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15 May 2024

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager makes its way to Malaysia

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager is a twist of Tiger’s lager flavoured with a touch of soju, inspired by the rising prominence of K-culture. 
This beer + soju mix is known in Korean as Somaek - "So" from soju, and "maek" from maekju (beer). You'll typically observe this being done at a korean restaurant / bar where a glass is 3/4 filled with beer, topped off with a shot or two Korean soju (flavour of your choice), and then mixed (sometimes with a lot of flair) to get a fizzy reaction. 
Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager (5.5% abv) is now available in Gutsy Grape (grape flavour) across Peninsular Malaysia in bottles and cans at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts, bars, restaurants, and online retail channels, including Drinkies.
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