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13 August 2022

Bar Terumi, Taman Paramount

Bar Terumi is a casual cocktail bar located at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya.

Hosted by award-winning bartender Shirmy Chan (Omakase + Appreciate, 61 Monarchy) and accompanied by Caden Chua (Coley), expect nothing less than thoughtful and creative signatures with Japanesque concepts as well as classics.

Their signature cocktail menu will change overtime - popular ones will stay, new ones will be introduced, as they slowly discover what the locals of this area prefer. 

I've always been a classics type of girl and Shirmy's whisky sour remains on point.

It has a really large lounge that comfortably sits big parties and there's a super cosy smoking corner at the back of the bar. They offer a small food menu now and will add on over time.

Local cocktail bar enthusiasts will recognise the bar stools on the right picture. #IYKYK

It's so large, they even welcome private or corporate events... even fashion events as there's already a runaway motif embedded onto the floor already!

Shirmy, who has a penchant for whiskies, plans to stock up half the bar with more whiskies and you can even request for an ice ball (which they hand carve and you can actually watch them do this) to go with your whisky (charges apply).

I loved the restroom with its little thoughtful touches that include amenities for its female guests. I've always wished bars would consider the comfort of their female guests more, and this one nails it <3

Click on image to enlarge the cute handwritten notes by OG Amanda Wan <3

It's fairly new and is a work in progress while they gradually find their feet. Ultimately, they aim to make this a casual comfortable local hang out (hence, their tagline "the tender bar" as they aim to treat you with tender care) for all walks of life - to build local community that care for each other and provide a safe space for anyone to enjoy a good time out. I would love more bars to be like this - wouldn't you? 

Check them out and don't say bojio!

Closed on Sundays.