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03 August 2022

Bar Flips @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

If you drop by KK, Bar Flips is a MUST visit for well-curated signature and classic cocktails.
Founded in 2021 by our very own Junior (Marini's on 57, W Hotel), aka the godfather of the Malaysian bartending scene, who felt that it was time to leave KL and build the F&B industry in his own hometown by providing a platform to educate young talents and to build a thriving bar community here.
Its strategic location in Lorong Dewan (lots of trendy cafes and restaurants here) makes it popular with both locals and tourists as it's a short walk to popular touristy locations. The setup of the place is really more like a bistro that serves delicious South American food, with a beautiful cocktail bar. Live music is featured in the evenings to entertain the crowd.  
Please make your first order the White Rabbit - it might be a little too kawaii for some but it's damn delicious to start. 
They also make a mean white lady inspired cocktail using their traditional moonshine known as montoku (off menu).
For spirits - the back of the bar is pretty standard offerings (the more exotic brand choices that we're used to in KL hasn't quite reached Sabah). They have a full food menu, local beers on tap and (really loud) live music nights. It's really more of a bistro that does cocktails right.
 Please make them busy and send the hardworking and fun-loving boys behind the bar our love. Don't say we #bojio
 Closed on Sundays.