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17 July 2015

Launch: Hana Dining & Sake Bar @ Sunway Pyramid

We were invited a month ago to check out the launch of this popular Taiwanese restaurant/bar which specialises in Japanese fusion/casual bar food.

In Taiwan, it goes by a different name of Aplus Dining Sake Bar or 花酒藏 A-Plus 日式和風創意料理. Boasting 130 types of sakes, it's one of the biggest sake bars in Taiwan.

The restaurant in Taipei has been operating since 1997. Malaysia would be its the first overseas outlet.

They can't use the original name in Malaysia because they found it too common, hence the localised name - hana (which means flower in japanese), which is actually its chinese translation of its original name. 

Food's quite affordable and at very decent portions if you go for the group set menu (for 4 pax , 6 pax...). 

Currently serves:  Wine, Carlsberg's slew of beer offerings (Connors, Somersby and Kronenberg Blanc too), sochu & sake cocktails, offer about 30 odd sakes at the brand new Sunway outlet... which they promise they will expand once they find their feet.

They've also bottled their own sake - brewed by a sake brewery from Japan. Apparent made by a famous Japanese sake brewery.

Thanks for having us!