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18 May 2024

Roku Sakura Bloom Edition launches in Malaysia

The House of Suntory recently unveiled its first release of a limited edition gin in Malaysia - the Roku Sakura Bloom Edition.


The Roku Sakura Bloom Edition pays homage to the famous annual Hanami (flower watching) festival - where people from all over gather to witness the iconic cherry blossom season in Japan during Spring. 

While Roku gin embodies the Japanese concept of “shun” (the moment when a seasonal product is at its peak in flavour and freshness), its limited edition variant has been crafted to capture the essence of each season.


While the Sakura Bloom Edition maintains Roku's signature blend of six (hence its name, Roku, which means "six" in Japanese) botanicals (Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea,  Gyokuro tea and Sanshō pepper), it features a subtle salty floral flavour from the salted sakura leaf distillate to evoke the feeling of Spring. Sakura leaves are typically used to wrap mochi that's traditionally enjoyed at the Hanami festival.

The Roku Sakura Bloom edition (43% abv) is available for a limited time only on both online (such as ChillOut, Nomu, E-Bar, Whiskery, Tong Woh) and in selected retail locations across Malaysia (such as Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, BIG, and Pavilion Bukit Jalil) while stocks last. At the point of publication, it's retailing around +/- RM250.  

To celebrate this release,

  • Roku Gin & the House of Suntory collaborated Lilin + Co created a limited edition candle featuring a fragrance that captures the essence of cherry blossom in full bloom. It is available while stocks last at Lilin + Co's online store, as well as their physical retail outlets in APW Bangsar and PJ Showroom
  • 20 bars in the Klang Valley, Penang and JB will also be serving their very own interpretation of Roku Sakura Bloom Gin-inspired cocktails - visit for more and don't say we bojio!