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04 October 2015

Event: Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden @ Solaris, Publika

A few of us were invited for a media preview of Kirin's little pop up beer garden in The Square, Solaris Publika.

Welcome to the Ichiban Bar (Image: Kirin)

The pop up bar serves 2 types of Kirin pours: Kirin Ichiban Draught and Kirin Ichiban Frozen Beer.

Pretty Kirin girls in a row waiting to welcome you  (Image: Kirin)

It's called frozen beer but technically, it's the foam that freezes at -5ÂșC with their very own customised slurpee-like machine. The frozen foam "caps" the beer to trap the bubbles (so that the beer doesn't get flat too fast) and keep it chilled for a little longer.

Ben Ng explaining how the bubbles are trapped underneath the frozen foam. Bubbles bubbles bubbles. My bubbles! (Right image: Kirin)

Inside the bar, you'll even get to make our own frozen beer!

Yup, I spilled myself. Really, it's harder than it looks. (image:

Bonus: Kirin's also giving out a made in Japan mini frozen beer machine with every purchase of 10 beers. Now you get the chance to own your very own nifty mini "slurpee" machine!

I'm so cute! How can you resist from taking me home? (Image: Kirin)

The Kirin Ichiban Beer Garden will be opened from 5pm -12mn from 1 - 10 October 2015, at The Square, Publika.

Kampai! (image:

Check it out soon before it packs up and leave!

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