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08 July 2023

Ki No Bai Arrives to Malaysia

Irasshaimase Ki No Bai! That's right folks. The Kyoto Distillery has brought its first-of-its-kind plum and berry liqueur to Malaysia!

This new expression is the distillery’s interpretation of British Sloe Gin and inspired by the Japanese umeshu, featuring locally sourced ingredients, such as haskap berries from Hokkaido and ume plums from Kyoto.

Picked from Akio Tanaka’s farm south of Uji, the plums are macerated for a minimum of 9 months in a tweaked version of the Ki No Bi Dry Gin, while the haskap berries are macerated for about a month. The liqueur is sweetened with hokuren sugar which is also sourced from Hokkaido, resulting in a balance of sweet and sour flavours.

Official notes: 

"Ruby red and silky appearance...

Aromas of blackcurrant and cherries on the nose..

Hints of almonds and pine cones on the palate...

Medium length finish with a balance of sweet and sour."

Whilst the Ki No Bai was initially created to be used in cocktails, it can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks (we enjoyed it served from a frozen bottle for added crispness and mouthfeel). 


KI NO BAI is a limited-edition liqueur and it is now available at selected Japanese restaurants and retail outlets, as well as through direct sales starting from RM 498 (29.5% abv, 700ml).

For more on Ki No Bi:


In conjunction with the introduction of KI NO BAI to the Malaysian market, Sushi Ryu has launched an exclusive Omakase menu which pairs its Japanese contemporary fusion food with cocktails made from the Ki No Bi core range.

Muki Kaki
Hirame with Vinaigrette Miso
Cholesterol Monaka
Paired with Miyabi (Ki No Bi Dry Gin)
King Crab Pasta with Truffle Caviar
Hotate Butter Yaki
Paired with.Ocha Tini (Ki No Tea)
Sushi – 6 pieces
Paired with Sei Tonic (Ki No Bi Sei)
Paired with Kyuri Tea (Ki No Tea)

This menu is made available until 30 September 2023 - so go check it out and don't say we #bojio!

For more on Sushi Ryu or to make reservations:
+60 13-203 3775, 03-2181 1531