynesian-inspired vessels. Almost like you're having a drink in Hawaii. So 44 Bar is currently giving out free drinks every 1st Thursday of the month to the first 3 people who repost their #TikiTakeOver44 FB posters on instagram. Also, this week's going to be quite a treat because Junior, the beverage maestro behind Marini's on 57 and also known as the one of the godfathers of the industry, will be guest bartending this Thursday! You bet I'll be there!
  • 10% discount for selected whiskies for Dram Full Malaysia members - This is pretty much self explanatory right? Just make sure you're a Dram Full Malaysia member already (GET THE CUTE LITTLE LAPEL PIN TOO!) to enjoy it.
  • Bonus - Made a visit to 44 Bar on a Friday night, had a little too much fun and realised that you can't drive? Until 31 December and if you're new to Uber, you'll get a FREE ride home with this promo code: UBER44KL
They've also told me that something seriously cool will be coming up soon in September, but I'll keep that for the next post. I can't wait to tell you what that is. :)


5. Neroteca Damansara Height's Weekend Brunch.

Damansara Heights folks can now rejoice! The Neroteca Damansara Heights outlet now offers weekend buffet brunch and it's probably the only (family friendly) place that actually offers this in the neighbourhood (please correct me if I'm wrong).

On its menu, there will be salads, cold meat cuts, cheese cuts, pizzas, soup, various cooked meats, seafood, pasta, vegetables and desserts. From 11am to 3pm every Saturday & Sundays. RM88 without alcohol and RM188 for free-flow wines & prosecco. No prizes if you guessed which one I'd prefer? /Hic

For more: & their FB Page.

6. Home Made Old Fashioned - Difford's Guide's recipe.

Tried to replicate Difford's Guide recipe for an Old Fashioned where both rye and bourbon whiskeys are used - totalling a freaking strong 2.5 shots in a drink!

I wasn't happy with my end product because I didn't have an orange peel and used Orange Bitters instead. :( Repeat after me: the orange peel is NOT JUST A GARNISH. It is a VITAL ingredient for a good Old Fashioned!

Until next week, drink safe!

Insta Weekly is a weekly summary of boozy updates from my with the hashtag #angeltini. Feel free to follow me if you enjoy daily updates on booze, food and other random stuff by a girl from Malaysia. Cheers!

24 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Celebrated International Rum Day with a Grog - Kronenbourg 1664 Wednesday - Monkey Shoulder Launched in Malaysia - The Glenlivet Guardians

Oh my. One of the most surreal experiences of the year happened last Friday. It never occurred to me that someday I'll find myself swimming in a pool filled with popcorn in a dress, but it happened. Read on to find on what on earth happened.

1. International Rum Day - 16 August.

Didn't want to make a common rum drink (daiquiri, punch, mojito) to "celebrate" so decided to make something called a Grog with Sailor Jerry spice rum in.

18 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Cosmo - Nikka Coffey - Asahi - Vom Fass Whiskies - #MyTigerBites - Longrow - Beer Bourbon Bacon - 1K on Insta

Another happening week last week. So much so that I'm already getting a back log of event posts which I haven't  publish... oops! So without further ado:

1. The Best Cosmopolitan I've Ever Made

SATC made the Cosmo super popular way back when. It's actually not too difficult to make. All you need is some vodka, cranberry, cointreau and lime juice and an orange peel for its citrus scent. I prefer to put in a touch of sugar syrup for some viscosity. Also, if you don't have an orange peel around, 1-2 dashes of orange bitters work fine too.

11 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Jagermeister remedy - Angostura Fling - Matusalem Rum Party - 44 Bar & BBB event - Beer Day - JW Gold - Singapore Sling

So as soon the the raya festivities ended, the parties came back. I don't suppose a long introduction is needed because last week was quite a happening week, so prepare yourself for a long update ahead:

1. Jager Hot toddy

5 August 2015

Cantaloupe, Claret & Fuego Bars @ Troika Sky Dining

In conjunction with Fuego's August cocktails promotion, a few of us were invited for a #TroikaCocktailsCruise  event where we were introduced to Troika Sky Dining's bars by docking at each bar to sample their cocktails before cruising on to the next..... I loved this cruise even before it began. :p

For the uninitiated, Troika Sky Dining is located on the 24th floor of The Troika (along Persiaran KLCC) and is popularly known for its insanely gorgeous view of the KL twin towers and fine dining restaurants. It houses 3 restaurants which are segregated by cuisines: Cantaloupe for French, Strato for Italian, and Fuego for South American.

There are tonnes of reviews out there on its food and breathtaking views which Google can ply you with. But with me, you know we'll be paying particularly close attention to (or geek out at) the liquid side of the business, right? So let's get to it, shall we!

