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16 May 2016

Launch: Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer in Malaysia - first in the world!

That's right! We're the first in 140 Carlsberg markets in the world to have this!

Officially launched end of April, the intention of this new version is to provide the "freshly tapped beer" experience at outlets that typically have no access to draught beer. We're looking at coffee shops, food courts, hawker centres, chinese restaurants & some supermarkets (ie, your home).

So, this version is supposed to be smoother, easier to drink with a nicer carbonation, (which they claim is) like "freshly tapped beer". This is achieved by Carlsberg Smooth Draught's slightly different brew techniques from the Carlsberg Green Label:
- double the maturation cycle
- uses cold hopping technique (...but Googling provides me with no explanations)

Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Launch Malaysia
Big smiles by Henrik Juel Andersen, the outgoing Managing Director of Carlsberg
(Image: Carlsberg Malaysia)

It's currently available only in the big 580ml bottle now and should be priced similarly to the green label. However, at 4.8% ABV, it's 0.2% less ABV than the original - which probably contributes to the "smoothness".

I find it very agreeable. It really does feel easier going down, and it has none of that usual bitter / metallic finish (unlike the Green Label). I could even detect some malt on the nose. When you're in a hot stuffy coffee shop or in need of a quick, cold, fix at home, a chilled bottle would be hard to beat.

Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Launch Malaysia
Carlsberg Malaysia re-enacted a hawker centre in the brewery for the launch. MANY JOYS
(Image: Carlsberg Malaysia)

This launch event also marks the current Marketing Director's impending departure and warmly welcomes the new MD, Lars Lehmann (above picture, 5th from left). A warm selamat datang to you sir!

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