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08 January 2013

Asahi on a Hot Tuesday Afternoon

Just to re-affirm you that this blog is not managed by a bot, I'm slipping in a picture of me. Ohai!

Nothing beats an ice cold beer on a sweltering day, don't you think?

The handsome devil pictured above is Asahi Super Dry, a favourite lager of mine.

Here's a description of what the beer is from Carlsberg Malaysia's website:
Asahi Super Dry was introduced in Japan on March 17, 1987 as the world's first KARAKUCHI beer, and Japan's first dry beer. Ever since then, it has continued to improve the taste and excitement of beer.
Asahi Super Dry is a premium lager beer and is also Japan's No. 1 beer. It's unique clean, crisp & refreshing "Dry Beer" taste (Karakuchi, in Japanese) has caught on with the rest of the world, with its presence in over 80 countries.
And they weren't kidding about the crispy aftertaste. Light, bubbly, clean, dry, and there's none of that usual bitter, hoppy aftertaste that most beers have... so it goes down super easy!

Asahi Draught in a Tower.. or rather, bubble lol

Carlsberg distributes (through its subsidiary, Luen Heng) and brews Asahi locally. It's available on-premise (bars, outlets, cafe, F&B outlets...) and off-trade retail outlets (Jaya Grocer, Giant, Carrefour...). It is also served on tap at selected Carlsberg outlets since December 2011.

It's a little more expensive than your usual Carlsberg green label or Tiger but is in par with the other "imported" beers.

In a nutshell, it's easy to drink, easy to get, and relatively inexpensive. No reason to not enjoy it at anytime of the day aye? :)