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24 March 2024

Refresh your music with Heineken

Heineken is proud to bring back their global music platform, “Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights”, which invites you to break out of your music bubble and explore new sounds and expand your music playlist.

The highlight of this platform is the all-new Heineken Fresh List which uses their "Refreshing Algorithm" to introduce tracks outside your common preferences, offering refreshing blended playlists on Spotify.

Here's how to experience the Heineken Fresh List in a few simple steps:
Step 1: Visit Heineken Refresh Hub: 
Step 2: Select an artist or any of your friends to refresh your playlist.
Step 3: Connect using your Spotify account.
Step 4: Get your Heineken Fresh List and invite more friends to join!
This little teaser is meant to build an anticipation for their upcoming KL music event – Heineken Refresh. Let's keep an eye out for it!
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