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31 August 2019

Carlsberg's New Look for Its 50th Anniversary

Wow! Did you know that Carlsberg Malaysia turns 50 this year? And in conjunction with their 50th birthday, they've launched a brand new look.

Image: Carlsberg
The font on its label is now bigger and bold - perfect for old foggies like me to identify it from a mile away on the shelf.

Image: Carlsberg

The bottle cap has also been re-engineered to better seal in the beer, thus making the beer fresher on the pop. Now I can buy Carlsberg in bulk during CNY and store it for longer!

Also, the 6 pack packaging has been udpated so that you can tear one beer easily from its 6-pack packaging without damaging your car keys or finger nails.

Image: Carlsberg

Lastly, they also redesigned their glass. At the bottom of the glass, there's a laser-engraved, hop leaf-shaped logo that agitates the beer to allow more bubbles to float to the top and maintain the foam head for longer, like magic!

I took a closer look at it at home:
Can you see the laser engraving?

Compared it against a normal stemmed glass - can you see that the new Carlsberg glass on the left is agitating the bubbles to rise upwards?

Like magic!

50 years old and looking good Carlsberg - I hope to look as good when I hit my big 5-0 next year!

- Jon

Margaret River Tours Kuala Lumpur

When in Perth for the first time, what would you do? Well if you love your wines, it's got to be a visit to Margaret River. It has built its reputation as Australia's "mecca" of premium wines. While the region produces less than 3%  of Australia's wine, it accounts for more 1/5 of its premium wine.

Margaret River on Tour made its debut in KL at the newly revamped Pullman KLCC on the 24th of August.

It featured 10 brands including Cape Mentelle, Churchview Estate, Flametree, Howard Park, Pierro Margaret River Vineyards, Vasse Felix, Voyager Estate, Woody Nook, and Xanadu for wines, and the Margaret River Distilling Company for a selection of whiskies and gins.

We got to meet winemakers, owners, and producers and VIP guests could also attend the masterclass hosted by a panel of winemakers to learn more about the quality of wines from Margaret River and what makes them unique.

The place was really packed! No surprises there because the entry price was a well-priced RM120 (RM100 for early birds.

Let's all hope they'll be back again next year, and make it bigger!

Thanks for having us, Thirstmag.

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(Images from Thirstmag)

25 August 2019

AD Ratttray Whisky X Mooncake Pairing

Thanks to Thirstmag, we had some whisky and mooncake fun at Pullman KLCC's Blu Bar & Cigar in conjunction with the upcoming mid-autumn festival.

AD Rattray is an independent company that bottles whisky ans has been around since 1868. AD Rattray buys spirits and whiskies in casks, then age and blend them into their own label's expressions.

Ben Ng of Drinks Alliance (Also Dram & Leaf, also Mish Mash) took us through the tasting.

His advise for a good pairing is to pick mooncakes which are not too sweet, has subtle flavours, and the texture shouldn't be too wet or sticky.

We sampled:

  • Stronachie x lotus paste mooncake - the whisky is like a blank canvas that intensified the sweetness of the mooncake
  • Cask Orkney 18YO (Limited Edition) x roselle and berry mooncake - surprisingly, this combination of the tart and sweet mooncake with the salty slight peatiness of the whisky
  • Cask Islay x green tea mooncake - FA's favourite, the combination has a creamy toasty ice cream flavour that works so well.

Thank you Chef Jeffrey of Red Chinese Cuisine in Pullman KLCC for showing us some love in your handmade mooncakes.

- Jon