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20 May 2015

Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1964: Bottle 3/100 For Auction in Malaysia & How-To

The Glenlivet Winchester Collection Vintage 1964 Bottle No.3 is in Malaysia
The Glenlivet's first collection of 50 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky, Vintage 1964, has landed in Malaysia.

Released at 42.3% ABV, this is bottle No. 3 of 100. Yes, there are only 100 bottles available on earth.

Having gone through 7 master distillers, it takes its name from the current master distiller, Alan Winchester, making it the first of the many Glenlivet Winchester collection expressions to come. The next vintage will be a 1966, which will be released in a ........ make a wild guess? Uh huh, 2 years time. :)

Say hello to Alan Winchester, the current Master Distiller of The Glenlivet (in blue)
What makes it more special is this - it was distilled and laid down by Captain Bill Smith Grant, the last direct descendant of the founder of The Glenlivet, George Smith.

Here's the official Tasting Notes (because honestly, who has actually tried it? lol):
This cask of exceptional quality, made of American oak seasoned with Bourbon, has created a symphony of distinctive flavours, full of the signature fruity notes of The Glenlivet, intensified with age. Ripe pears, oranges and black cherries create an intriguing flavour, while smooth, creamy toffee notes give a rich, velvety texture. In thebackground, hints of caramelised sugar entice the taste buds and endure on the palate, creating the sort of whisky that legends are made of.
The Glenlivet Winchester cabinet opens up automatically - almost like a transformer of sorts!
It comes with a presentation cabinet designed by award-winning furniture maker, John Galvin. When you open the doors with the key, the bottle automatically slides towards you - as it should :)

If you're an avid whisky collector you might want to try your hand at bidding for it at the online auction which will be held until 12 June 2015 @ 8pm. Bids will start at RM90,000... with increments set at RM1,000.

If you win the bottle, you will ALSO get a trip for 2 to Scotland which includes a tour of the The Glenlivet distillery (please bring me along!).

I thought this picture was pretty and served as an excellent filler in between my wall of text.
Feel free to insert your own caption here.
To bid, just register on the online bidding site at

By registering, you'll be automatically signed up as a The Glenlivet Guardian with all its perks including free tasting and experiential sessions - which I'm proudly part of and thoroughly enjoy. We even got to taste rare gems like the Glenlivet Alpha and the Strathisla 18!

Once registration has been confirmed (you'll receive an email), you'll have access to the online bidding site. This is where it may get a little confusing so I took the trouble of grabbing screenshots to hopefully help you navigate around better.

A step-by-step guide on how to bid for the Glenlivet Winchester Vintage 1964 (click on me for a larger image)
So once you've registered and logged onto the bidding site, you'll come to (1) - refer to image above. Here, to proceed, you MUST click on "LEARN MORE". Which will take you to (2). If you want to skip through all the texts (which is basically a prettier version of what I've written above), just click on "BOTTLE NO.3".

This will take you to (3). Click on "Make a Bid" to take you to page (4). This is where the actual bidding takes place. You'll need to enter the amount you wish to bid and simply click on "bid now" to enter your bid. You will receive an email confirmation of your bid. You will also receive an email if you have been outbid.

Once the auction closes and if you are the highest bidder, you will know it because the sales team will be in touch with you to arrange for payment and shipment of the bottle to you.

So, a few things to remember:
1. Auction closes on 12 June 2015, 8pm.
2. The winning bidder gets the bottle AND a trip for 2 to Scotland
3. This is the most important: invite me for your tasting if you EVER open the bottle in my lifetime. :)

Happy bidding!

If you need more info, try:
+603 7723 9300

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