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12 December 2020

Drink Draught At Home with Drinkies

My mum is a huge fan of the black stuff since forever.

She is so well-known for her love of Guinness that when we meet up with relatives over  a festive reunion, they will whisper to her, ".... there's a few cans of Guinness in the fridge just for you ya..". 

And whenever we go out for makan and if there's an option for it, you can bet she will order a pint (or two!) Guinness draughts to go with her meal.

So, it's her big 7-0 birthday this year and we had plans to throw her a big celebration... but thanks to the incessant movement restrictions (sigh COVID-19), those plans had to be cancelled. And as a high risk individual... she's been good citizen by not going out unless absolutely necessary... which also means she hasn't had her fresh pint in months! :(
Well, we couldn't bring mum to a bar... but we could bring a bar to her! 

How did we do this?

Heineken Malaysia has a DRAUGHT-AT-HOME service where you can enjoy chilled, freshly-poured (Heineken and Tiger) beer, (Apple Fox) cider, and (Guinness) stout safely and responsibly in the comfort of your own home!

The service includes delivery to your location and other amenities including the portable ice box which chills the beer, and glasses/plastic cups. 

Our technician from Guinness, Ratha, also demonstrated how to execute a perfect two-part pour for Guinness:

This is how the system looks like when it's set up (this is for a 10L keg - that's about 30 glasses):

That big metal box you see above is the ice box where the draught is tapped from, there's also a gas canister and the smaller tank is the beer keg. You may need to prepare additional ice, depending on how large your order is and how long your party goes on for. I've been told that once the keg is opened, it'll stay fresh for about 72 hours no problem.

Once you're done with the party, just like any usual catering service, Heineken will pick up the system,  so nooo it's not for keeping, okay! :)

Check out the 2-part pour perfectly executed by my mum:

And... a picture with the birthday girl is a must:


So for your next party, why be conventional and cater boring old food when you can cater FRESH DRAUGHT OF BEER at home! And guess what? With Christmas just around the corner... this would be perfect for any (small) home party!

For enquiries, just call 012-281-8888 or hop on to

Reminder: This service is for 21+, non-Muslims only. 
HEINEKEN Malaysia advocates #EnjoyResponsibly. Please don't drink and drive.