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14 September 2015

Pavilion KL's #JourneyOfTaste & L'Officiel Launch - Guinness Malaysia is 50 - Imperial by Zouk

Not much updates from me last week as I was called away to "balik kampung" on a family obligation... Also - that haze man. It's getting terrible by the day isn't it? My eyes are already stinging, my nose is full of gunk and I'm getting constant headaches from it already. :/ Please take care of yourselves, drink plenty of water, take the medications you need to take and if you must stay outdoors, mask on ya! 

1. L'Officiel Launch & Pavilion KL's #JourneyOfTaste 

Was at Pavilion KL for the launch of the L'officiel magazine in Malaysia. Supposedly the oldest one around, this 94 year old fashion luxury magazine from Paris has finally made its way to Malaysia and will feature localised contents. I'm not the most fashionable person, but the invite was not wasted on me because I sure know how to enjoy a good party, especially one which has free flow sparkling wines and cocktails made with Absolut vodka and Martell (from Pernod Ricard). More about the magazine: and

At Pavilion, learnt that the mall is running a September month-long promotion for spending, eating & drinking called #JourneyOfTaste. There are quite a few offers for the month like:
  • 1 free Bruichladdich or Remy Martin drink for every RM1k spent in a single receipt at  Couture Pavilion, Fashion Avenue and luxury stores.
  • 1 free bottle of Somersby for every RM100 spent in a single receipt every Saturday as part of Somersby's  #thatweekendfeeling campaign 
There are also promotions with Asahi, Connor's and Kronenbourg too. Check them out here:

2. Guinness has been in Malaysia for 50 years.

In conjunction with their 50th anniversary in Malaysia, Guinness has created 3 new limited edition bottlebottle and can designs. They should be available in groceries and kopitiams near you. If you're into collecting Guinness paraphernalia, grab them while they last (pretty girl in picture not included)! Hashtag: #GuinnessMy50

3. Imperial by Zouk

Wow. I haven't been to Zouk in ages and so when we got to the NEW Zouk, I was flabbergasted. It is a HUGE MONSTER with 8 sections. A few of us were there to visit the Imperial lounge which boasts a decent range of whiskies from all over the world. Because it's meant to be an exclusive, premium, high-classed VIP joint, expect prices to be more than what you'll usually pay for anywhere else. Lots of comfortable coaches everywhere and there's even a section which is decorated from floor to ceiling with Dom Perignon bottles. Highlight of the place: you can actually choose to exit the place via a slide down to the floor below.

Until next week, drink safe!

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