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04 May 2015

Insta Weekly: Soju - Hexa Lounge - The Great Beer Bar - Sangria - 44 Bar

Last week was a relatively quiet week. Nice change actually. Too much imbibing feels a little... indulgent and unhealthy. So when my body nudges me to take a break, I do take it. :)

Chum Churum soju by Lotte - do you like this stuff? I don't know how to.
I've never liked Soju. Tried it again last week and I find that..... I still don't like it. It's basically a Korean version of vodka, usually distilled from grains or starch with some sweetener added into the final product and Koreans drink it like their lives depended on it. HOWEVER - when soju is mixed is baekseju to become osipseju it is a whole different drink together and I LOVE IT. I wrote about this mix 2 years ago here and I highly recommend you to try it the next time you have Korean food. Take care though, the end product is a total of 2 x 360ml bottles so best to share among 3 or more pax. Definitely NOT for the weak hearted. :)

Grand Bloom on the left and Silk Road on the right by Hexa Lounge
Finally paid a visit to this bar because I don't really hang out around the Sunway area. Hexa Lounge is owned by the Grand Imperial Group boys. Hexa Lounge serves delicious signature cocktails, some of them award-winning, all created by a local bartending talent, Kelvin Lee, formerly from Marini's and G Tower's View Rooftop bar. However, I'm not sure what to make of the location of the bar, as it's placed in an office building, right at the entrance of the Chinese restaurant. I've tried 3 cocktails at my first visit and enjoyed them all. They were as pretty as hell and really delish - Grand Bloom (a sweet Genever and Cassis), Silk Road (BACON-infused whisky, strawberry, basil) and Flaming Jade (sake + absinthem, honey, lemon). Check them out at: or click here for the location of the bar on Google Maps.

A craft beer bar! IN PJ! Rejoice!
The Great Beer Bar opened on 1 May 2015! If you are familiar with Ales & Lagers you know exactly what to expect. If you're not, it's a bar dedicated to craft beers. But unlike Ales & Larger which was pretty much a tiny little hole-in-a-wall space that sat a maximum of 10 pax in its outlet, the Great Beer Bar is a PROPER bar with loads of sitting space, a full kitchen to whip you up some really good beer grub and even craft beers on tap! Yeay! Us PJ folks don't have to travel so far for some craft beer fix all the time! Check them out:

Red wine + fruits = sangria. A pitcher full of vitamin goodness! :P
This is a pitcher of red wine sangria served at La Cocina. This neighborhood spanish inspired establishment serves one of the better red wine sangrias I've had in Klang Valley. A pitcher for RM69++, it fills 8 small wine glasses. Not a bad accompaniment to your tapas dinner. Please share if you know another place that makes legit sangrias? I would love to know. Meanwhile, I'm inspired to make my own though. It's actually very simple to make theoretically: fruity red wine which is not too dry + fresh fruits bits + fresh fruit juice + grand marnier (or triple sec with some brandy) = tah dah sangria! Ya ok, I'll make it one of these days and post it up. Haven't done one of those DIY posts in yonks!

Ginger Mad Men by 44Bar. Catoctin Rye Whiskey + Harviestoun Engine Oil  + Ginger = Yum.
Remember 44 Bar which was at APW, Bangsar? Well, if you were wondering why it's no longer there it's because it's actually a pop up bar. It's a wandering bar so it'll set shop temporarily in selected locations and "squat" for a limited period. Right now, it's "squatting" at Taps beer bar, Mont Kiara - but only for a month. It'll have the usual craft spirits offerings (but limited options) this round and exclusive cocktails which feature Tap's craft beers in its mix. Check it out by 22 May before it packs up and leave for a different location!

It's a short one this week. So until the next week, drink safe!

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