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05 October 2015

Insta Weekly: Kirin Beer Garden - GAB Oktoberfest 2015 - Free Whisky @ The Bar - Happy 3rd Birthday A&L

1. Kirin Ichiban Beer Pop Up Bar from 1 Oct to 10 Oct at @ Solaris, Publika.

I've mentioned this quite a few times on my FB, instagram and have even blogged about it already, haha. So why haven't you check it out with your friends and gotten hold of your own mini "slurpee" machine already? Hehe.

2. GAB Oktoberfest 2015 begins.

GAB will be starting their roving Oktoberfest parties from 8 October onwards. Enjoy the party, beer promotions, collect the 2015 edition steins, join a contest and win prizes! Details on my blog before the end of the week. Meanwhile, find out what they are up to here:

3. Free Shot Whisky @ The Bar (by Sam) Kinugawa 
This cozy Japanese-concept bar at Empire Damansara is 1 year old! To celebrate this feat, they've offered a free shot from the very hard-to-attain & only available in Japanese airports - Nikka Gold & Gold Blended Whisky. All you need to do is like them on instagram, show up & take a selfie with the bottle and voila! Free shot on the house and bragging rights! While you are there already, why not get Sam to whip you up an awesome life changing cocktail and be enthralled by how he works behind the bar.

Now I've been wanting to blog about this place for sometime now. There is a lot to say about this place and I don't want to just focus on just their cocktails. They put in a lot of emphasise in trying to perfect everything they do - which is a default Japanese thing I suppose - from the tools, to freezing their spirits, using crystal glssware and even down to making their own crystal clear ice. I promise I will write about it soon enough. But there are quite a few reviews out there already raving about his cocktails - so you know it's legit. Meanwhile, you can check out their facebook  &instagram for updates:

4. Happy 3rd anniversary Ales & Lagers!

This craft beer shop (the tiny space was not meant to be a bar! Customers were supposed to buy the bottle and go, LOL.) was just supposed to be opened for 3 months.... and look what happened? Not only are they 3 years old, it's even got a sibling branch, The Great Beer Bar opened this year!

Anyway, in conjunction with their anniversary, get hold of this nifty beer sommelier glass with every RM150 purchase in a single receipt, while stocks last!

Follow them on their facebook & instagram, but only if you can resist dropping everything you're doing at the moment to head over to the bar to grab a bottle of whatever they've posted: &

Until next week, drink safe!

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