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08 April 2023

Marcy Sakuma at Three X CO and the KI NO BI Edition G

We had the pleasure of catching Marcy Sakuma, Manager of the House of Ki No Bi of Kyoto, who took over Three X Co to showcase the range of Ki No Bi gins in cocktails recently.

The guest shift also introduced the limited-edition Ki No Bi Edition G, the brand’s first cask-aged Kyoto dry gin, which was officially released in 2019 in selected markets. 

This new expression is made with the classic Ki No Bi gin, then aged in barrels that previously contained Henri Giraud Champagne. The partnership with the prestigious champagne house came about after a visit of 12th-generation owner, Claude Giraud, to The Kyoto Distillery.


Official flavour notes:

...Rich champagne gold and viscous in appearance...

...Aromas of warm buttery oak and wood spice on the nose with hints of vanilla and burnt toffee on the palate...

...A full and chewy finish, beautifully balanced between oak, caramel, and tannin...

Bottled at 48% ABV, there are only 1,740 bottles produced. If you somehow manage to get hold of a bottle of this (please jio and share!!!), it is recommended that you have this neat, on the rocks or in a highball with soda and a squeeze of lemon zest.

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