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20 March 2015

Tiger Beer Vs Tiger Radler: What's the Difference?

Hello Tiger Radler

I feel like this post needs to be written up because until today I still find people getting confused over what Tiger Radler really is. Allow me to try and clear up that confusion for you once and for all.

To put it simply,

 Tiger Beer + Lemon Juice = Tiger Radler

To put it lengthily, read on. :)

Firstly, why is it called a Radler? 
Radler is just another type of shandy. Shandy's a mixture of beer and some flavoured carbonated soda (usually citrus, fruits, ginger beer). The term "radler" is popularly used in Germany where they mix part beer with part sparkling lemonade (or Sprite or 7-Up as we know it in Malaysia).

Shandy? You mean that sweet bubbly can drink that kids love to drink over Chinese New Year pretending that they are adults?
Yup, that's the one and the same. Shandy's been around in Malaysia for a very long time actually. I remembered having my first shandy when I was a child nearly 30 years ago.

However, Tiger Radler was launched  just over a year ago (December 2013). Google it and you'll find loads of local press coverage on it.

So Tiger Radler's just the same like the other older shandies I've grew up with?
Not quite. While they are basically made of the same ingredients, Tiger Radler actually has a significantly higher alcohol content compared to the other shandies available in our local market.

The other shandies state that it contains less than 1% alcohol, Tiger Radler's stands at 2%. To give you a sense of perspective, Tiger Beer's alcohol content is at 5%.

Tiger Radler vs Tiger Beer vs other shandies which you're familiar with

It's safe to presume then, that Tiger Radler's the same price as the other shandies?
Again, not quite. Here's a fun fact for you: when it first launched, it was meant to be priced the same as Tiger Beer. But after some time, the Radler's price became lower. IMHO the lowered pricing made more sense... because how does a 2% ABV product fall in the same price range as a 5% ABV one?

Anyway, now, the Tiger Radler's pricing is actually in-between shandies and domestically brewed beers. I had a quick check at my neighbourhood hypermarket and the prices look something like this:

(For a 320ml can)
Other shandies (with <1% ABV) = RM1.50 to RM 2.00
Tiger Radler (with 2% ABV) = RM 3.50 to RM4.50
Tiger beer (with 5% ABV - for comparison purposes) = RM6.50 to 7.00

When life gives you lemons, make shandy.
Wait, with the higher alcohol content - does it taste more beer-ish? I don't like the taste of beer.
Nope, not at all.. It's still sweet and refreshing tasting. I think my mum put it very aptly when she describe it as "Very nice for hot weather. It's very quench-y". Yes, I know she totally made up that word.

Do remember to serve it super chilled otherwise it might get a little too sweet.

So... Can I legally serve it to kids?
Well, it DOES have some alcohol in it. It really depends on how open you are with the kids under your care having a little bit of alcohol. Do you feed them with shandy? If yes.... then maybe another 1% of ABV wouldn't hurt? But YMMV. 

By the way, did you know that in European countries, it's common for a child to be fed with a little bit of brandy or sherry when they refuse to sleep or become too temperamental? Hehe #justsaying la.

Can I get drunk on this stuff? 
I suspect some people might feel the effects of the 2%, especially those who don't consume alcohol. Best way to find out? Buy a can and try la! :)