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27 July 2017

Locker & Loft's Shake and Take

At one point of his life, Deepak of The Thirsty Blogger told himself, “I’ve had enough of this nonsense” - alcohol prices were going off the charts in prices (no thanks to imposed taxes) which led to too many unscrupulous players in the industry, "cheating" customers.

Then Deepak said FTS and went on to open a bar with his business partner - giving birth to Locker and Loft.

The man himself, Deepak.

Locker and Loft has been the talk of town ever since it opened - no surprises why. A casual chilled out place with well-priced cocktails, bites and even beer on tap. For music aficionados, the establishment runs Bluesy and Alternative Rock Nights on Tuesdays as well House Sessions on Friday nights, featuring local deejays such as Blastique.

The outlet is dog-friendly every Sunday, where the animals can relax in the terrace. On the first Sunday of the month, a fun BBQ in the Balcony happens. From 1pm to 5pm, a cookout takes place, with specially-priced cold beers and meats awaiting guests. It is so well-loved that after just over a year of operations it has even also been nominated by Timeout magazine for the neighbourhood bar category this year.

One of Locker & Loft's friendly neighbourhood bartender
True to its philosophy of ''Making cocktails accessible and fun!", Locker and Loft has lately introduced a hands-on cocktail making session called the "The Shake and Take", which works this way:

1. Tell the friendly mixologist how you’d like your drink, what tastes you prefer, how your day was, the name of your pet and if you’re adventurous; your phone number (preferably ladies only please), etc etc..

2. The very-friendly house mixologist will then guide you as you Shake your own drink.

3. Pay the price of your cocktail and Take it.

4. If your creation is awesome, it'll even be included into their menu!

Trying my hand at cocktail making - I look like a pro!
Bonus: Creative guests that concoct memorable cocktails will be shortlisted for The LnL Amateur Bartender Challenge happening in September. The winning prize is a whopping RM1,000 with bragging rights.

Fireangel doing the thing she loves the moves - shaking and drinking.
The Shake and Take takes place every Thursdays from 8pm onwards.

So… don’t say I Bojio ah. Sau lu ahhhhh!

- Jon