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16 August 2017

Know about your wine before you drink it - Vivino

Note: This is not paid nor sponsored post, but we really wished it was. :)

Source: Sotheby's
Wine has always been my Achilles heel. Not because I don’t like it, but it is so vast in variety and so subjective. What I can tell is if a wine is bad (which really just means, I don't like it) or no good. And then there are wines which are just absolutely divine in the mouth. Both I'll only know once I have the wine with me, and it's opened, and the liquid's in the mouth.

What I really can't gauge is wine prices or possibly what we should be expecting from it just based on the bottle itself. So this is where this little app on my phone is very helpful - Vivino.

Source: Vivino's LinkedIn Page.
It's absolutely brilliant. Why? Coz with just a snap of a wine label, it's able to tell you the rating of the wine, expected tasting profile, other users' review, estimated price (in RM too!) and even sometimes if you're lucky, where it's distributed too.

How does it work? It's as easy as just opening up the app, and taking a picture of the wine label.

So, come next Christmas and when that loud obnoxious uncle of yours tries to pawn off a bottle of his scoggy wine as ‘very expensive’ or ‘verrrryy good’ - just Vivino the damn thing and you'll know for sure!

That being said, don't be shy to jio us for wines though. FireAngel and I have much to learn!

- Jon