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12 May 2016

(Re)Launch: Johnnie Walker Green Label Datang Lagi!

Johnnie Walker Green Label is back!

Heart were broken, (manly) tears were shed, shelves were emptied and basements were filled up with green boxes (YOU BLOODY HOARDERS) when Diageo decided to discontinue selling the Green Label back in 2012 (except in Taiwan, because you know, where, instead of oxygen, they inhale single malt whiskies) to introduce the Gold Label and Platinum Label.

Then in 2015, cheeky Diageo teased selected countries (North America..& Australia too I think... But not Malaysia I believe ) with a limited time offering of it which was in conjunction with their 10th anniversary.

Johnnie Walker Green Label Launch Malaysia
Happy people: Georgie Bell, global whisky expert from Diageo & Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director for Diageo Brands - Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia (Image: MHDM)

This year, Diageo finally decided to bring the prodigal 15 year old back for good.

Like the old (pre-2012) version, this 40% ABV blended malt is made with the combination of the following 4 single malts (which we got to taste individually ... except for the Linkwood, sniff.):

Talisker (Skye) - spice, smoke & the sea
Linkwood (Speyside)
Cragganmore (Speyside) - fruity, malty sweetness
Caol Ila (Islay) - sweet peat. peat. peat.

Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Years Relaunch Malaysia

The combined end product was sweet upfront, oaky & a little spicy in the mouth with a faint malty (like horlicks!) finish. But the mouthfeel not as dense as I've hoped though.

Now to keep a look out for how much it'll be. Do drop me a note if you've already seen it on shelves, k? It's about RM550 on retail, and will be available at selected upscale hotels, restaurants, cocktail bars and high-end grocers.

In the meantime - if you're thinking of getting rid of your old Green Label stocks (the ones pre-2012), give me a holler! I need them. You know, for research purposes, like side by side tasting and all. It's work. No, really. ;)

johnnie walker green label relaunch malaysia
Party people united - with Angel Ng (PS150), Junior (Marini's 57), 
Kenny (MHDM), Shawn (Omakase)