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12 November 2022

The Crib @ Bottle & Boar (by Jarrod & Rawlins), Subang Jaya

The Crib is located at the upstairs of the Bottle & Boar restaurant and is accessible only through the restaurant.

Downstairs - Bottle & Boar

The Bottle & Boar restaurant, which opened in 2018, originally ran as two floors. But when the pandemic hit, the team took the opportunity to re-look at the concept and change it up. So while the ground floor remains the same (ie - still the restaurant), the upstairs has been remodelled into The Crib for a more "bar and live band" setup.

Upstairs - The Crib

So now, it's a cosier, secluded lounge bar with a separated al fresco terrace in front (for those who require cough oxygen cough).


The Crib shares its food menu as Bottle & Boar - they highly recommend their Signature Ribs and Pork Chops, which they tout as “The Best Pork Chop in Malaysia”. Both the restaurant and bar are established by the founder of Jarrod & Rawlins (one of the first gastro pub concept in Malaysia for over 20 years) with that pedigree, you just know that all their porky goodness will be on point.

Apart from draught beers and cocktails, The Crib's drink menu proudly features local tuaks. They work with a local Tuak producer, Sunborneo Ragi from Sarawak, who is known for their Tuak Indu which is made from fresh pineapples harvested in Sarikei. The Crib is currently carrying 3 of their tuak range, Butterfly Pea, Black Rice and Original.

It's worth mentioning that the bar features a glass chiller by Innoveco, which instantly chills your glass in just 6 seconds.
The space is available for private events too, so don't say we #bojio!

Opens at 3pm daily. Closed on Sundays.

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