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10 December 2012

Magners in TDH, TTDI

This is a terribly taken picture of a glass of Magners cider taken from TDH TTDI's bar top yesterday evening (Sunday).

The point of this was just to inform you that for some reason, Blackthorn cider, which TDH was infamous for, has been replaced with Magners.

Slightly curious but no complains though. Magners, actually goes down easier than Blackthorn and doesn't leave that strong metallic tangy aftertaste like its predecessor does.

Personally not a fan of cider to begin with. After one drink and it hits my knees. I actually feel it softening my bones and cartilage, eventhough it's just in my mind. And there's this tingling sensation that runs through my arms too. So cider is something I really rather stay away from, or drink very sparingly.

Cider's crispiness is still good for a hot summer heaty day though. With loads of ice.

On a wet, cold Sunday evening however, I would recommend a good book, in a shaded al fresco pub, by a clean river (say, a Singapore one), with a glass of single malt of whisky that never stops topping up until you're done. But that's just me. YMMV.