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11 December 2021

X by Glenmorangie

Moët Hennessy Malaysia recently introduced a new variant to the Glenmorangie core range -  say hello to the X by Glenmorangie.

While X is still a single malt whisky, it was developed to be made for mixing and would be priced at a lower point than its other core variants. However, it's also a very approachable whisky and very drinkable neat or on the rocks.

There's even a list of cocktail recipes recommended by Glenmorangie to try at home, ranging from easy, medium to hard. Here's a super simple one that only requires ginger beer and ice:

  • Fill highball glass with crushed ice
  • Add 50ml X by Glenmorangie and 50ml ginger beer
  • Stir, squeeze 3 lime wedges over the drink, then use them to garnish.

Official tasting notes:

Colour: Deep paprika

Nose: Lusciously freewheeling, with succulent scents of pear and vanilla, honeysuckle and oranges.

Taste: A delicious extravaganza of flavour, from swirls of orange sherbet to bursts of creme brûlée, drizzled with chocolate fudge.

Finish: Long, wonderfully rich and sweet.

Christmas Tan, Brand Manager of Glenmorangie

Bottled at 40% ABV in 700ml and available for purchase on the official Moet Hennessy Malaysia's Shopee page. Currently priced at RM245.50.

Images from Glenmorangie Malaysia.