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15 June 2024

‘Gin-Finity And Beyond' with The RuMa's Seven Lobby Bar

In conjunction with World Gin Day, Seven Lobby Bar @ The RuMa Hotel and Residences featured a special appearance from Taiwan’s, Nick Wu, founder of Bar Mood, Taipei (est. 2017). 

With almost 23 years of experience in the Food & Beverage industry, Nick Wu has been invited to over 40 cities across 20 countries to sling drinks as a guest bartender, host masterclasses, and even judge some of the industry’s most prestigious competitions. Nick has several accolades under his belt, including being crowned the Diageo World Class Champion in Taiwan in 2016. Nick was one of the first few Asian bartenders who sought out ways to add an “oriental touch” to his drinks, at a time when cocktails and mixology were mainly associated with Western flavours and ingredient.

Nick Wu brings a taste of Bar Mood through two of his signature drinks – Presents of God from his Tea series, and Season of Flower from his Flora series. Both cocktails reflect Nick’s vision for Bar Mood, which is to spotlight the beauty and uniqueness of Taiwan by telling its story through the use of local flowers, herbs, botanicals, fruits, and spices in his cocktails.

In addition to his signatures, Nick also crafted a special cocktail exclusively for The RuMa, inspired by Malaysia’s history and heritage, which will be available until July. 

The Seven Lobby Bar boasts 77 different gins sourced from all over the world, which can be paired with an assortment of 7 tonics, garnished with a spice, herb or fruit of your choosing.

For reservations at SEVEN Lobby Bar, whatsApp +603 2778 0751
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