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27 January 2015

Martell Celebrates its 300th Birthday.

Born 1715, Martell is 300 years old this year.

Of course a huge fabulous party was thrown, if I lived to 1/3 of that, I would too!

Just to put things into perspective for you, the (recorded) oldest human being that ever lived was 122 years old.

This means that Martell lasted at least 3 (human) generations!

Elegantology all decked up with exclusive limited edition martell bottles for the party. Did you know that Martell is the patron for Elegantology? Read it up here! (Picture credit: Martell)

Instead of blowing out candles, Martell the rebel, lighted up 300 lightbulbs to celebrate. You see those blue lollipop thingies sticking out below? Those were super delicious bite-sized cakes! Normal people like you and me have more cake than candles, but Martell has more "candles" than cake! :D

It's their 300th birthday and they'll have lightbulbs instead of candles if they want to. (Picture credit: Martell)

Fun fact: Their birthday celebration was held on 17th January 2015 (17/1/15) at 5.15 pm (1715). Do you notice a pattern here? 1715? Since it's not everyday that they get to be 300 years old, Martell even gave away bottles of the VSOP Nuit edition for anyone whose birthday falls on the 17th (....mine didn't. DANG IT.)

Happy helium balloons are happy!

In conjunction with its worldwide birthday celebrations, Martell launched the Premier Voyage which contains 18 types of eaux-de-vie from wine-growing families whose ancestors had originally supplied to the Martell's founder, Jean Martell, back in the 1700s.

The bottle is held by a sculpture created by a famous French artist Bernar Venet’s. If you are an uncultured vermin like I am, here are some of the famous artist's works:

From his official website. Apart from sculpturing, Bernad Venet also paints, photographs, creates sounds & furniture.

But why stop at just 1? When you're 300 years old, you should go nuts!

So Martell also created 3 other limited editions -  XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition, Cordon Bleu 1912, and Assemblage exclusive de 3 Millesimes. Each limited edition is aged in barrels made from the oak of 300 year old trees. No prizes if you guessed why 300. :)

From martell's official website: L to R: Martell Premier Voyage, Cordon Bleu 191, XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition,Assemblage exclusive de 3 Millesimes 

Cordon Bleu 1912 combines more than 100 eaux-de-vies from the 4 most prestigious vineyards in Cognac: Petite Champagne, Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies.

XO Exclusive Tricentenaire Edition's limited edition bottle design takes after the classic Martell XO decanter, which bottles a special Tricentenary blend.

Assemblage exclusive de 3 Millesimes (translated as The Assembly of 3 Exclusive Vintages) is made from 3 types of special cognacs - Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Borderies, each one representing  the18th, 19th and 20th century milestones of the Martell’s history.

"A mischievous grin lights up this guest’s face as she is about to write on the Martell birthday book". Hmm. that joker looks really familiar. (Picture credit: Martell)

Back to the party, Martell plied us with endless flow of their cocktail called Martell Summit. It's a mix of ginger, lime, cucumber slice, sprite, and of course, martell. It's refreshingly delicious! I'm planning to make my own sometime soon.

The cocktails didn't stop coming. And it's hard to say no to really pretty girls who keep offering you more.

Pretty girls are serving.

Also as part of Martell's birthday celebration, Pernod Ricard Malaysia donated a whole load of exclusive cognac products and designer art pieces for an online auction. The auction is aready live and will run until 27 February 2015.

If you'd like to bid, simply register at

Of course, you can bid for as many bottles as you like, and you should. Why? Because it's for a good cause.

Some of the lovely exclusive martells for auction. Lovely girl not included. (Picture credit: Martell)

All auction funds will go towards the Rise Above Foundation, a not-for-profit society that aims to elevate the standards of the Malaysian F&B industry by offering promising talents in Malaysia a platform to excel in their chosen fields.

So dig deep and bid, people! If you look at it another way, it all goes towards your happy tummy in the end. :)

Bon anniversaire Martell! Sante!

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