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28 August 2022

Bar Mizukami, Bangunan Ming Annexe

Welcome back Shawn Chong! We have been waiting over 3 years for him to (re)open his bar and he finally has! Well, it's not as if he hasn't been busy - Shawn has been working with F&B outlets and hotels to create drinks menus under the Mizukami brand these few years.

Located at the old Omakase + Appreciate (the OG "speakeasy" of Klang Valley!), Bar Mizukami has a "Midnight Diner" (what do you mean you haven't watched it on Netflix! Go watch it now!) concept to it with Shawn playing the role of the one-man shop owner and cook (well, in Shawn's case, bartender).  Basically, he will be the only one manning the shop so if he's not around or off sick, the shop's closed.

Shawn maintains his Japanesque technique of minimalism and simplicity in both the design of his bar and cocktails (so there will be no ridiculous garnishes that does not add to the flavour or aroma of the drink, which we prefer!).

There's a small printed menu, but like the previous O+A concept, you're meant to order off menu. It could be based on your flavour preferences, his repertoire of award-winning originals, old time favourites or classics. 

This little bar takes me back to one of those tiny hole in the wall bars in Japan. The U-shaped bar and the few cocktails (Few? Who are we kidding? We're all gonna have more than a few lol) which you will ultimately guzzle down does inspire one to make new friends in this cosy place... by the end of the night you'll all be laughing together like old friends.

It strictly sits only 10 pax so reservations are highly encouraged. It opens at 6pm-12mn on Tuesdays to Thursdays, but there two seatings on Fridays and Saturdays, 5-8pm and 9pm-12mn. You can reserve for both sessions if you're so inclined. 

Shawn reminds us that this is NOT  a hidden bar. Why? Because it has an obvious sign. Here is the shop's FAQs to manage your expectations - you're welcome and don't say we #bojio!

Click on the image to enlarge.

I'll end this post with a short video of the calming "water" light feature which illustrates zen concept of the bar.

Closes Sundays and Mondays.