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02 October 2014

The IBA Project: Gin Fizz

A  happy glass of  Gin Fizz
The Grandfather Story:
One of the oldest classic drinks originating from the late 1800s. A Fizz is pretty much a cocktail (the base spirit could be a gin, whiskey, brandy or vodka) which contains carbonated water and citrus. The Gin Fizz is actually a variation of the John Collins (also an IBA cocktail) - the only difference between these two cocktails is that John Collins is served in a highball glass with ice, and the Ginz Fizz is served in a chilled tumbler ( a smaller glass than a highball), without ice.

Not strong. Sour and carbonated, it actually tastes like lemonade ... with alcohol.

IBA standard recipe & method: 
4.5 cl Gin
3 cl Fresh lemon juice
1 cl Sugar syrup
8 cl Soda water

Shake all ingredients with ice cubes, except soda water. Pour into tumbler (whiskey glass). Top up with soda water. Garnish with lemon slice.

Someone's gotta taste this.
  • Many recipes calls for 2 shots of gin (60ml)
  • Some recipes puts in more sugar and cuts down on the lemon. I prefer this.
  • No lemon? You could try using lime. Lime and gin go together like vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
  • The original recipe uses superfine sugar, instead of syrup... you just gotta shake it harder.
  • Apparently, the ORIGINAL recipe from the 1800s calls for Genever gin. Not impossible to attain, just quite freaking difficult. So a normal London Dry will do.
  • Include an egg white and it's called a Silver Fizz
  • Include an egg yolk and it's a Gold Fizz
  • Royal Fizz = whole egg included
  • Diamond Fizz is when you replace soda with champaign.
  • Add a dash of green mint creme and you get a Green Fizz

Thoughts & Observations:
  • IBA's version, too little gin. Can't get the taste of gin as the citrus completely overpowers it. Either that or I'm just an alkie who likes her drinks strong, hehe. I mean, what's the point of drinking a cocktail if I can't taste the spirit? Might as well just have a packet of juice, right?
  • Also their version makes it too lemony. Less tart and a bit more sugar preferred
  • Using a chilled tumbler keeps the drink for cooler slightly longer. It also makes your first few sip damn awesome on a hot sweaty day when the ice cold glass touches your lips. 
  • Drink it fast, otherwise the Malaysian heat melts it away and the gas will escape and all you're left with is a flat, sour, lukewarm drink which is blah.

For shizzle, mah fizzle.

My Preference: 
6 cl Gin (I used Gordon's, which is a london dry)
3 cl Fresh lemon juice
1.5 cl Sugar syrup
Top up with Soda water
Served in chilled glass with some cubes of large ice.

Sources & for more:

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