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29 February 2012

Ice Cold Taps

Brussels' Ice Cold Taps

If I were the king of the world, I would mandate all draught taps AND glasses be frozen. Simply because everything tastes heavenly that way.

I know a place in Singapore that does this - Ice Cold Beer (specially the one along Emerald HIll). My second home while I was there. Every other day, I would park my butt at the bar and order myself an ice cold Hoegaarden just to wind down, washed down with their delicious chicken wings or hotdog. Do you have any idea how good ice cold beer in an ice cold mug feels after a long, long day at work in Singapore? Words can't describe. And oh how much I miss it!

Back in Malaysia, we do have some places that HAS frozen taps. The taps illustrated above are from Brussels. It really makes a difference to my drinking experience. But I haven't had the chance of coming across bars that serves ice cold beer in ice cold mugs. It's usually one or the other and the experience is just NOT COMPLETE.

Please god! Bring Ice Cold Beer to Malaysia! Please please please!

27 February 2012

GAB's Special

The Tavern's Special

Man, I hope I'm not breaking any rules here by sharing this.

This awesome testing concoction is made out of..... half a pint of Cider mixed with....


And did I say that it is awesome? It's awesome!

The cider's sour acidity is balanced out by Guinness's bitterness. So it's really easy to drink.

This easy to drink smooth, slightly malty and tangy mix is something the guys at GAB like to call  "The Special".

If you ever get the privilege of checking out the Tavern, try to ask for one at the friendly bartender while you're there.

It's a glassful of Yum!