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04 January 2016

Insta Weekly: Stuff to Try & Places to Check Out.

Give the Hoegaarden ice-cream @ Rekindle ss2 Cafe a go
Sounds a strange but not a bad experience at all.

Check out Restoran Zhing Kong @ KL .... not for its food.
But for beers & local firewater at lunch time.

44 Bar is no longer at Dr Inc Bangsar
Many sad face. You'll only be able to find it as a pop up bar at selected events from now on :(

NEW: PS150 Bar @ KL
Located at 150, Petaling Street, say hello to yet another new cocktail bar in town!

Suntory Whisky White Label (Shirofuda) is Yummy!
Claimed to be the FIRST Japanese whisky (since 1929). Very easy drinking everyday whisky. Wish we could easily get hold of them (only available in Japan, I believe).

Richfield SS3 for RM60 Guinness & Kilkenny 3-pint set
If you're in PJ and hankering for a regular beer, you've found it right here.

Until next week, drink safe!

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