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01 May 2024

Martell Single Cru Collection now available in Malaysia

The Martell Single Cru collection was introduced in Malaysia through a launch held at The Chamber Starhill recently.
Crafted by Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, the Martell Single Cru Collection is rare, comprising of only eaux-de-vie sourced from a single terroir. The process is so rigorous that Valtaud retains fewer than 400 of the 11,000 eaux- de-vie available to him in the Martell reserves.
Structured in 3 editions, The Martell Single Cru Collection will introduce new releases over time.
The Discovery Edition

The Discovery Edition is the perfect starting point to be introduced to the three main Cognac crus, Fin Bois, Petite Champagne (RM580) and Borderies (RM620), where each cognac is sourced from.

Due to the rarity of the Borderies cru, there are only a limited number of Martell Borderies bottles released compared to the Martell Single Cru Fins Bois and Petite Champagne.
The Aged Edition 
The Martell Single Cru Aged Edition features eaux-de-vie from the two most exclusive Cognac terroirs—Borderies (XX), priced at RM2,830) and Grande Champagne (XO, priced at RM1,440), which were singled out by Jean Martell himself as early as the 18th century. 
The Vintage Edition
The Vintage edition will feature a new cognac from a single terroir, in a single year. It is presented in numbered bottles and will be released in exceptionally limited quantities.
To start of this edition is a bottle featuring Borderies eau-de-vie from the Gallienne estate, which is the emblematic vineyard of the Martell family, produced in 1999. 1999 was a challenging year in terms of climate, which resulted in lower volumes at harvest, but increased the quality and rarity of the grapes. In February 2000, immediately after distillation, the eau-de-vie was aged in fine-grained oak barrels for 23 years.
The above selection will be available at The Chamber Starhill, which will be granting exclusive purchase access until 6 May 2024, as well as selected retail stores. Meanwhile, the Vintage Edition (RM10,800) will be set to release in Malaysia with limited units via Martell’s Prestige Manager.

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