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FireAngel was my moniker back in the days of IRC, ICQ, and the early days of blogging when it was really only known by about 50 people in Malaysia.

Angeltini is a marriage between my 2 loves: blogging and beverage (specifically, alcohol).

You'll find all kinds of alcohol-related posts here: places we've been, stuff we've tried, events we've gone for, drinks I've made, thoughts and more.

That said, I'm not a bartender. I'm just like you - someone who enjoys drinking. :)

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Hi I'm Jon. I started off being known just as… "The Bodyguard", which was before I became "the boyfriend" to which then blossomed into "the Fiance". Today, I go by different monikers namely "the ex boyfriend" or her "ol man", and "grumpy ol man" (depending on my mood).

My past resume reads like this: 1. Accompany FA to events and prevent her from getting herself (TOO) drunk. Apparently I have done a decent enough job and now she trusts me enough with her blog to provide research and creative content for

So for any posts with my input, I'll be signing it off with "Jon'". Or you could also call me “O ghost who writes"

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