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03 July 2023

The Balvenie’s Makers Project x Ceres Lau

The Balvenie collaborated with local paper artist and sculptor Ceres Lau to showcase an installation titled “5 Rare Crafts and Craftsmen” celebrating the craftsmen behind the making of a Balvenie - Farmers, Malt Men, Coopersmiths, Coopers and the Malt Master. This installation also pays homage to Malt Master David C. Stewart’s legacy of six decades. 

Originating from Sarawak, Ceres Lau is a paper artist and sculptor. Her work predominantly draws inspiration from nature. For more on Ceres and her work:

This collaboration is part of The Makers Project, The Balvenie’s global campaign that celebrates craftsmanship from around the world. For more on The Makers Project:

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