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27 May 2011

Sapporo on Tap

Had a hankering for Asahi on tap in an ice cold mug. Something which Singapore has loads of but in Malaysia, NADA. NONE. MEI YOU. TAKDE. YILEK!

However, luckily for me, someone from either the top floor or the bottom one heard my cries and Bar Madrid @ Jaya One has a something almost as good - Sapporo on tap. Apparently it's the Only joint that does that in Malaysia.

For RM38++, you get 2 mugs for the price of one before 7pm. 1.5 mugs for the price of one after 7pm. Is that awesome or what?

The beer did not taste like water. The mug was chilled (would prefer it FROZEN though, why don't people do that here? This really is mind-boggling since it's really not rocket science why it should be done = make your customers happy = more orders = more money = owner happy!). The perfect beverage to refresh yourself with after a long, hot, humid day. What more could a girl ask for? (apart from the perfect man, diamonds, a sports car, expensive holidays..... but let's be realistic - a mug of ice cold beer's easier to get. :P)

FA + Cold Beer = Lots of Happehs

Do you know why I'm wearing a shit eating grin? That's because I am batshit happy.