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29 October 2023

Bruichladdich Distillery's Octomore 14 unveiled in Malaysia

Octomore is Bruichladdich's super-heavily peated single malt range. First released in 2008, the Octomore single malts are matured for five years, bottled at or at least close to cask strength and are always super-heavily peated.

The Octomore 14 was recently unveiled in Malaysia

Octomore 14.1 (59.6% ABV) is distilled from 100% Scottish barley and malted to 128.9 PPM. It is matured in first fill ex American whiskey casks.

Official notes: Sweet caramel and vanilla open on the nose, with bright citrus cutting through Octomore’s signature smoke - elevated with roasted coffee and subtle spice.

Octomore 14.2 (57.7% ABV) is also distilled from 100% Scottish barley and malted to the same 128.9 PPM. but matured in a combination of Oloroso and Amarone casks. 

Official notes: robust, savoury flavour from the Oloroso ... rich, red fruit notes from the Amarone.

Octomore 14.3 (61.4% ABV) is distilled using only locally grown barley and is matured in a combination of bourbon casks and second fill wine casks and malted to a heavy weight 214.2 PPM. 

Official tasting notes: Aromas of hot, sweet mash on the nose, with the soft, biscuit notes of the malted barley complementing the earthy peat smoke. While smouldering peat lingers, creamy porridge and cereal notes of the Islay barley are balanced with butterscotch, honeycomb and a hint of vanilla.

Abigail Clephane, Global Brand Ambassador, led us through the tasting at Whisky House, KL

The Octomore 14 series (14.1, 14.2 and 14.3) is available for purchase in Malaysia and globally through and in specialist whisky retailers.