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18 January 2016

Insta Weekly: Whiskies, Spirits & Bars

Hi readers!

Updates will be sporadic for the next 2 months until April. Not only will I be too caught up with my offline commitments, but I will also have to majorly cut down on leisurely drinking (TEMPORARILY ONLY, DON'T PANIC).... unless it's in an event, which I won't say not to, hehe. Meanwhile, feel free to get quite frequent updates from my Instagram (lots of of silly daily shenanigans) and Facebook page. Happy chinese new year, happy chah goh mei and happy valentines in advance!

Old Parr is all the rage.
Evidently an underground popular whisky, my uncle introduced it to me 2 years ago... and then I hear it get mentioned more and more. It's a legit scotch, no doubt - 1 of Diageo's many, many brands. If you can get your hands on it for a good price, it's a very decent house pour.

Ril's Bar, Bangsar
One of the earliest cocktail joints in Bangsar, it's currently helmed by 2 new imported bartenders, Zach & Mat, who are quite cocktail geeks. I haven't been back for over a year but with these new guys around, am looking forward to trying more of their signatures and interpretation of the classics. Prices start from RM42 and up. I've been planning to do up a list for cocktail bars I've visited - it will happen in 2016!

Omakase + Appreciate
Giving a little shout out to their snack menu. Not a wide range (just 3 options) but tasty enough to satisfy your alcohol-induced munchies.

Hello Wholly Spirits!
There's a new distributor in town which focuses on fairly uncommon stuff which are quite sought after by bartenders and spirits aficionados alike. Check them out at

The Macallan Edition No.1
Seems like Macallan is embarking on a new expression. Thanks for this cute little sampling set, folks! Let's see how tasting it will be like....

Until next week, drink safe!

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