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07 December 2012

All I Want for Christmas

I don't celebrate Christmas, but I celebrate getting presents ANYTIME of the year - Christmas time included. So, without further ado:

1. Ice Shooter Mould
Product Source: Fred & Friends

More novelty than functional because you'll spend hours freezing this up only to have it melt in your hands after a few minutes probably. But how frggin' cool is it to be drinking shots from a shooter glass made out of ice? FIFTY shades of cool! 

And you know what else I can do with this? JELLY SHOTGLASSES that's what. Now tell me your mind isn't already blown. Mine is.

2. Ice Ball Mould

Basically an ice mould that allows you to make perfectly round ice balls like above. Why ice balls? Because it's so big and dense, it melts slower than your average ice cubes, hence taking a longer time to dilute your precious Single Malt Whisky shot. And really, don't they look much prettier too? So big and round and cute!

And I came across this machine that actually makes perfectly rounded crystal-like looking ice balls.. but I'm afraid to inquire about how much it costs... click on the link below and check out the video on how the machine forms a perfectly round ice ball in a matter of SECONDS, like MAGIC!

Available from:

Maybe I'll be able to find something from Daiso. I mean, that place has everything from handheld milk frothers to cat repellents.

3. The Whisky Advent Calendar

Image Source: Uncrate 

I've never been a fan of getting useless trinkets which you'll throw away eventually or stuff away in some forgotten dark dusty corner or bits of shitty chocolates which are usually not edible and made probably made in china out of mercury.... but this beauty changed my mind on advent calendars forever!

Behind each 24 mini doors lies a mini indiviually waxed and labelled 30ml bottle of .... WHISKY. And there's freaking 24 bottles of 30ml whisky to try! And one of these bottles contains a surprise 50 year old whisky sample!

I have to have this. Just to keep it. I probably won't even have to heart to open it up. I just have to have it. I just have to. Please get it for me because I'm too cheap to afford 149.95 pounds (RM735). Available at Master of Malt

I'm sure I'll be able to think of more. But let's stop at 3 for now. :)