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17 March 2024

Meikle Toir comes to Malaysia

The GlenAllachie distillery brings to Malaysia its first peated single malt - Meikle Tòir - created by co-owner and whisky veteran, Billy Walker, whose goal was to create a peated whisky, a rare style in the Speyside region. As GlenAllachie is an independent distillery, Walker and his team have complete freedom to experiment as they will.
Meikle Tòir was created using mainland peat for an oaky, sweet smoke and it undergoes an extended fermentation.

Billy Walker is the co-owner and master distiller of GlenAllachie distillery
Meikle Tòir, meaning "big pursuit",  showcases hand-drawn illustration by Scottish illustrator Iain McIntosh on its label, which captures the surroundings of the distillery’s Speyside home.

The Meikle Tòir range consists of four expressions – The Original, The Sherry One, The Chinquapin One and The Turbo, which have all been aged for five years.
Official notes:

The Original (50% abv)
The best introduction to the Meikle Tòir range as a classic single malt that truly champions the brand’s peated pursuit. Made with mainland peat from St. Fergus, the flavour contribution is sweeter than that anticipated of a coastal peat (we like this very much!)
Maturation: First-fill Bourbon barrels, American virgin oak casks and Rye barrels
Nose: Baking spices, burnt honey and roasted coffee beans, hazelnuts, smoked almonds, and butterscotch
Taste: Wisps of sweet peat with rich chocolate and heather honey, followed by cinnamon, ginger and oak-smoked sugar
The Sherry One (48% abv) 

For sweeter, fruit-forward flavours that mingle harmoniously with wisps of peat smoke, The Sherry One offers the perfect balance. A lengthy fermentation period of 160 hours resulted in a fruit-forward spirit that is then expertly matured in quality Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry puncheons, imparting rich, fruity notes that work delightfully with the peat smoke.
Maturation: American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels, followed by Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso Sherry puncheons
Nose: Cedarwood and cigar box, alongside butterscotch, mocha and orange peel, with hints of honey and plum jam
Taste: Rich dark chocolate, smoked honey and mocha, followed by fig syrup, treacle and burnt sugar, with puffs of peat smoke on the finish
The Chinquapin One (48% abv) 

Offering a sweeter style of smoke character owing to the mainland peat from St. Fergus, this unique blend is aged in superior Chinquapin Virgin Oak casks sourced from the Northern Ozark region of Missouri, USA. The result is a robust mix of sweet spices and toasted nuts that are complemented by the sweeter peat smoke.
Maturation: American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels, followed by Chinquapin Virgin Oak barrels
Nose: Aromas of smouldering oak embers, burnt liquorice and honeycomb, with wild heather, ginger, butterscotch and orange peel
Taste: Dark chocolate, crème brulee and toasted almonds, leading to cinnamon, brittle toffee, aniseed and lingering campfire smoke

The Turbo 2023 Edition (50% abv) 

Taking the ‘heart of the heart’ of the Meikle Tòir distillate – the spirit cut that contains the highest phenol content – ‘The Turbo’ features an amplified smoky identity. The 2023 Release is a combination of three American Virgin Oak casks and five Oloroso hogsheads that result in a multi-faceted whisky with a powerful punch of peat.
Maturation: Three American Virgin Oak casks and five Oloroso hogsheads
Nose: Manuka honey, worn leather and rich chocolate with hints of toasted hazelnuts, dried sultanas and burnt orange peel
Taste: Intense peat, heather honey and mocha, followed by smoked spices, roasted chestnuts and charred oak


Ciara Hepburn (International Sales Manager, GlenAllachie) took us through the media tasting session

The Meikle Tòir range is now available in Malaysia via AsiaEuro Wines & Spirits priced between RM450 – RM465 depending on the expression.
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