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Feel free to get in touch with me about:

- contributing a booze-related article to your publication
- looking okay in front of the camera
- blogging about your brand or outlet
- showing up for events / parties / courses / training sessions / master classes / tasting sessions /experiential sessions
- spreading some news on the progress of the beverage industry
- sponsorship deals
- wanting to have my babies  if you're takeshi kaneshiro
- building your beverage-related brand on social media
- using my social media channels as a platform to engage with readers and to expose your brands to the right eyeballs
- my views on beverage-related matters.

Basically anything at all, as long as there's alcohol in it. ;)

Or if you're still not sure - why not just check out what I've done or I can do for some inspiration in my Trophy Case.

Please do share with me your collaboration ideas if you have any, I'd love to hear it.

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