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02 May 2016

Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort

Jacob's Creek Reeves Point Chardonnay + chilling at Saujana Resort = Bliss.

There's a trend that's taking over wine makers by storm - going rogue and breaking all the rules with new grape varieties, wacky names, edgy copy-writing and eye-catching label designs.

Sweet bitch. Fat Bastard. Bulls Blood. Gnarly Head. Fish Eye. Hocus Pocus. Bitch. Frog's Piss. Elephant on a Tightrope. No, I'm not making up rude words - these are ACTUAL wine brand names.

With an encouraging price tag (RM50ish), I have to admit that it's quite fun to play around with them. But it's almost like Russian Roulette - sometimes they turn out okay. Other times, they were so horrible I wish I was dead.

On days when I don't feel like placing a bet and just want to HAVE decent wine - I go back to the trusted, classic names. For me, that translates to a handful of Australian wine labels that I'm familiar with. I'm no wine snob and I like my easy drinking, uncomplicated, new world wines which usually comes with an attractive price point (i'm also quite cost sensitive).

The other thing is this - Australian wines were the first wines I was exposed & learned to enjoy back in my Sydney University days - so I guess you could say that I always go back to Australian wines because of nostalgia and misplaced loyalty. :)

So it was a nice surprise when an invite from Pernod Ricard Malaysia (PRM) came for a Jacob’s Creek wine tasting & dinner pairing session at @ Saujana Resort recently.

Jacob's Creek Heritage Wine Collection Dinner @ Saujana Resort
Drink us. DRINK US!

Pernod Ricard Winemakers Wine Ambassador, Jenny Rothenberg, took us through the 4 labels under the Heritage Wine Collection (and my thoughts below):
  • Reeves Point Chardonnay - oh man, I really enjoyed this bubbly. Not too sweet, not too sour, just right. Call me Goldilocks anytime you want, just keep my glass filled with this beautiful stuff okay?
  • Centenary Hill Shiraz - Soft with not much tannin or acidity which Shiraz's are known for. This is one of the rare Shiraz I enjoy a lot.
  • Steingarten Riesling - flowery & fruity in the nose.. with a peculiar mineral-ly finish.
  • Johann Shiraz Cabernet - dark. heavy. tannin is prevalent in this one.
And with a name like "Heritage Wine Collection" it's definitely your premium-level stuff.

Update: We're looking at a lower RM2XX for the Chardonnay and Riesling, mid RM2XX for the Shiraz and lower RM3XX for the Cab. Only available at hotels for now, and Saujana is definitely one of them.

Thanks for having us, PRM!