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05 February 2013

The IBA Project

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This is one of the main reasons why I've been a little quiet these days - doing some research on this new exciting project I want to embark on and finding a new reason to live. THIS IS IT. THIS IS A NEW REASON TO LIVE THROUGH 2013.

(Just so that we're clear, drama aside, even if I hadn't found this to do, I would still live through 2013, albeit it might be a tad bit duller.)

But I'm really excited about this. So excited that I'm forcing you to get excited with me about it!

Firstly, what in the world is IBA? 
IBA is the acronym for International Bartenders Association (easily confused with the international BAR association meant for lawyers, but they are pretty related right? Because when they are/were studying for the exam they go to the BAR a lot ohmygod that was lame and I digress) which was founded in 1951 in England.

What they are and do is pretty much like what other professional  (auditors, engineers, accountants, bankers, lawyers) associations do and they hold all sorts of yearly international bartendering competitions. IMHO, someone ought to really fix up that website. It isn't too reader-navigational friendly (at least, not on Chrome, anyway) .

So IBA has a list of 77 recognised cocktails and standardised recipes. Apparently, these are some of the most frequently made around the world.

What's this IBA Project about then? 
I plan to whip up all 77 "Official IBA Cocktails" by the end of 2013 & document it here.

Sounds mighty simple doesn't it? But it isn't! Half of the challenge is to get the actual ingredients itself. Old Tom Gin? Orange Flower Water? Lillet Blonde? DiSaranno? Aperol? Orgeat and Gomme syrup? Celery salt? WHAT? Where do you even begin? And then even if I do ever find out, how much are they going to set me back? *scared*

Why am I even doing this? 
The question is, why not? It's exciting and SO FUN! Actually, I got my inspiration from the Julie and Julia movie.  I figured, I have about 47 weeks. If Julie can whip up 524 recipes in Julia's cookbook in 365 days, what's 77 cocktails in 47 weeks, eh?

But mostly, I'm embarking on this because I would totally enjoy doing it and I want to familiarise myself with the recipes of supposedly popular cocktails "recognised" internationally by any bartender worth his salt. Apart from hunting down the ingredients and mixing them, I'm also going to try to read up about them..... just so that you and I know more. I would love nothing more than to share this with anyone who gives a rat's ass. Because the more we know, the better, right? We can't always be drinking beer and wine, SMWs, straight up spirits and... wow that's actually quite a lot of options here... but you get my drift right? Something something about variety being the spice of life. :)

The Game Plan: 
Conquer the list one drink at a time, and hopefully get it all done by 2013.

Next Up: 
First, I'm going to compile the list of ingredients I'm lacking and share them with you. Who knows, maybe, just maybe I'll be get lucky and you'll know how and where to find it. Maybe I'll get even luckier and get YOU to sponsor me stuff too. *shameless*

Then, THEN, I'll make them drinks. (Let me know if you want to volunteer to be my guinea pig - otherwise I'm just have to continue getting my own family high on them lol)

Tune in for more of this after CNY. :)

  • IBA's Official website (NB: NOT Chrome friendly, but seems okay on Firefox)
  • The List of 77 Official IBA Cocktails: On their website & on my blog, just in case the version we're seeing today gets edited. My blog version will also be a check list which will be updated as and when a cocktail's completed.