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02 April 2015

Launch: FiftySix Degrees Whisky - A Malaysian Brand

Hello FiftySix Degrees!
Well, let me qualify the post title - it's not actually made in Malaysia. (edit: changed the title a bit so that it's less ambiguous lol)

Launched barely a month ago (12 March 2015), the whisky is actually from Scotland, but the brand and bottling is Malaysian. And as true Malaysians, as long as there's a certain % that's made in Malaysia, idiotic nationalists like me will unabashedly proclaim it MADE IN MALAYSIA! :P

You definitely won't find it anywhere else yet though. It's currently only available in Malaysia, so don't bother looking for online reviews on it.... For now.  :)

Happy to bring you the 56 Degrees whisky are:
(L) Jonathan Scott - Senior Representative of Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd &
(R) Kristine Goh - Founder and CEO of 56 Degrees Marketing  (photo credit: 56degrees)

So I guess I'm stuck with you and your blog then. Tell me, what kind of a whisky is this? 
It's basically a blended scotch whisky.

Er.... can you like, give me more info? Blended with what, for example?
Well, the liquid is actually a blend of whiskies by the Ian Macleod Distillers. If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, they are the same guys who bring you Glengoyne, and Smokehead whiskies, to name a few.

Why FiftySix Degrees? I'm kinda used to names like Jim, Johnnie, Glen something or other.
They say that the name pays homage to the Scottish Highlands. So being the curious cat, I went and looked the GPS coordinates... lo and behold! I found out that it's actually the latitude of where Ian Macleod's distillery is! I'm sure that's no coincidence. :)

The pin marks the spot.

Who in Malaysia was given the privilege to bottle this whisky?
Carlbeck Bottlers, who have apparently been here for yonks. But weirdly, I can't find ANY online trace on them, eventhough the brand name is proudly stamped on the bottle. THIS was the ONLY online reference to them that I can find. Know them or their history? Please share in the comments section kindly.

Proudly brought to you by Ian Macleod and Carldbeck Bottlers - it says so on the bottle!
What is it supposed to taste like?
Quoting its official website:

Attractive and soft, with very slight citrus top notes, a richly malty heart with some fudge, and is slightly syrupy with good balance.

Fresh and creamy, nicely vibrant without prickle with a pleasant mouth-coating fruitiness developing with time.

oft and balanced, with a mature and smooth finish.

For a noob like me, I can only tell you that it's sweet upfront, and goes down really easy for a blended. Almost like water. I didn't need to mix it with soda, or coke or anything else. Neat or with a couple of ice cubes was fine. I had copious amounts of it at the launch event and didn't even realise that I drank it like water. I kept drinking and drinking and drinking ... then before I knew it. BAM. High!

Sorry, I think I was high by this shot.
(photo credit: 56 degrees) 
Hahahaha. you lightweight!
Yes, yes I have to admit that I am. But, like most scotch whiskies, It's bottled at 40% ABV. So imagine downing copious amounts of that really fast and NEAT.

Whatever you say. I'm not gonna take your word for it. where can I try some for myself and proof you wrong? 
It's currently available at selected bars and restaurants in the Bangsar, Damansara and Hartamas area which includes The Roulette Restaurant Bar, Naughty Nuri’s, Piggy Tail, Sid’s Pub, Chapter One Bar & Bistro, Hour Place Restaurant, Eight Gourmets Gala (EGG), and Castell Gastrobar.

If you ask me, I personally think that this will be that whisky to have a good, boisterous, all-out party with. If the price is right, it should take over all the hottest clubs or night spots in town - IF the price is right, of course. I guess only time will tell. I'm really curious what this brand will grow up to be! :)

For more:

On a parting note - 56 degrees whisky sure knows how to throw an AWESOME launch party. (photo credit: 56 degrees)