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16 October 2017

Babilicious Naughty Nuri’s (Malaysia)

You can't miss it. Babi is everywhere in Bali and so is bebek.. I really don’t know what our non porcine eating brethren eat in Bali because these are the must-do things to accomplish in this delectable tiny Island in the sun. .... Ah.. they probably eat a lot of ulam which makes sense as this fast growing touristic destination seem to be very big with vegan yogis.

On a trip to Bali some months ago we had to make Naughty Nuri’s Ubud a must do stop. Lo and behold that we were somewhat surprised that it was a warong situated smack in parts unknown off Ubud central.

Naughty Nuri’s opened its first outlet in Malaysia a few years ago and now has sprung to a 6-outlet strong crowd favorite go to place for pork ribs.

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The signature rack ribs in Ubud did not disappoint and went superbly well with a bottle of cold beer.

So forward a few months later and we had an opportunity to check out the outlet in Lifecentre, KL. You’d like to know that the menu in Malaysia is more extensive and varied than in Bali. For one, we have here the balinese style bebek and a more extensive drinks menu to boot.

Here is what we had to sample at the Lifecentre:

Signature BBQ spare ribs (RM49) - on the sweeter side. You can see that the glaze from the Malaysian version is thicker than the Ubud version, which is drier.
BBQ Pork chop (RM25) - also on the sweet side. We were told that the sweetness is a Balinese thing.
Signature pork salad (RM28) - the opposite of healthy with a generous rack of siew yoke which is a good full meal for 2.
BBQ satay lilit (RM26) - grilled pork paste and herbs on a lemongrass stick.
Balinese Ayam Bertutu (RM35) - think chicken rice, but sweeter meat.
Indonesian style mee goreng (RM25) - This came with siew yoke toppings... and one can never go wrong with siew yoke toppings.

Pork was obviously the order of the day. Yum.

Of course, since they have an array of drinks on menu and this is a drink blog, we had to have drinks.

Asam Boi Mojito (RM29), Kiss My Bud (RM45), Nuri's Punch (a RM28.80 mocktail to share with 6), Lychee Martini (RM29)

Just 2 things to note if you do order any of its signature drinks.

1) Do specify if you prefer your beverages kurang manis (they are on the sweeter side).
2) If you do order a martini, the Naughty Nuri staff will shake (shaken, not stirred) it in front of you with a big song and dance. It is quite a sight and entertaining.

They do have a selection of beers and spirits too if cocktails aren't your thing. You really can't have your babi without and ice cold something something.

If you are up for an alternative buffet experience do give Naughty Nuris Sunday Snout to Tail buffet a try. It’s priced at 49.90++ and served between 11am-3pm and features most of the items mentioned and more. This deal is a steal.

Look at this FA stuffing her face.
Don’t say I bojio ah!

- Jon