Bonjour Cantaloupe Bar!

3 August 2015

Insta Weekly: Homemade Drink - Wedding Planning - Kampachi Birthday

I turned 35 last Sunday! Happy birthday to me!

It was a bit of a bummer because just a few days before I started coming down with the bug and had the full blown sore throat, flu and slight fever  - it was like I was going through a growth spurt but not quite... maybe sideways? :)

It was an excellent birthday. Spent it with loved ones. Had tonnes to eat and drink. Presents are always a great bonus. And lots of wishes on facebook too, lol. I loved it all!

So I went to bed early last night from a full day of festivities and still recovering from the bug.. which is why this post is a day late. I've lost my voice today and am coughing nonstop. :( Not a lot to update from last week anyway because haven't really been feeling very excellent - probably because the bug was coming, lol.

1. Bailey's + Jameson. 

28 July 2015

Insta Weekly: Ice cubes - Homemade Cocktails - National Tequila & Daiquir Day - Whisky! Whee!

So I "predicted" before that events would be slow during the fasting and Raya months ... and I've been right so far. :)

Not complaining  though - it gives me more time at night to practice making drinks and experimenting with stuff like below:

1. Made: Cheapskate giant ice cubes

I keep wishing my ice didn't melt so fast, diluting my shaken cocktails too quickly while not chilling it fast enough. Large ice blocks would fix that. I've been pinning for those expensive silicon extra large ice cube molds available on Amazon for years. But it was very difficult for me to be enthusiastic about forking out RM20 bucks + RM40 insane delivery charges just for some rubber-substitute ice trays.

20 July 2015

Insta Weekly: Homemade cocktails - Launch of Hana @ Sunway Pyramid - 0% ABV beer - Gin Madness.

Last week I had an insightful conversation with a very famous wedding photographer who happened to be a very old friend of mine. He said I should really work on improving my photography skills if I wanted to take this content generating thing seriously. Because more often than not, it seemed that I don't put in enough effort into the composition of my photos - and readers these days, they love a good picture over wall-of-texts posts any day. 

Can't say that he doesn't have a point (double negative!). If it wasn't true, Instagram, Facebook sharing, and Pinterest wouldn't be as popular as it is now. And thanks to Twitter, I'm inclined to think that if a post is > 140 characters, no ones attention span can take it anymore.

Thing is, I'm one of those old-generation bloggers who's used to rambling on and on and on.... and old habits die hard. 

So what I really really want to know from you is this:
1. Do really good DSLR-quality pictures matter?
2. Do pictures matter more than words?
3. Long posts are okay, or just keep it short like Twitter?
4. Do you need a good combination of decently okay pictures with some accompanying drivel?

Because if it's #4, I hope I'm already complying by leaving you with Insta Weekly updates like this one:

12 July 2015

Insta Weekly: A Really Special Whisky Tasting Session - DIY Old Fashioned - Troika Sky Dining Bars - Souled Out

The best drinking times are not the ones with the best locations or the best drinks (though those are nice to have) but are the ones shared with great company. It's a privilege to share some good times with old friends and a pleasure of making new ones through such sessions. Bonus is when I get to try and learn new stuff along the way. So here's a shout out to all of you for spending your good times with me at these events below, the ones before and the ones that will be coming our way. Yam seng!

1. Tasting Some Stuff I Can't Afford. :(

We had the utmost privilege of meeting up with Eiling and  Luc Timmermans (of Thosop fame), both of whom are internationally-famous independent bottlers, for a whisky tasting party at their recent Malaysia visit. During these sessions, we bring some of our more down-to-earth stuff to taste and compare with Eiling & Luc's stuff of legends. Our palates get spoilt rotten and our lives are never the same again everytime we see them.  <3

5 July 2015

Insta Weekly: Green Spot Irish Whiskey - Jura Whisky Fling - Torres Vina Sol - Hip Flask

So, the holy month of Ramadhan is upon us. This means that a lot of the brands are taking a break from their marketing and events leading up to Raya. On top of that, beverage outlets would also traditionally face a drop in sales for the month. Not sure why that happens though, go figure!

The good thing about this though, is less late night outs, and more nights in to catch up on some sleep and home mixing & tasting. :) See what I got up to last week:

1. Green Spot Irish Whiskey

Found this gem at my last Labuan trip. It's a very easy everyday dram. Irish whiskey has this common nose - usually perfumey and /or fruity and very agreeable in the mouth, without the usual burn or oakiness so prevalent in Scotch. Green Spot is aged between 7-10 years,  matured in bourbon and sherry casks. I love it. I wish I got MORE of it.