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27 January 2013

Horizontal 18 Year Old SMW Tasting

All the beauties in a row.
From left to right: (italics to emphasize the ones not meant to be part of tasting)
1. Tomatin 18 year old
- Strathisla Single Malt Scotch Whisky (not an 18, but was brought out because it was interesting)
- Macallan 15 year Old, Fine Oak (not exactly drank, more like eaten. it was used to flame steak which was served for dinner, I shit you not)
2. Macallan 1994 / 18 year old sherry
3. Yamazaki Hakushu 18 year old
4. Glenlivet 18 year old
5. Laphroaig 18 year old
- Glenfiddich, 125th anniversary edition (brought out because we were all curious)
6. Glenfiddich 18 year old
- Glenfiddich age of discovery 19 year old Madeira Cask  (brought out because we wanted to compare)
- Glenfiddich, 30 year old (brought out because the host was high and feeling generous)

- Macallan 18, Glenfiddich 18, Glenlivet 18: Preference in this sequence. All smooth, easy drinking. Easily could be the bottles you reach out for on a daily basis. Glenlivet felt like the roughest, Macallan the silkiest.
- Yamazaki Hakushu I'm personally surprised to like this one because it's rather smoky. However, when you open the bottle, the first thing you notice is the the scent of sweet vanilla. It's sweet first, then subtly smoky yet smooth. I can take this. In fact, I enjoy it. Tasting this feels like what an oxymoron would taste like, if oxymoron had a taste. Its personality is so different from the other 3 mentioned above. So... Japanese? Haha. If I had to choose between all of the 18 year olds, this would be my favourite for the night.
- Glenfiddich 30: I suppose if I had to choose a favourite among ALL of it, it would HAVE to be this one - who wouldn't?  It smells like heaven filled with sweet smelling flowers. Only slightly exaggerated. And it tastes like it too. I would love to drink this everyday except for the small tiny detail of the fact that it sets you back about a few grands. :(
- Glenfiddich 19: I always confuse this with its Bourbon Cask brother, because I do like them both. Both smell sweet, goes down smoothly too... Though if I remembered correctly, I prefer the Bourbon brother because it's smoother and more.. flowery sweet.

- Tomatin 18 year old: forgot how this one tasted like but remembered that I didn't hate it.
- Strathisla Single Malt Scotch Whisky: pleasantly surprised that it's from Chivas, and it tastes decent for a 12 year old. But both won't be a top of mind for me.

- Laphroaig 18 year old & Glenfiddich, 125th:  Guess why? Yup. Super peaty. Just not my thing at all, despite Laphroaig being very sweet at first but the peatiness hits you like a truck right after.  Glenfiddich is just all round rough and smoky. But if you like that "strong", "manly", "muskiness" of whisk(e)y, this might just be it for you.

Thank you BoozyBuggers.
What would I be without you people and your lovely stash?
Sad and crying myself to bed every night, that's what. Hehehe! <3