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Hi! I go by my nickname FireAngel on the internet. But here are some real facts about me:

- Born in 1980 (so you know my age)
- Monkey year, Leo month (if you're into that sort of thing)
- Female (in case you had any doubts)
- Malaysian.
    FireAngel was my moniker back in the days of IRC & ICQ (I am SO OLD!), and it stuck ever since.

    I started blogging as FireAngel way back in 2004. Back then, it was a personal/rant blog. It was active for year and years, and then it was no more. I've not blogged actively for nearly half a decade now, mostly because of my commitment to my offline life. But there has not been a day where I don't miss blogging.

    Which is why: Angeltini.

    Angeltini is a marriage of my 2 loves: blogging and beverage (specifically, alcohol).

    You'll find all kinds of alcohol-related posts here: places I've been, stuff I've tried, events I've gone for, drinks I've made, thoughts and more.

    Find out what I can do and have done in my Trophy Case.

    That said, I'm not a bartender. I'm just someone who really enjoys mixing drinks. Who knows, maybe if the stars aligned, I may actually pursue bartending professionally in the future. :)

    I'm also on these social media sites too. Feel free to stalk me on: : more frequent booze-related updates and article-sharing. : actually a personal account, but there are loads of booze-related pictures and events here too.

    I can also be contacted on email via or if you prefer, there's a form which you can easily fill up in my Contact page.