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19 June 2022

The Chow Kit Hotel x Mizukami: New Drinks Menu

The hotel's bar, Chow Kit x Mizukami, refreshed their drinks menu recently, with flavours that might remind you of your younger years.

Here's a few we tried:

The Great Colada (RM35) - A pina colada spin off with vodka and vitagen. Very easy-going.

A Currant Affair (RM45)- A ribena drink... but for adults! Gin-based.

Stroke of Orange (RM50) - A brandy-based sour drink inspired by *that* old school orange sherbet candy.... 

Breakfast of Champions (RM38) - An alcoholic version of the iconic Milo dinosaur. Bourbon-based.

They maintain their classic cocktail favourites, zero proof (no abv) cocktails (aka mocktails). For those not into mixed drinks, there's still a list of wine, spirits, beer (on tap and bottle) and other beverages (soda, tea, coffee). And of course, there's food from the Chow Kit Hotel Kitchen.

Happy hours are 5-8pm daily for selected cocktails, beer and wine (but all day for in-house hotel guests!).

Check them all out soon and don't say we #bojio