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28 April 2015

Insta Weekly: DIY Moscow Mule - Ozzie wines - Mason Shaker - Botanist Gin - Marini's on 57 - Nobu KL - Sommersby's #thatweekendfeeling - Penang Trip

Apologies for the tardiness! I was away in Penang for the weekend and back only yesterday. Let's quickly get on with last week's recap:

Homemade Moscow Mule with Russian Standard & Smirnoff vodka
I continue with my Moscow Mule madness from the previous week - trying it with the different types of vodka I have at home - this time with Russian Standard and Smirnoff. It all works for me, at least with ginger ale it does. I just found out that there's nothing russian about Moscow mule except its name. The cocktail was actually created by a Smirnoff distributor in America, who was trying to boost sales. Yes, the copper mug guy was in on the marketing scheme too. :)

Third Generation (not my thing) and Cock + Bull Red (liked) wines which I had last week - what do you enjoy?
Tried a couple of Australian Merlot with bizarre looking labels. 3rd generation had this really odd herbal finish, while the other one, Cock + Bull, seemed fine to me. Not a huge wine head, but I'll do wine when I need a break from beers or the hard stuff and usually op for Merlot, Chianti.. those soft, well-rounded wet ones for my wussy palate. For whites, usually Reisling or Sauvignon Blanc - not too sweet and not too dry. I'll stick to the cheap ones at below RM50 for now, until I get better educated on it. What wines do you enjoy? Any to recommend?

My new toy from Australia looked so pretty and promising in its nest of paper.... 
This novelty shaker, The Mason Shaker, was all over the internet once for being a Kickstarter success story. A kind friend for me one from Australia as a gift. Being too smart, I decided to soak the stuff overnight... only to discover the metal ring rusted the next day. I'm not sure how an equipment that's supposed to be constantly in contact with liquid is supposed to rust like this. All I know is that I'm really upset about it.

Drink more The Botanist gin martini. It's good for your... happiness.
Had some more Botanist gin last week at Hyde @ 53M. It's still good. I wanted to get my hands on a bottle at the KLIA Duty Free last week but I nearly choked at the RM214 price tag. Sigh. It IS a premium gin afterall.

Left: Yummyilicious of-the-menu gin cocktail at Marini's.
Right: Just one of the the many available sakes served to you in their customised serving-kettle at Nobu KL. 
Dropped by KLCC Petronas Towers for a quick visit to Marini's on 57 and Nobu. Marini's been around since 2012 while Nobu in 2014. Both are fine-dining establishments with swanky bars. Marini's offers an Italian menu while Nobu's American - Japanese. The vibe and view at both bars (I've only drank there, not ate, hehe) are glorious & breathtaking - it transports you (and your wallet) to a different country. If the location was on the way from my after work route, I would be here more often, maybe everyday! Luckily it isn't (I can hear my liver sighing in relief).

Having fun at the Somerby's event.
Somersby launched a #thatweekendfeeling campaign with the Crackhouse Comedy Club. I'm a super blur person and therefore not quite clear what the campaign entails but the vibe I get is that Somersby wants you to feel good and (may potentially) reward you for doing so. So, to get in touch with potential goodies for you and your friend, check out: or follow them on their FB account:

Far left: negroni at Mish Mash, Middle: Antarabangsa Enterprise, Right: Having some beers at Brussels
Made a short weekend trip to land of hawker food haven - Penang. In between gorging our faces with food, drinking had to happen:
  • Brussels at Gurney Paragorn - We were here for an in-between lunch break for some beer. Maybe because it was still early, but we noticed their customers only eating (and drinking non-alcoholic beverages) - which was quite a cultural shock to me. If you're a Penangite and reading this - is this a normal thing in Penang?
  • Antarabangsa Enterprise - I loathe to tell you about this place because I want to keep it a secret, hehe. So as a compromise, I'm gonna make it just a tad bit harder for you by not linking its location here. This is a hole-in-the-wall back-alley shop selling really cheap local and imported beers from between RM5 to RM18. If you're into the hard stuff, they have it too, but I didn't check the price though.
  • Mish Mash @ Muntri Lane - this is the only place I know of in Penang which has quite an extensive array of whisky and decent cocktails (they change their cocktail menus once every 2 months). Let me know if you know somewhere that does the same, I would love to check it out too. Anyway, you'll also find your usual Guinness, Heineken and Kirin on draught with happy hour prices. They serve snacks to accompany your tipple, and there's even a cigar bar to pair with your whiskies! Check out: 
LH: enjoying some cava at Plates and RH: who is that shameless fella posing with all that lovely craftbeers? :P 
Located just a few door down from Mish Mash is Plates, a newly opened break/brunch/lunch place. It's hosting an all-you-can-drink Cava promo for the entire month - which we naturally had to check it out. For more:

Inch, actually located in the same pre-war shop as the above, caters to the dinner crowd. Both are fine-diningish establishments with a quirky, hippy atmosphere, and owned by the same person behind The Bee, Adrian Yap. I was invited for a delicious craftbeer & Thai food pairing session in conjunction with their launch last Sunday. I will tell you more about this place soon, but before the post is up, check out their Facebook on: 

Until next week, drink safe!

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